Brit/pol/ #2133: Taxpayers Money Hard At Work Edition

The world is facing a tequila shortage

Can an orgasm a day keep stress away?

What it's like to live in a safe house for transgender people

'I couldn't mourn my grandmother as I had my period'

And basically every single thing under this

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I forgive you, lad

Good lad.

nth for Boycotting the Beeb tbh

Can someone give me a link to this?

I want to shitpost

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Felt like making cummies made me more stressed tbh, at least made me feel like shit in general.

Keek. That's a step up from trying to get out of PE smh.


direct link, comment should appear at the top, if not just sort them by newest:

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They promote masturbation and sexual looseness to prevent the normies waking up to semen retention
not even joking


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never heard of semen retention, lad. Give me the quick rundown

Looks like she's given up lad smh

Essentially don't waste your semen as it is an important substance your body expends a huge amount of energy producing. It gets reabsorbed and you gain back that energy if you practice it.
It features in a lot of ancient philosophy, churchill referenced doing it, etc

Don't spill your manliness and it remains in you tbh

Lad just go through beeb3's twatter, it makes you want to lotomise yourself with a teaspoon.

Ta' lad.

Reabsorbed? I can buy that it takes a lot to produce and it does contain iron I guess.



Fuck sake



There is a study on it somewhere about how it gets recycled when the sperm cells die

oh, that makes sense I guess

Anyone have all the sound clips of Ginnie? I lost them when my old computer died

Im sure some of you like seeing normies getting married, having fun and then dying horribly in an easily avoidable accident.

Shame on you.

Always seemed a little psuedo-sciency for me but either way we should keep the wanking to a minimum tbf

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What do you think Genghis Khan thought of semen retention?

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Cummies in cunnies isn't masturbation though

How many of these could you take in a fight?

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I plan to never precariously dangle myself off a cliff tho…I really hope this isnt how I die now, please catch me Jesus!

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One, once you knock one down the rest would leg it

*spills seed on you*

we're talking about spending semen in general tho right? and I think from a neurological perspective porn is similar to sex

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So when you say semen retention you mean nofap not no-ejaculate?

Is that finger and fist supposed to look like a benis and also balls?


Well butter my biscuit that's good news >:^)


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I mean no ejaculation tbh. With regards your question about ghengis khan, obviously men have to ejaculate at some point to have kids but he was populating asia at the height of his power so it wouldn't really affect him. However I would bet hard he would have practised semen retention with regards to conserving and recognising the value.

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Do you think semen retention is less of an issue for the high test lads? I agree with the general concept largely though. Semen should be excreted in lasses otherwise only once a monthly to avoid pissing off your prostate

Stop it lad

Was thinking about joining the local one until I saw membership was £40 for just two months.

Literally why.

what's wrong with the first webm?

From what I've seen it affects you less if you have a good diet and are generally healthy. Retention might benefit high test men less but then again they might see a bigger benefit as they have a head start so to speak.

In larger towns and cities you can access the cheap ones. Round here you can get a pure gym membership for £20/month.
Otherwise basic bodyweight exercise and yoga will do most lads to a basic level of fitness

JBP has discovered are Maajid, baste

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Can't shill that enough tbh. HIGHLY understated for all lads even before they start cutting out xenos ect tbh

Who fucking cares? The royal family are celebrities. They've been a ceremonial tourist attraction ever since parliament gave the British public Charles I's head.

reminder to eat lots of broccoli onions and garlic for their anti-estrogenic properties

It's still symbolic of our decline. O-course we'll need new royalty should "we" ever gain power. I volunteer O-course

I just want it all to end

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Broscience is the only science that improves lives tbh

ctrl-left and alt-right is the dialectic of the digital age

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What the actual fuck, it's alt for alternative.

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all the mothers in those picture visibly support the degeneracy


AT LEAST three people have been seriously injured after horses pulling a carriage at the Cologne Carnival in Germany ran into the crowd.

The parade was briefly stopped after the horses, which were pulling a coach belonging to the Treue Husaren, were spooked and ran at the crowd.

Police believe someone in the crowd may have thrown a bottle at the animals, according to reports in Germany.


Meant for:

I wonder what kind of person would have done this?

a drunk

This is why we all gotta home school our brats and keep them supplied with wank magazines so they never turn to trap porn

It's all pretty shit no matter how you frame it. Like I say, we need new blood soon

ywn be one of Sargon's bull-soldiers

Muslims dont drink


And even drunk Germans are very well behaved

Although I suspect those fathers also acted as poor role models while their children grew up

top keek. Can't watch that stream tbh apparently they sucked her big brown clit

maybe a drunk muslim teen, they have no alcohol in goat fuck land so they come to Europe and go crazy.

Youkeep them supplied with hobbies and interests so that he's busy being productive and not piddling about with his pisser.

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I cant wait to see the vid of that crazy horse terror attack tbh

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What a topsy turvy time we live in.

it's kind of disgusting to talk about this tbh

Too much effort lad. I'm working my 9 to 5 over here :^)
Hopefully I'll be able to get my eventual boys to get into fitness, math, language, and music without learning to hate them and me

I'm an hour in and it seems like she's just agreeing with the WN lads, been alright so far.

Is she fit?

mad isnt it, now there's a woman representing them suddenly they are a nice people who can do no wrong.

ah that's nice, I heard Alt-hype cucks out again though


Violence is bad optics lad
and frankly I'm not so sure I'd want these scrawny WN lads to be backing me in a fight

She was a nice girl tbf

lad he hates anti-jew talk

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I'll smack you lad

Do you want to be violent, lad?

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This. I think 22st should be violent. He should buy some weapons and post about his violence on facebook.


Gets pretty boring tbh, no bloodsports.

He implied that he doesn't think that people who care more about ethnicity than race are numerous. He obviously is a yankuck

Well fuck that vile thot then

At the point in time where we have no choice but to resort to violence we won't be concerning ourselves with optics.

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bad optics sure and you don't have to advocate it, but at least acknowledge that it will potentially be necessary

It seems like weird signaling to me tbh,s ame with him being gay. He's one of those based anti-nazi nationalists.


it's so cringy when he looks at Europe as one big group tbh

That's an interesting idea, lad. Perhaps you could elaborate?

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Yeah I can offica', I'm blowing up London Central Mosque at 6pm tonight.

Duly noticed. Our officers will be on station to assist arrest you, criminal scum.

I disavow

Just finished it.
Basic civnat indian that understands white countries are best, which should be all of them in white countries considering they moved here.

Doubling down tbh