Brit/pol/ #2125: Liberalist Edition

Tory Government REJECTS Petition for a Free Speech Act

Trinity Mirror buys Daily Express and Daily Star from Richard Desmond in £126.7 million deal

Huge Rise in Knifepoint Rapes, Fatal Stabbings While Police Focus on ‘Hate Crime’

Church of England embraces unity with Methodist Church

Neo-Nazi filled home with ‘medieval weapons’ as he planned mosque attack'''

Indian restaurant owner cleared of chilli powder assault over ‘rubbery chicken’

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Good lad.

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for him

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for him

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For her

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hullo reddit

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Do we live in fucking Saudi Arabia or something

for swede

Why aren't any of our languages Aryan?


No, we're just importing it.


I think SA does

Enjoy your new mulato Princess who was married to a Jewish man before the upcoming marriage to Harry (arranged by a Jewish woman). Nothing suspicious about that.

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really hope he doesn't bitch out of the Anglin stream tommorrow

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No, a different country with the same initials though.

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English is generally considered an Aryan language, a fusion of the Latin and Germanic branches.

kek you act like a bunch of NIGGERS

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You'd be better to use the term Teutonic instead of Aryan mate

Is that your brain m8, are you OK.
I know, SHOCKING TRUTH, and all.


He ran from the second Spencer debate. Apparently he was booked into it and cancelled it at the last minute

That was GCHQ.

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It's possible to improvise a highly effective shotgun, using ordinary pipes, and a bit of handiness.

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hullo gchq
academic only, naturally



better days

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Aryan is just the most expansive ethnic definition, that basically includes all whites except for slavs (Mongol admixture) and half-breeds (because Aryan DNA is recessive). Teutonic or Germanic is a smaller branch, and English is yet a smaller branch of Germanic.

Species divide like the branches of a great tree.

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just seeing him is a minor whitepill

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I suddenly wish I hadn't clicked that

Now I'm confused, I thought Aryan referred to ancient languages in Iran.

Even then it would only apply to people who claim to be Anglo-Saxons.

''this entire thread'

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It's legal to know ^_^

What's the matter lad?

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GCHQ arent going to do shit.

Come at me GCHQ I'm going to find out where you all live and bomb your gaffs

Someone should start a rumor that a synagogue has an underground human smuggling operation.


hullo, police?

I nearly shat myself.

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Yes, Iran is the most ancient Aryan homeland.
But modern Iranians do not reflect this heritage, just as the UK will not if the country is taken over by niggers and muslims.

the fuzz isn't allowed to investigate that kind of thing. might be true.

you should pump some iron and listen to military marches, always lifts me up

as time goes by and things get worse
the past seems ever more reasonable

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your handlers coming to say well done

until they retrospectively change the law and suddenly you're a terrorist they can arrest for any reason at any time

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get in there deano my son

aldebaran is the aryan homeland


was my neighbour had to get my HDD out of the microwave

retrospective laws are near-impossible to enshrine lad

It's better to drill the HDD first tbh lad


ahh good idea lad, then again I could just smash it and crack the disc



Overdose on blackpills tbh


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Tepid hopelessness

Flawless tactic tbh

NA weren't "terrorists" until Mummy May said they were, now they all get arrested every other month for no reason

it's as if they are deliberately pushing them to snap tbh

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full disc encryption with an extra encrypted partition for the extra spicy files. then the whole drive wrapped in thermite with a trigger you have easy access to.

thanks for recommending A Boy and his Dog, it was rather nice

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no worries chum

read finnegans lake lad

destroy the green logic board too, lad

that was fake tbf

iktf tbh

Hullo police?

^ GCHQ is one of the pea bowls is they now?

Here's a little hair of the dog
The clues right-wing terrorists give away

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I get sent off to a cushy insane asylum rather than getting kebabed in prison, perfect.

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what better way to consolidate their power grab?

nice of them to tell us

gchq be all like i got a file for that in my back pocket, here, sign that you're a terrorist here and here

top banter lad

when does it get shite again?

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All it boils down to is 'He was a loner who posted about his intentions explicitly on social media'
It's like they weren't even trying

Make sure you fling some poop around the courtroom lad

My taxes are spent like this, really?

I know, it's fucking sinister, and I suspect some of those lads were close to snapping anyway

If the state keep arresting them, again and again, like a game of cat and mouse, then it becomes more likely that that will happen

And hey presto, the dangerous threat of the Far Right is confirmed!

They'd never treat muslims like that, for this very reason

I've heard Hope Not Hate have had a big role to play in the persistent harassment of ex-NA members

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Past season 7 it stops being worth it

I'm starting to believe shills are actually paid to continue the German/British D/C.


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I sincerely hope you guys have a plan for when the big boys come knocking.
>tfw could be out of the house within a minute and escape tbh