Brit/pol/ #2127: Space Shit edition

Tory Government REJECTS Petition for a Free Speech Act

Trinity Mirror buys Daily Express and Daily Star from Richard Desmond in £126.7 million deal

Huge Rise in Knifepoint Rapes, Fatal Stabbings While Police Focus on ‘Hate Crime’

Church of England embraces unity with Methodist Church

Neo-Nazi filled home with ‘medieval weapons’ as he planned mosque attack'''

Indian restaurant owner cleared of chilli powder assault over ‘rubbery chicken’

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for him

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for her

Samurai are more aesthetic than knights tbh.

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For him

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Fuck off newbrit

for him

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The universe is a fractal

this was the great revelation to me when I took shrooms tbh

For them

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who's the faggot second from the right

augustine pinocchio


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tfw they just make the ai cheat and as soon as they are out of los they regen a fullstack of samurai on turn 2

Mussolini was trash, why is he on there

tbh he did better than are mosley

Just to be inclusive

He failed completely, Oswald never got into power so he's hypothetically better because there was a chance he could have succeeded

He's the only one that actually got it right

mosley got bullied in cable street

DAE feel a happening of some kind if long overdue?

Only because of the Jews building an international coalition of gullible goys to do their bidding for them

Gaining power is the whole point



Very much so

Mosley never destroyed countless 2000 year old artifacts to build a road, lost to Ethiopians then only barely won after having to resort to gas, or tried to destroy religion in his country due to being an """""ex""""" communist tbh

*invades Greece because Hitler makes me feel insecure and inferior*

actually believing the Jewish version of histroy

come on lad…

the best was how unprepared the eyties were for dealing with the mountain fighters in serbia

magapedes beat up antifa

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Haha, can't believe he did that

It's Gen X vs the soy boy millennials





looks a bit retarded and autistic tbh

can't wait for the gen z lads like me to start becoming a part of mainstream culture



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Fuck off Westie

if you can convince the state your mentally retarded, they give you free money.

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i already feel guilty for benefitting from state money and i've almost always avoided the chance to get extra benefits in my life, but i'm starting to get to the point where i just think fuck it lets apply for everything because its not like the state cares about us anymore

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when you give them power over you, they will care less and less about you.

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met a reasonably prominent politician yesterday and asked about a grey cull, he didn't agree with it
tfw greys and their enablers go

true tbh, one of the lads on here managed to convince them he was literally insane for his bennies.

won't that fuck up your chance of ever joining the army/police/working with children?

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of course it would lad, but I don't think this particular fellow had any ambitions to work.

Managed to purge most of them in my area tbh

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pretty much but it's the path to least resistance. You put all this effort into something just to see it turn to crap. Play retarded and put no effort in and live like a king.

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smh i want to be a super army soldier like ross kemp and save britain lad *stops battle with taliban to pray with muslim comrade*

tbh when history is fully rewritten they will probably add a scene of the eid truce in the first world war

In that NOTHING BEATS A LONDONER advert what did the black kid mean by "I have to fight my whole family before I get in the ring" while punching pop up cutouts of his mum and dad? Also what did "I have to run through peckham at night!" while a bunch of skeletons attack them mean? Was it a based NA reference?


was bolsheviks joining the russian imperial army a mistake despite the regime being the complete opposite of their beliefs and actively surpressing them?

most of those solutions to solving your countries issues revolve around pretty much mass genociding or deporting poc. Looking at this same situation as a mentally retarded person, it's quite literally the same mindset. Sane and insane lead to the same destination in reasoning.

smh you all should have medical conditions by now and raking in those sweet sweet NEETbux


The whole thing is an utter shitshow

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Anglican Unscripted #369 - Spiritual Abuse @ CofE Synod

isn't joining the military the fastest way to overthrow the current corrupt regime? they're probably sympathetic to our message, there were rumours they would overthrow corbyn if he was elected and national action was confirmed as having multiple members in there

americans probably don't feel the same way cause theirs is this massive non-white behemoth but ours is mostly white, extremely small relative to the population and therefore easily influenced, and patriotic

that's an ironic satire post gchq btw

The demographics for muricas army would be interesting. Jews are underrepresented IIRC

bet southerners are over represented even today

*gets shot in the back of the head for being a bigoted angry nativist*

the gayists and trannies got there before you lad…

that's more because the Hebrews would sanction it, as he is a threat to their economic hegemony, not because they are based huwhite nationalists

peckham = gang violence

that propaganda campaign is the work of some jews in an office not the squaddies, i've not seen any paras or marines involved in any of the gay pride shit either tbh, only those regular pozzed branches and the gay military police or whatever

*fellow squaddies become hardened by my martyrdom and overthrow officer*

*spends one billion (1,000,000,000) quid on diversity adverts*

provide sauce of this because its not a true statement

Dog bless America

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these people make me cringe tbh

Nice try, yank

its like being on ruger forums

get with the times, grandpa

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metzger advocates this, but says right wingers can't keep their mouths shut long enough about their politics to do it. tyndall says in any infiltration there's a risk that the means becomes the end in itself.

this, especially in the age of online half-hearted e-celeb politics

our greatest ally

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I don't think you get disability bennies for anything less than being a braindead quadruple amputee these days. Maybe it's different if you're a doubleplusgood colour but I wouldn't know.

I get autism and esa which is around £100 a week


I was rejected from everything and I have legit autism. Maybe I should build a clock so I can meet Mummy May.

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this 100 percent

hmm poison a reservoir

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only one in a Mooslim area though lad

Worried tbh lads.

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yeah my statement isn't really accurate due to the february revolution and appointment of kerensky but despite the faact that the first world war was opposed by the bolsheviks and lenin
without revolutionaries gaining military experience and then transferring it into the red army their revolution would never have been successful

at least we get a spot in the happening bunker when the agenda 21 starts population control for being gud bois then kek

the happening will never happen