Brit/pol/ #2129: MY ANCESTORS Edition

Asylum seekers living in ‘disgraceful, unsafe’ housing, says report

Islamic State 'Beatles' duo 'should be tried at The Hague'

Students demand compensation over lecturer strikes

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go to church

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Sargon won, was bins vs helmer tier of absolute destruction.

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Good lad.

Who else thought the previous thread went by fucking fast?

Kino tbh

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spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) tbh

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I'd ask you to challenge him but I don't want us to be humiliated

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Good lad.

Based Sargon tbh actually annoying hearing him take that angle for all the wrong cowardly reasons

Shut up you cunt.

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This is why I said they should have gotten you on there lad.

Makes sense tbh

bins DESTROYS helmer and its BEAUTIFUL

Did based centrism won the day, lads?
cant be arsed watching the entire thing

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Why isn't this site banned?

warski has one on next

They should have gotten You Kipper on

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I'm really starting to dislike you

Good the feelings mutual.


Smh sweetie xxx

clips here

Was going to finish my book

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Any other lads here like Cronenberg films?

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Top film tbh.

Sargon eviscerated them, and it was transcendental.

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Only seen the fly and history of violence tbh,but yeah

so lads, whats going on rn?

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top film but fuck watching race mixing propaganda every 15 mins

Nothing lad, what's going on with you?

it was fun but part of that is it being live tbh, it was dumb and no point in watching it. Sargon just being a dishonest cunt as usual.


^ CIAnigger :^)

nick fuentes was on a stream and he was based

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You should watch Videodrome and Dead Ringers tbh
There's plenty of earlier weird ones like Rabid and Brood tbf

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heard the nords are acting up again
be seeing you

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reprogramming the white race with live streaming debates

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Yes lamb.

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Wait… I know you…

(You)'re welcome

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Did you see any goblins on the road?

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thanks, lad. Watching a tv series now called "Legion". Kind if disappointing sadly smh


Is that the James Woods one, turned that off in disgust due to it's degeneracy

spmeone give me a (you)

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no lad I was too busy talking to roland jenseric about that queer little glarthir

A good film but more of a Cronenberg movie than a Burroughs story.


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I see.

Need to watch that one tbh, think I've seen Shivers. Not 100% sure though

Anyone else think it's lulzy how readily he (and all of you as well) went along with a "debate" style that was manufactured in the US, but which is not really a genuine debate? There is no moderator, there is no single agreed upon statement to attack/defend, and there is no exposition of a logical framework, in opening remarks.

t. American


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checked, double Satan (in original texts 616 was used, not 666)

ah I'm remember all the hymns and gospel songs we sang at primary school smh

thats a jewish lie to cover their tracks lad

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No one wants to live in the Jerall Mountains. Well, maybe in Bruma, but they're Nords. They don't feel the cold.

Based willybiscuits knowledge

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never forget

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WHo's going to church tomorrow?

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You consider this fake?

I'm honestly finding this far more amusing than I should

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I would if my local church leaders weren't women smh

who goes to church on mondays lad? thats some dedication

tbqf just go, but wear bluetooth :^) Listen to tunes or whatever. Nobody ever suspects anything, lulz.

Thank you for reminding me of that lad, been donkeys years and all I have are trippy memories, need to watch it again.

I think this video cured my autism

this is reel pike hours now lads

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debate has been dead for years lad, its all just circlejerkery. political correctness killed debating.

But what is also disgusting is what a total faggot both of them are, because neither care about what the facts are.

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This is a sad state of affairs.

I mean't Sunday ofc.



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what's raheem done now?

footage of him leaked online

smh lad, wasted

When are you getting a mic so you can go on Theberton's stream tbh lad

This tbh

Did he have his little brown willy out or something?

the state of these joins tbh lads smh ngl

Not personally and I bet most here either despair or find amusement in what a shitshow yank shit is, sargon goes along with it because it suits him quite well to do so. We're not that bad here yet, despite everything we're not american tier and do still have actual debates.

me too lad


10/10 memi

I see through you lads

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So you've been saying Sargon is afraid to debate your alt right poster boy charlatans yet he's just easily made a fool of your god.

Will you stop obsessing over the liberalist movement and accept that maybe YOU'RE just not as smart as you think you are?

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It's like you've forgotten why you started making vids smh