Brit/pol/ #2124: General Synod Edition

Decision to halt drafting of transgender liturgy criticised by LGBT Christian campaigners

CofE backs campaign to reduce food waste

CofE Synod endorses Anglican Communion links as central to mission and discipleship

Church of England defends cathedral services for Freemasons

The New Gay Gnosticism

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bit early tbh but good lad all the same

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lefto-fascists btfo

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literally who?

The other homosexual who hates Islam


All that antifa protest did was push the café into the top 20 most popular London eateries.

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nb lad, you should just pay attention to trigger pull then, maybe your fun has a bad trigger because my shitty marlin .22 shoots about the same groups as that when I am standing at a loud indoor range full of fat boomers mag dumping glocks

Why not call them what they really are? Communists


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thanks for the image, lad

No, call them reel racists

Fascist hits harder to normies.

It really shouldn't.

Haven't seen this lot mentioned here yet, not to be confused with the veterans and peoples party. One of the blokes behind it is the gay donkey bloke from UKIP.

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I know lad but until we remove kikery from education and media this is the shit we have to put up with.

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That's a very happy donkey

It'd be like buying a crippled racehorse

Looks cracking tbh.

oi bruv, dat's homofobic, u got to go to gaol

Submitting to bad authority prepares us for the one true authority.

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The airgun isn't designed for accuracy so it's very inconsistent if don't put a lot of effort into it, and the trigger break is meh.

Here's my group with a .38spl marlin.

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Senile Vince can't remember his own policy opinions.

Thought you were shooting .22 smh

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same distance? thats p gud

that looks great lad

Any of you lads go Bisley? if so let me know if I'm up there with you I'll buy you a pint in one of the bars

odd thing for a spy to say

That's at 25 metres

.38 spl is funny because it comfy but then when you shoot .357 its super straight shooting

standing? thats really good then tbh or are you shooting a lever action?
I can't shoot that straight at that range with my ruger

burn the coal…

>He knifed his ex girlfriend 14 times before dousing her body in petrol when she ended their relationship.

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Can you borrow guns or do you have to take your own?

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From the bench, it was for the safety induction to clear me for range use.

If you're a member of a club that has club guns then, yes.

If you're with a club you can use their guns (or bring your own).
If you're not with a club you can bring your own or you could try asking a club if you can use their guns, my club keeps their guns with the Surrey Rifle Association. Though if you asked a club to borrow their guns I think they'd want you to fill out some forms or even pay them.

What are house prices like where you are lads? they are pretty cheap here because nobody wants to live here except Poles and chavs so that keeps Tarquin and Amelia from homes under the hammer out of the county.


Laughed tbh

Increase your wager lad

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Putin meant for

around 300,000 odd


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I'm not a member of any. Do clubs cover specific disciplines and how do you join one?

Do you not keep your own guns?
Bisley is just down the road as well.

Better to be early than to be late lad.

After that .50BMG rifle got stolen, I doubt clubs will give people firearms without having full or probationary membership.


Nah its a long story but we keep our guns in the lockers of the Surrey. Our club's so small we've got more guns than members kek

I expect you're right

i just want to sail away from it all lads

Foreign aid madness: The massive support for our crusade

Guardian will be taking this issue up like the white taxi rapist, and hours of media will follow pressuring the justice system

What guns does your club have?
Their membership process seems rather long. What rifles are you legally allowed to own and fire at Bisley?


I feel like this front page would have been unthinkable 2 weeks ago.
Is this the start of the final battle lads?

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Not really lad, I'd be surprised if they weren't throwing money around to sabotage Brexit.

I wish.

It will be once they start naming the Jew for what it truly is.

nah this is the start of the war.

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It's only practical assessment in Hampshire


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Enoch vs Styxhexentranny begins in about half hour lads


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I'll have to come over to Hants then.

is there a way to bring the" racist" app back?

when are we doing Zig Forumscast lad?

There might be an archived version of it somewhere.



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horses freak me out tbh

Pretty much anything you can think of (that's legal of course)
.22 ruger
.357/.38 lever action
.303 p14, SMLE
.308 fullbore stuff

There's a 1000 yard range, 600 yard 300 yard range, 25/50m range for smaller stuff. It's the home of the UK NRA. Only things my club specifically doesnt have is black powder stuff and long barrel pistols.

Hate Styx

How come lad? They're lovely beasts.

Also your personal details are verified & checked by the Police against the Police National Computer system when you become a full member not when you apply as a probationary member.

if it ever happens it will be called tbh (the Brit[ish] hour)

probably never unless people actually want to do a show

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Was more shocked about the naming of the atheist Soros than money being used to sabotage Brexit.

doesn't he mean 14 words

Bulgaria and Hungary have claws out for Soros as it is, hiding his involvement would leave gov't and MSM as conspirators.

It's irony tbqh

blocks your path

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fascism is left wing

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That's jks tbf

The excellent English cartoonist Ronald Searle published a book like this back in the late 80s.
I own a copy and hold him in high regard tbh

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Pretty sure the UKNRA let the handgun ban go through without any resistance smh
I certainly haven't heard anything good about them.

Left AND right, via horseshoe theory

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keek. Video?

Nah they rub me up the wrong way. Big teeth, long faces, hooves. It aint right.

Which is cheapest and easiest to acquire? Purchasing airsoft rifles is hard enough but doable without being a member of UKARA.

Sounds like a lot of effort for something I can't commit to without a car. Can hardly walk down Guildford Road carrying a gun to NRA Bisley.


spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

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It was the one he did after the Warski with Spencer, comments rekt him


AMW is modern Mosley

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