Brit/pol/ #2136: New Years Leave Edition

Britain to be free of Brussels on New Year’s Eve 2020 – three months early


British warship to sail through disputed South China Sea

Labour bans straight, white men at conference

Oxfam's Orgy Villa

Prisoners forced to convert to Islam for protection

Home Office unveils new technology which detects 94% of ISIS videos in clampdown on extremist content

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for her

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For Lent

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I was offered to go trekking across Snowdonia in June for charity from a lass at work today.

I told her I don't believe in giving money to organisations unless it's for the poppy appeal or help for heroes. She went off in a huff.

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Which charity is it for lad.


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did you lads each have a pancake this day?


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((Macmillian cancer research)))

Goodlad, they are bullies

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Making some this evening tbh

I'd chew on her nipples while massaging her clit


So it's basically pattern recognition trained on their logo? It would be interesting to try training a bot to discern radical islamic material from non-radical.

Doog Dal

No more catchy Nasheeds

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Nasheeds are mainstream though aren't they?

tbh, asking someone to do activities In Wales for charity is a bit of bad timing lately.

top kek
How is the game anyway? It's the first time in ages I've actually wanted to play a current year game.

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Not the ones Mossad's finest composer work on.

Don't be a bigot lad, it's okay when they do it because the holocaust.

Played the beta; combat is clunky, visuals are gorgeous (just walking through the woods is super comfy), good RPG mechanics.

England must keep and English majority even at the expense of human rights


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does she mention why, or at this point is that part just taken as read?

is she sucking horse cock yet like that other one did?

Porn or being a thot?

There's no such thing as English though.

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Top kek, at least the armour looks really nice.

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the English, as God's chosen people, descended from space 2000 years ago with the coming of Christ and as such have nothing to do with the woggery of cheddar bloke and other """europeans"""

you do love a good sausage dont you


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you know that pic of the super smug guy lying back as femanists shout at him? sometimes has the caption "do what you must, I have allready won". well one of the women attacking him did bestially porn and someone recognised her from it. its pretty old, I'll try and find the screen cap.

just look up "nordic aliens"

How are the Welsh and Irish so closely related to the English then?

Fucking best kid's film tbh, always loved it.

Fucking hell

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Joke's on you mate I'm gonna make Henry VIII look like a scraeny manlet.

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they arent lad, put away your pseudo-science and look to the stars


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is this you

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How'd you get my portfolio

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Snuck into your office

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You got the thread 'cap?

So many cars

SA's is the yellow one on the top right

Bit racist lad

*calls terry and dave for backup*

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Wouldn't that percentage be lower in the pre-1950's seeing as most people got married in their late teens around 16-18?

I haven't had any fanny since last August tbh.
Booze & decent food is a good substitute tbh.

Mainly it's just due to the atomisation of society and the rise of digital communication. The other thing to consider is that marriage in your early 20's was deliberately stigmatised and made financially difficult.

we're turning japanese

That would be sort of okay if it weren't for the immigration

I reckon most of it is down to people still living with their parents and not wanting to be caught
>the shit state of modern society has led to moral multigenerational households

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I have it but I didn't name it, or gave it some stupid joke file name. ffs. looking for it now.

This tbh.

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lad get a wife already set an example

Does this mean state issued waifus in the future?

Yo uncle Phil


Just like feudal peasants.

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The utter state of modern women

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peasants had peng lives

I'd be up for a semi-voluntary state run breeding program tbh

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They cancel the one anime I watch for fake Olympics

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You just KNOW that (((they))) are gonna use it to force miscegenation.

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Try harder, lad. I give you one one year.

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LADS there is some Prime steak on sale for Banatynes day, don't let thots be the sole beneficiary, also FISH for Ash wednesday, got a kilo of chunky Hake for 4.50


Obviously only after we take power lad

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It was about Shogi tbf

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ess emm aich

The Priests don't even bother smdh


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Oy Vey e was too pro Drumpf, they all steal and bribe ffs, it's Israel

The madman.

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woke as fuck

I doubt he would be arrested, and I bet it wasn't his money to begin with considering they all live on handouts.

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His career might finally end though

Got Bibi and Bubi mixed up and got really confused tbh

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lol most Israelis are barely even jews
just transplants from eastern europe and russia