Brit/pol/ 2131: Just Ban The Entire Board Edition

UK government warns Oxfam it could withdraw funding

Brexit: Ministers to unveil what EU relationship they want for UK

Snow disrupts UK roads as forecasters warn of icy half-term

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Good lad.

Might do tbh



Top cat

Lood gad.

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Nice quality on topic post that won't cause drama lad, right in the new thread as well.

If you don't like it you can always file a report

We need to tear down our oppression by the Bongo Bongo Land mods/bo.

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guh lur

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You're supportive of Israel because it gets Jews out of specific Western nations?

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Good lad.

This, why advertise the date and location so far in advance? Just going to guarantee a shitshow and antifa/swp etc showing up. Can only assume they're either stupid or that's their intention.

Alas it would be like the ancient Greeks assaulting mount olympus

They obv haven't learned the lessons of the right, then again it's a public protest so the authorities will announce it.

Wew you can start with yourself the. Lad

I'm not pro Jew but someone post Shapiros sister. I want to see those Khazar milers.

The most important man in history.

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It's not how the Jewish mind works, you don't trade with them. I'm fine with Israel.

Wish they'd announce a demo and not turn up so all the antifa waste their time and money

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Be quiet you chode

Thanks lad

Meow tbh

Yank lou

Thur lur

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See, very rude. I no longer care for Israel.

*blocks your pew*

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I miss monarch he was a good lad

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I guess so maybe, but if that's the case just let them do it if it's required, no need to broadcast it yourselves publicly.

That'd also be a good tactic, or hold it in completely different location.

Weren't you one of the shitposters that bullied him?

I pronounce Enoch "Enoch" and Eunuch "Eunuch" tbh

Fair tbh, I agree.

imagine my shock

Underrated post

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vee is deconstructing us lads



he was a lick spittle tbh

Pathetic is what I would call the thread I was going to make, good lad

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Hope he's doing okay and hasn't crashed his plane with no survivors yet. Also hope he hasn't mixed smh

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Lad… thats too far

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Pembs did nothing wrong

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The new leader of the liberalists

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Monarch was a good lad before mod powers and the Bongo Bongo Land corrupted him

He's chatting with JF atm.

Muh based faggot

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I can stomach watching Sarg'n and Styx but Vee us unbearable. He says so many stupid things within such short periods that it's infuriating.

He took up the trip after he joined the Bongo Bongo Land iirc?

Cheers lad smh

This tbh

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Can't even remember what he was like before his obsession with power tbh


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Have you seen our mods?

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Fair point but fite me anyway

kek he looks like the quintessential untermensch

The day of retribution has come
The thread must reap what it sowed

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He's Romanian.

I'll watch it tomorrow tbh

when will he come back?

Yeah, lad. Got to view it all through a communism and Romania lens too, and he LOVES horseshoe theory

He is

How far Moonie has come.

Fucking top kek

Vee talks so fucking slow its a pain to listen to him. Guess English is his 2nd language.

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Important poll

Yes we have two faggots for mods

Fuck off antifa

all the people in that video belong in a FEMA death camp

Trump threatening to put tariffs and sanctions on countries that won't accept deportees.

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Think so, or around the time

was just a regular normal poster who avatar fagged a bit but contributed to the conversation


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Watch your fucking mouth

He will if you post THAT ARSE

Thanks for that shit memi you got off of twitter but could you post something interesting for a change?


roadsters on fire off the shoulder of orion

what arse?

Or what you will get your newbrit trannies on me?



How can we compete?

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Yeah that

lmao because fuck checks and balances lets just make the president white trash king so that when the dems win in 2020 because of our memi president they can just undo everything that was executive order and then nothing will ever happen that isn't done by the state bureaucracy

He's going to make you gay, lad

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shoop his eyes blue

trump is going to win 2020 easily you faggot

Where did the retarded libertarian go? I want his hot take.


screencap this

T. King gayist

He could though. If Musk offered a date to any thot they'd probably take him up on it, he just prefers fucking robothots in his mansion.

made me spit my drink fucking kek

Luna makes me want to rip out my eyes