Brit/pol/ #2134: No Zig Forumscast and no foreigners edition

The world is facing a tequila shortage

Can an orgasm a day keep stress away?

What it's like to live in a safe house for transgender people

'I couldn't mourn my grandmother as I had my period'

And basically every single thing under this

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starting TBH friday night with pic related, going to be hosted by us slags and there's nout you manlets can do about it, except starting tomorrow night to get ahead of us

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it's the overton window shifting lad, don't resist it - join us!

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Fuck off with your britcast, we don't need normie shits around here.

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for him

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dw lad i wont bully you

TBH has no affiliation with any basket weaving forum, nor will it promote any basket weaving forum

grow some balls and do a quarterly livestream

tits or gtfo

Their kids are going to look…..weird tbh

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Things will get better one day

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let me live in the appalachian boonies lad

It will end up linked no matter what you say and we'll get full of people who anti-Islam but are anti-racists or jerrycucks.

I hope there aren't any kids and her womb is dry.

you have made a powerful enemy today friend

This. Go to cuckchan and do it there if you want to be fellated by 14 year olds for regurgitating memmies and triggering libtards epic style

wait, you guys are racist? I thought we were just being ironic.

I dunno man.
Them niggers have a really strong ability to keep knocking out devil children well into their forties.

This lad is on it

Steiners a jerrycuck and gets a free pass smh

forgot the pic

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Nah, rope for him too.

how else are we going to be able to afford the island the boat and the ww2 sea fort?


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being female

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I covered over my webcam when I turned 16, good luck finding any pics that wont get you arrested

i wont link here, will you lad?

I'll buy an island with e-whore money if you guys can figure out how to maintain stable supply chains

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No but someone will, it's inevitable. Go masturbate yourself in some other way.

Wake me up

smh lad, pathetic

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You're not that lass who got our thread shoahed back on Zig Forums are you?

get out lass

the whole point of sexual liberation is to sedate people to make them easier to control without violence infringing liberalism

There shall be no podcast
by order of the Bongo Bongo Land



jej lass

we got it covered, we will be assembling a fleet of 18th century ships

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this autism is going to get you killed in the future, lad

ahhhhh I just want to run away from this shithole civilisation but theres nowhere to run to



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I can

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Always do the opposite of what the d&cord says

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If only

What? I don't get it.
For one the footage looks rather dodgy.
And second, he has light blonde hair, and with age said hair will thin and you'll be able to see the scalp more often when the hair is brushed or blown around.

w e w




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*Beats you up*

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it is lad, full red alert

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What, you mean posted here? Like a billion and one other things?
Unless it's specifically mentioned on the 'cast it's not attached to here.

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this is a
board lad, pol is thataway >>>Zig Forums

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I was afraid that they caught you lad.

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Wew surprised he was still on there tbh


What did he even post?

Wew who is that delicious twink

that's degenerate, lad

nothing that originates here gets primarily promoted elsewhere

obtaining lads and farming them is man's work, cooking the produce is wimmin's work

where's my engagement ring? I saved your pepe it's the same thing.

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Seriously fuck off. If trannys, fat Neets, Gays and rampant shitposting hasn't killed us it'll be Women who will be the final straw for Zig Forums

No people here will link the board to the video and chat about it on comments or other autistic stuff. All i'd take is one shitposter to make this place flooded with retards if this Zig Forumscast happens.

*obtaining lands and farming them
obtaining lasses is a lads work

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Men are better at cooking than women, lass

We need a no women rule, lad.

What, like flooding Nige's chat section on LBC did.
It'd do sweet eff-all, lad.

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we should report everyone who appears on the britcast to the authorities

post-doc at UoB

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Don't worry looked him up
Bloody hell lad

lad, BBK already does that

A few more weary days
then we shall be free

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Degenerate tbh lass.

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Did you rub shoulders with him?

there are whole section of YT which is just BBK talking to himself in the comments stretching on for miles and miles

how much coal have you burned?

These are very different things, one is where we creating content for people who are into or politics the other is spamming some shitty link to pro-civics.

like where?

*into our politics

Nah never saw him before
anyway l've moved

YK's videos haven't had any sort of effect either, lad.

this tbh

Lots of kids on here who got totally arse raped by propaganda. Challenging them makes them spazz out and question the very essence of their being. They unironically swallowed all the (((allied))) propaganda. Death to these Dean-os tbh

i think you dont understand how this britcast thing is going to turn out lad

This tbh.
Screw your heads on ffs.

anti-female aktion

I hope you moved up.

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haha, I was just messing lads

everyone knows that securing a future for the Jewish people, ending fascism, racism and nationalism were the proudest things we ever achieved along with the NHS

WW2 made us the proud, tolerant, multicultural and diverse nation we are today!

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Well that's this thread ruined I guess.
Let's post milkers instead


to industry

Kentlad posted 7 hours ago on the Jahans documentary

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Post proofings tbh

how can we live in a world where quality posters like dorset are banned but this shit is allowed this isn't what Zig Forums used to be about

Ok fair about that but we both know if people will come here if it means they have a chance to pop in and interact with youkipper and get on his streams.


This. TBH, I think anyone that actually wants to visit Zig Forums is already here, normies

it wouldn't be on here or cuckchan though, it'd be on my channel, I couldn't "go to cuckchan" even if I wanted, really. It's beyond all my control.

can't believe I'm even defending this idea though, a grand coalition of Kent and a grill have backed us into a corner

reddit posts stuff from my channel? you sure?

How's the length making any difference.

normies are scared of Zig Forums*

slightly envious tbh

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It doesn't but the type of content does, as does the interactivity.


Stop this shite b8

what the fuck are you on


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