In Dante's Inferno, Muhammad is portrayed as split in half, with his guts hanging out...

wew. I've only read a few chapters and it's pretty good so far, but this sounds intense.
What does Zig Forums think of Dante's Divine Comedy? Is it a good read?

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Yes. Then you can get mad that people who has never read it proclaims themselves experts on it when all they've done is played the videogame or heard some youtuber talk about it.

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I read it when I was an edgelord atheist. I broke into tears at the end of Paradiso at the time having no idea why. It's worth reading.

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A good piece of literature, but using it for theological purposes is shitty

It was a political commentary self-insert fanfic, but somehow done well.

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Do anyone remeber if they put Muhammad in the game for PS3?

“St. Pius V and St. Charles Borromeo defending Catholicism against Islam and the Protestant Heresy” by Giovanni Gasparro (2017)

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Was Muhammed ever part of the church?

Islam was considered a christian heresy in the early councils of the Church, and was treated as such

B-but we worship different Gods! The early fathers were fee-fee worshipping modernists, they were wrong!

absolute literary masterpiece, only a shame that you won't be reading it in the original language (he and a few others are deemed the fathers of modern italian language). It's utterly packed, start to finish, with metaphors and code which will be hard to interpret when translated and without knowledge of Dante's other works + life & exile

We DO worship different gods, since they don't know God because they don't know Christ as the Son of God and part of the Holy Trinity.
That, and the islamic god does not preach the same message as the gospel does.


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They dont recognize Jesus as God, so yes, we worship different gods. piss off.

Wow, I wouldn't want to be an 'orthobro' in Catholic hell.

Why Muslims believe Jesus to be a prophet when the whole point of his existence being he was born from human woman and the holy spirit? oh also the fact he said HE WAS THE SON OF GOD? as in God was his literal father?

If Muslims believe in him s a prophet do they dismiss Jesus own teachings or what?

There is a clear differentiation between a creature of God (humans) and a literal son.

Fuck, Muhammad was just a very violent guy that was deceived by a bunch of high rank Djins!

They don't dismiss his teachings, they dismiss the idea that he is the Messiah.

They actually call him the Messiah, although it's totally illogical and they don't really know what it means, since Islam is just plagarism and paganism

No, he wasn't there.
t. guy who still plays the game because too poor for new games

Huh, never heard that before. That is stranger than I thought then.

Great read. A little hard to understand. But it truly is one of the greatest works of in all of history. Every Catholic should read it.

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Why there's not a film about it. Would be great.

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In it's diversity of inhabitants it reflects on the fact that everyone will be damned for something should we not repent. Nobody isn't a sinner.

He is also called "the word", which refers exclusively to the holy spirit.


Considering the depictions of hell in Islam, like people crying out for water and having their mouths filled with molten iron, and sinners being led in chains to a great chasm of fire where they must walk across a razor thin bridge to the other side, or being beaten with maces or set on fire until the flesh has been stripped from your body only for it to be restored and the whole process repeated again forever… Dante's depiction of hell is extremely charitable of Muhammad.

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Yes it's very good. Most people only read the Inferno but the Purgatorio is just as good in my opinion and the Paradiso is even better.

Same thing happened to me. I guess there's a reason why Eliot said the last canto of the Paradiso is the highest point poetry has ever reached.

The Inferno gets all the hype from secular culture but honestly Paradiso is gorgeous. Sadly Purgatory gets overlooked by both

One of the few things which almost makes me proud of being (mostly) Italian.

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Ah ah, nah…born in Italy, but got German and Slavic ancestors.
Reading the Divine Comedy in Italian is great.

What a coincidence, I'm currently reading it. In french tho. I'm at the XVIth of inferno

Good reading, then! It took me years to read it all, but it was worth it.

That's implying new games are any good.

It was a cool video game.

Meh, they butchered the original manga…

(it’s jok, mkay?)