Brit/pol/ #2130: I HATE THE MODERN ERA Edition

Asylum seekers living in ‘disgraceful, unsafe’ housing, says report

Islamic State 'Beatles' duo 'should be tried at The Hague'

Students demand compensation over lecturer strikes

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esoteric manifestation of the unconcious

if a night gaunt shits in a forest and nobody is around to see, was it really there?

They are counted and observed, it lets (((them))) know we're not satisfied. Especially if you vote for Mosley.

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better than not voting at all. at least it counts as a vote and you're making it known non of the choices you agree with not that they would give a shit

>They are counted and observed, it lets (((them))) know we're not satisfied
this is the reason I also spoil ballots tbh

I should have done a anime edition smh

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Iconoclasts streaming channel is back up

Can't wait to hear are iconoclast and Kentlad bantering later on tonight.

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who /sleepwithaknifeunderthepillow/

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Spoiled ballots are literally tossed in the same pile as the retards that couldn't put an X in a box.

Wogs to pay less for they energy


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Found a good run down of Sargon in last nights (((debate)))

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Yay, I can't wait to hear your Alan Shearer impression either lad.

thats how you spoil it lad

1. Sargon is anti-abstinance
2. Sargon is anti-spirituality
3. Sargon fancies himself wise, and his foes "hypocrites"
4. Sargon will talk about how, if he's a dick, it's because they deserved it, and those who deserve kindness, he'll explain, earned it.
5. Sargon is against turning to the other cheek (I believe. He does criticize Christians when they fail to do so, as I recall)
6. Sargon wages war on SJW, which are a form of "psychic vampires"
7. Sargon believes in #7, but so does everyone on the BBC and ever faggot on Twitter. (I would challenge: Oh, mighty man, have you overcome death?! Tip: LaVey is not alive keek)
8A. Lust - yes, Sargon is pro-lust
8B. Gluttony - Well, he's fat
8C. Greed - does he monetize his videos?
8D. Sloth - Well, he's fat.
8E. Wrath - yes, he is notorious for his involvement in at least one doxing
8F. Envy - "How is this guy…" - said often.
8G. Pride - LOL

Additionally, Sargon believes that the serpent, in the Bible, was "telling the truth".


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Oh don't forget lad

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Nice OC lad.

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where do I sign up?

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so bored of Sargon. It's not even entertaining.

Looking again at the LaVeyan Satanism lists, Sargon seems to be a devout LaVeyan.


I just want someone to hammer out where Soygoy disagrees with us other than the "Logistical problems" as Anglin would say.

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Calling him a LaVeyan could prove quite kek though.

Who on earth donates to sargon? I heard he's getting about 100K pa

not long now lads
just a few more days

when I move out i'm going to claim bennies tbh, fuck it

what are you planning Terry?

a great snapenning

epic bants lad

Kind of wish I'd tried to talk to the goblin now. I was a bit startled.

The state must be bled dry of money
They are killing us
That money is rightfully ours

The weirdest thing is that there are people that still listen to him

Nothing prepares you for it tbh

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*climbs ontop of you while you are sleeping*

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I think for the most part he's trying to sow division and get a rise out of people. I don't believe for a second he actually hates the Germans.

Well, he's got a point there. If we weren't ashamed of ourselves, we would respect our own right to exist, and would never allow Englishness to be diluted and sullied as it has.

< promoting LaVeyan satanist high priest Sargon of Cuckold

So I tried one of those Grand Macs the other night.

It's just a Big Mac with a bigger radius. Burgers are just as thin and dry, the photos make them look thicker but no.

Pretty disappointing tbh

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^ drugs & autism don't mix

I posted it so people could see how much money he was making per month for sitting on his fat arse.

Didn't RoTW come to pretty much the same conclusion?

Did you look at the LaVeyan Satanism list of rules? That's just copy-paste off of Wikipedia:
How is this a coincidence, that he's 100% in line with LaVeyanism?


He doesn't have a review up, otherwise I would have taken his advice (I tried 5 Guys on his recommendation, £15 well spent).

They should have put Quarter Pounder patties in, that would have been something special.

Anyway, fuck them for discontinuing the big breakfast meal last year

fml, I thought they only brought it out a few months ago stateside for the 50yr anniversary

Is McDonald's Irish or British?


McDonalds is Scottish. Ireland gets O'Donnels.

Mc and Mac patronyms are a scots import lad

Is Scottish Irish or British?

common as muck

scots came from ireland, the real jocks are the picts

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It's OK. All the nogs are saying besties now.

Reminder that Scottish people ARE British

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I don't buy it. The Picts killed the Scots and took the name.

there is a theory that the ulster scots were picts

the cruithne

And the skirts kilts.

also the picts are very much alive and numerous, they just LARP as taigs

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well they didnt have clothes tbh - the culture was adopted because of christianity

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cant wait lads


he'll be back, lad


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yah, they used to cover themselves in lyme and paint animals on to invoke the strenght of their deities

lyme body paint stays warm

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Remington gave a new meaning to "bump fire" :D

Why would they make Peter Rabbit into this typical low IQ comedy film?


Can I come live with one of you lads? no homo

that how lyme reacts with water

First reaction was, "They've used a black voice actor for Peter?"

Finding out it was only fatty Corden was a slight relief

i hate him so much
i want to kill him the fat prick

Do we know if there waws anyone of significance on the Russian plane that was downed lads?

probably related to the down israeli jet

Pretty sure it just crashed that or Israel is getting pay back for the F-16 that was taken down by Syrians

that's the angle i'm getting tbh

Bet they'll make him smoke weed in this Sony film

It creates heat? Would wash off though, yeah?

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Neck yourself, faggot.


Just the CIA/GCHQ/Mossad killing more white people. That's their purpose. Everything they do (((coincidentally))) results in white people dying.

yeah, from what i gather it was part of a daily religious ritual to paint themselves

vid related

Bit rude, no idea what he does in his streams, could just play vidya and shitpost

Fucking hell that's just insulting.

they have to corrupt everything they touch

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Did you know you can save your poop and turn it into valuable firewood? :^)

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Children deserve better

I'm on nopoo lad

I gave up on the esoteric OC I mentioned to you, so take this in compensation lad.

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hullo Zig Forums


He's part of the memi, the memi that is the Alt Right. No self respecting man aught to associate with that gaggle of shameless homosexuals.

The Alt Right are a living blue pill to any normie that comes to within 5 miles of them, but they're so poisoned by their own circle-jerk that they're entirely incapable of seeing it.

I've seen people turning towards conservatism, discover people like Dick Spencer by proxy and refuse to go anywhere near the subject ever again.

Those faggots actively turn people away from the right in a time where we NEED a strong conservative element to balance society out into some semblance of fucking sanity.

< imblying poop is poo.
That's like confusing Pepe and Pie.

this is unironically worth listening to

inb4 tradthot etc.

She seems rather (((gonzerned)))

shes a self admitted coalburner lad

Tradthot tbh, but I'd still smash her into within an inch of her life tbh

When does North Korea nuke the Olympics?

Might not be her biggest fan but she did a good thing with this.

No, the real jocks are Cumbric Welsh.

Scotland and England is Welsh, Jocks need to go back to to Ireland,

tbh tbf