Was it blasphemous?

Was it blasphemous?


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Not OP here, but could you explain this opinion to me? I'd like to understand how blasphemy works with comedy, looking at clips of this, like most of Monty Python (to me at least) it was actually really hilarious.

Does the blasphemy really count that much or at all if it's just for gags?


I like the movie.
In the beginning it even shows that Brian is not Jesus as you can see the real crib at another place than Brians.
The movie just mocks the time it was made in in comparison to the times of Jesus and the Romans and not really the religion.


No and Brian isn't Jesus. Jesus is actual figure with one screen in the movie, only seen to deliver a sermon to others (that begin arguing about it momentarily).
[Spoiler]Hail thaesar![/spoiler]

Of course it is. One can try to justify so much until you get to the ending part where they sing look on the bright side of life

Back to cuckchan with you profligate. Brian is nakedly Jesus ben Pandera, the false prophet son of a prostitute and centurion. He paraphrases several of Jesus' sermons, takes part in a jewish revolutionary movement like many apostates claim Jesus did, has sex with his closest female confederate like many claim of Jesus and Mary and has his teachings perverted by the revolutionary council ie Apostles for their own purposes after he is crucified to the vicious mockery of how absurd and pointless life is. They included a bit of the sermon on the mount as a sop to stop the brainlets from noticing the meat of the story.

I'd advise you to stop be a keyboard warrior and state your opinions without insult

If you think that's an insult I'd advise you to leave. You'd certainly wither like a delicate flower in a harsh frost from the inter-denominational shitflinging.

I'm telling this for your sake, not mine.

That's nice dear

The overarching theme of the movie is that Christians are ignorant, superstitious, and fanatical - while those that doubt the divine and miracles are reasonable, astute, and wise.

What else is this but atheist propaganda?

Yes. See .

Also interesting is that the re-release deleted much that was in the theater version which ragged on (((them))). Apparently (((they))) got more sensitive over time.


Also interesting is that Monty Python has never poked any kind of similar "fun" at mudslimes.

All of the above should really activate your almonds.

True, but for Christians. Is it wrong for us to have a good laugh at things, even ourselves and our own faith (we already know and acknowledge all the reasons it is true)?

Was that not true of the people of the time though? They were looking for messiahs everywhere, except when one actually appeared to them.
Jesus himself didn't have overly kind words for those people.

No one in England knew what a Muslim was in the 80's.

What is true is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Have deeply you've bought into the atheist world-view. You're either a shill or a self-hating Christian.

You think it's true that we're ignorant or superstitious? You think atheists can think critically? Those atheists that think they can ignore two millenia of culture building without completely breaking down the modern society founded upon it?

These people that quote science as God but don't understand it's limitations? The ones the discount the words of so many disciples who were willing to be tortured and die before denying the truth they had seen and instead put their faith in studies while ignoring the bias of scientists that are paid to produce industry-promoting results?

Those are the critical thinking? Those are the wise?

Come now, The Life of Brian is false, it is atheist propaganda and the only reason if is funny is because you have been indoctrinated to believe it is funny.

This is true of the Israelites at the time, but they turn it to mean people of faith. They act as if Christianity was born out of such people instead of acknowledging Christ was the turning away from that reading of the prophecies. It's what they cut that shows their bias.

I don't think any of these things about Christians, and I believe atheist and materialist in general have horrible positions (which is why I am not them and avoided it even before converting to Christianity).

The thing is, I personally have a strong separation mentally between all these things, my beliefs, and comedy. So someone can mock Christianity, it'll either be funny or unfunny (from looking at clips of this movie, this one is hilarious to me), but that means nothing, and I don't really think much of others opinions in the world (if you know something to be true, why would you care that others think it's not).

I'm not sure that I've been indoctrinated to believe it's funny (the reason I say "I'm not sure" here is because lately I've been reading on the effects of media on the subconscious), it's just I generally find Monty Python to be hilarious, so it also applied here. I think I just like the style of their humor mostly independent of the subject. Even people like George Carlin I like, no matter how he views religion, or other subjects I disagree with him on (like abortion and the environment). More the style/method/delivery of the humor than the subject.

Comedy is wonderful but one thing the secular comedy community tells as a lie is that no one is safe, or it's fair to mock everything. Another way to phrase that: "nothing is sacred"

Do you believe that's true? Is nothing really sacred? Of course not, some things are not to be mocked but it's well to ask why.

Comedy is our confrontation with absurdity. Particularly, the absurdity of sin. Laughing at people's sin in the effort to gently reproach them, laughing at communication difficulties (misunderstandings, puns) in order to correct them, laughing at absurdity to make sense of it - these are the real and important points of comedy.

Now, making truth seem false through laughter is what you get when you watch anti-Christian comics like Carlin and his progeny. Monty Python is another example - they mock a false absurdity, the situations are only absurd because they have purposefully removed context. That fools people. That leads them away from the truth and its evil.