Brit/pol/ #2135: Improve Yourself edition

The world is facing a tequila shortage

Can an orgasm a day keep stress away?

What it's like to live in a safe house for transgender people

'I couldn't mourn my grandmother as I had my period'

And basically every single thing under this

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is autism a british genetic disorder?

because a lot of Americans have autism.



the upside down life rune is the hippy symbol because it is black magic designed to symbolize the collective loss of will that the white european peoples were programmed to experience in the middle 60s

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We've got your youtube lad smh

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Is youkipper really jewish? pulling my patreon d'nations if so

Of course he is

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Wife material if she dropped 20 lbs.


Apparently she's taken…

add another zero for me lad

If restaurants didn't exist you would seriously consider her :^) Yet another win for the kikes in their race war against whites.

Should I point out they're in a trailer house? I can tell by the backsplash…

< added beans to chili

< making fun of the disabled

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deadboard tbh

It's 4am


what is a braphog lads?

Chili with fiber is soup, son. It's a chili-flavored soup.

bunga bunga

no chili without beans is meat with sauce

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You must be Canadian or something.


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are you a juggalo?

>they all start laughing about how many guys' lives they've ruined with false rape accusations, and complain about how they'd do it more often but talking to the police is a hassle
It's not supposed to be this bad lads, the stories people post are just dramatic exaggerations. People like this don't really exist. It's not possible.

Bonus Round:
roooooooooo fuck off you cunt stop encouraging them

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leaf detected

Pardon our resident CIA agent:

where at lod? you in hongcouver?

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unironically oppressed by the cia.

ABR: Always Be Recording
this also applies to catching trash outing themselves

this is some grade A boomerposting tbh

Nah, South Australia, but it may as well be the the same place in regards to the main problems in society. We're completely overrun with chinky bastards (and a bunch of pajeets to do the manual labour jobs for less than minimum wage), and instead of even so much as talking about the problem, everyone's become a degenerate hedonist who fiddles while Rome burns.

I probably should've recorded them tbh, but I wouldn't have a clue what to do with the footage. Unless there's someone literally being murdered right in front of them, the police here hand out speeding fines and that's about it.

Chinks are better than spics and niggers tbh.

Marginally. They may not be violent thugs but they're still not human.

how many more years do you lads think we will have to endure of this hell?

^CIA agent :^) unironically

You can upload mp4 files to Zig Forums :^)


Reminds me of how teacher would bond more with bullies because they had more interaction with them than the bully victim smh

You've been good with me though tbh

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What a lot of people don't know about the CIA is that their top priority, supposedly a secret, but oops, here's their secret sauce, is to kill all white people. Yes, all. They are under the command of Mossad. Members of other government agencies are very good people, but this is not true of the CIA.

who is that lass?

Also mandarin (and tonal asian languages in general) is the most annoying collection of sounds I have ever heard, and it's made even worse by the fact that these ant-"people" never fucking shut up. Sitting on a bus that's getting packed fuller and fuller with slants, all squawking at each other or jabbering into their phones, puts a serious strain on my temper. One of these days I won't be able to take it any more and I'll make the urumqi attacks look like a god damned preschool nap time.

Depends on how long it takes for people's anger to start outweighing their hopes for a comfortable life tbh.

don't do that irl. you'll confuse the normies

oh wait it was Jamaica lad all along? smh

How do I replace the reboot button on my router with Cherry MX clears?



How? Put my shoulder on their shoulder? I did that with a lad who helped me move something heavy at work.


he has the jaimaca flag lad

I just meant continuing a conversation out of the blue


I guess whites converting to Islam is the last hope for the white race.


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I fuck up socialising all the time tbh smh

scratched the car at work and I'll probably wake up to a really angry boss

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night baes

good luck lad, just say some pakis did it

or that it was some guys in skeleton masks

Night lad


smh lad they just silently toil to bring resources back to their hive so they can bring more of their kind over from china. they don't interact with the locals in any way, shape, or form.

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Systems collapse in 30 years or so.

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would be nice if it could happen today tbh


My younger step-brother does this all the time tbh. He'll randomly start talking about something we'd spoken about weeks ago and just start right in the middle of the conversation. It always confuses the hell out of me because I'll have no idea what he's on about.

If only…

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well we should get to bed, lad. Goodnight everyone. Don't let the BIG DOG bite.

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err… that's that's a bit of an ethnic thing, lad. everyone knows dogs only bite foreigners and criminals.

g'night lad

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tbqf I'm cooking dinner, so I can't…

Come to think of it, you don't see many black Downes Syndrome kids do you……

gay as fuck man jeezo

Apparently cornstarch as a gift is more an American tradition.

tbh, "corn" (i.e., maize) itself is more of an american tradition. corn isn't a specific plant - it's whatever cereal crop is grown locally. see this picture? it's corn.

also cornstarch as a gift sounds really weird. is it a common thing for people to do that?

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See this picture? It's watermelon.

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sad. keep dancing to the corn lobby's tune if you must, but there is more to corn than your teachers would have ever dared to show you.

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I do like how the antifa fucks calling this fake are the same ones that fake incidents all the time

Zero self-awareness. If, by some miracle, these letters aren't just empty threats, I can just tell that whatever they do is going to be embarrassingly pathetic.

i dont expect anything to come from it - like people have been tweeting - it's only "hate speech" if its from a right leaning person



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Just a coincidence, I'm sure.

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Someone who used an alias to sell her books is in no position to criticize others for hiding their identity.

I wonder if she used a pseudonym for attention or to test her writing ability.


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Her Ouija board told her to do it. I guarantee you this is true…

I really think the wage gap is going to be a huge fracturing point once all companies are made to "level the playing field". You are going to get normie business owners speaking out about it and saying enough is enough. Otherwise, what is the alternative? We descent further into Commie clownworld?

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