How do we stop the abortion massacre?

How do we stop the abortion massacre?

Hard mode: must actually be feasible, so no clerical fascist take over or overnight social revolution.

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Fast and pray often. And I don't mean weaker faster, I mean spending at least two to three days a week with no food and water, and in constant prayer.

But do note we must give thanks in all circumstances for all things, as there is nothing that is without the origin and will of God. All our circumstances are the best for our souls, in punishment and blessing. It's difficult, but possible.

"Give thanks in everything; for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus."

So no matter what happens in the world, it works towards the good of God, and is His holy will.

clerical fascist take over or overnight social revolution.

Clerical National Socialist take over and afternoon revolution.

By providing help with the care and upbringing of children after they're actually born so that people in dire straits are less likely to abort. Caring about the baby when it's a fetus is nice; but caring about it after its birth is essential.

Perhaps if we spent less money on our bloated military, we could afford to tend to unwanted children.

But we do help them after they're born, it's called social programs. It starts with premarital sex education, and the only one that works is abstinence

Expulsion #110 of the synagogue of satan.

I live in Brazil and we don't have abortion, that's why there are so many favelados robbing people. The same would apply to the US with their nigger problem. Abortion is necessary, if God didn't want that, maybe he should make less subhumans. (USER WAS WARNED FOR RULE 2: SCANDAL)

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cool story user. hows it relevant again?

Spend a lot of time thinking about cuck-porn, do you?

Repeal Roe, go state by state.

Sorry user, this isn't the interracial porn board

Here's an actually feasible idea - promote adoption. Discourage IVF and other fertility treatments to empty out the orphanages, and then provide free maternity care to women planning on adopting out their kid. Half of the reason that people get abortions is because it is cheaper than giving birth, so by making it the other way around we stop the abortion industry from being viable.
This would be feasible because even the non-Christians would find it acceptable.

Found the subhuman

Clerical Socialist takeover and revolution. Time of day depending on whenever we're are free.

Have as many children as possible, take them out of the public school and mass media brainwashing system, and raise them right. Wait it out. The kind of people who support abortion are literally breeding themselves out of existence. They're murdering their own children. Their place in the future is already forfeit. We don't need to worry about red diaper babies anymore. No one is being raised with their values except second hand through public school and pop culture indoctrination, and those systems are already disintegrating. We can't do anything politically until the Boomers are dead. They have the numbers and hold the seats of power. The number of people invested in the Elite-sanctioned mass ideology are dwindling year by year. Be patient. Change will come. It might take fifty years, but the spirit of the age is already in its death throes. Evil is always born with the seed of its own destruction. Time is on our side. The only question is how much damage to civilization the opposition does on their way down to the dustbin of history. At any rate Christianity will survive.

Allow anonymous childbirth, it means the women give the child after she gave birth, so it's an option that that give another solution than abortion for women reluctant to raise a child.
A politic in favor of the family, with more nursery, less tax, media positive communication, pay women that stay in the home,… So everything making the life of mother better, so women will prefer keeping their child.
Fight against sexual degeneracy and feminism.
Stop repay abortion (yes, all is repaid by the state in my country), reuse discernment delay for the women who chose to abort,… All way to make have abortion more difficult, expensive,…
Of course it's just some idea and in no way comparable to Poland master race.

For the political debate I think one first step would be to stop presenting the women that abort as victims as most Christians do. They are murderers of their own child

First option would be this: . But since you seems to have something more worldly in mind, try having media shows the aborted lives. They will not stop, until they want to stop.

Also the best "protection" is not having sex at all. Promote chastity and abstinence, America took the "lol still virgin by 18" meme too far. Staying away from TV and new media is also good and most people with decent brain and mind already have done so (staying away from social media and TV and such) since these days they are just far leftist propaganda and rubbish.

tldr; proper and good education. Not the brainwashing rubbish like "Common Core".

Tell women that killing children is not a 'right' or 'priviledge'. Good luck.

Fix the family. The industrial revolution disrupted the family dynamic, with fathers no longer able to remain at home during waking hours to show their sons how to be men. That's what started the chain reaction that let to the joke we're living in today.

Clerical monarchist takeover.

I've been looking into this sentiment and text about it. I think I'm beginning to agree unironically.

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You aren't Christian then. Even Jews and Muslims are universal and against racism. Get lost you pagan monkey

Are you a Markov bot? What kind of post is that?


Now, while I dislike that kind of black folks, we should also keep in mind there’s a souls even in them. Sure, we should not tolerate their actions and we must actively stop them whenever necessary, but also pray for their souls.
I don’t like when they say I have no soul because of “evil white colonialism” bollocks, and I don’t like when there are claims such yours about African peoples.
I don’t want them in Europe or at best I would allow very few here, but we cannot have them without also having Christian love for them. We are all sinners, even if not in equal ways and sins.

They are human, but on average very undesirable for living around.

Your personal opinion does not matter. Blacks are still also descended from Adam, and are thus made in the image of God. Stop violating rule 2.

But what about good Christian furries?

What is wrong with you?

Maybe he’s on too much Zig Forums…

Listen, pal...there are black saints and good black people. Now, I’m not saying that we should condone nor justify the bad behavior of those blacks who are now causing even more troubles in our already corrupted society, but they still have a soul.
Each nation, each race has its own sins and they will be accounted by God one day.

lol ok bud

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Administrative reactionary acquisition or luncheon renaissance

He's gonna have a hard time when He sees all the righteous saints of every nation and tribe and tongue at judgment day. Some from all these will go to hell, and some from all these will be one with the divine nature in heaven.

Mercy for us all that we make it.

monkeys don't have souls

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Let me ask you this directly. Can an aborigine be a fully-functioning Christian, a member of the Body of Christ? Yes or no, please.

Monkeys can mimic human behavior, for example, koko the gorilla is nice to kitties. Koko is a "great ape", while abos are mediocre apes at best.(USER WAS WARNED FOR BREAKING RULE 2)

Enjoy your ban

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how beta of you

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Oh no, ugly people exist. Christianity BTFO, I guess.

No his point was animals don’t have souls

Then it's a good thing that human beings such as aborigines aren't animals, eh?

fpbp for this matter, however I'd like to add that you raise your children AND yourself in a manner that is a light to this world, an arrow that points to Jesus Christ.

Abos are physically human, Post-flood humans, though they came from eight people, had a vast amount of genetic diversity that led to races of today. not to mention erectus, neanderthal, cro-magnon, etc.

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I think you missed his point entirely

I think you may be interpreting what he said as solely a joke rather than a statement of his opinion (i.e. that aborigines are less than human and can only mimic human behavior) couched in a joke. I'm quite aware of what he was trying to say.

I was just being sarcastic

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I love this guy and his videos so much. He is a saint.

These ideas are "feasible" because they would be acceptable to liberals, they would be acceptable to liberals because:

a) Liberals love any reason they can find to dump more free money on blacks


b) They would be totally ineffectual in curbing abortion and a massive waste of time and money

The whole premise of this thread is flawed, there IS no "feasible" solution to the intractable problems of a socially and morally ill society that doesn't involve drastic social and moral transformation. It's like asking for FEASIBLE solutions to the "Sin" problem (hardmode: solutions that don't address the fallen nature of man or require the redemptive essence of Christ).

The truth: in the short term this is a losing political issue, it won't be curbed except through the social advocacy that's been par for the course for years, and it won't be stopped but for either revolutionary social and political change, or a slow march of right-wing Christian taquiya and reversal of the destruction of the cultural, moral, and legal foundations of society. The real hard mode for Christians: stop trying to force politically retarded no-hopers like Roy Moore who make useless culture-war crap like this the central planks of their candidacy, try somebody who actually has brains enough to non-committaly pay lip service to the status quo of abortion while quietly eroding its foundations once in power (while actually campaigning on winning issues like immigration and economic nationalism). Because right now, thinking that the magic bullet for abortion is within reach is about as LARPy as clerical fascism is.

Is not paying lip service and possibly lying (or being involved with liars) not a sin? I've heard of that tactic before that anti-abortionist (which is another discussion on it's own) should use, but we are Christians first. How can we support this?

There is no biblical argument against abortion.

The beast has reared it's head, so let us pray.

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory, forever and ever, amen.

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I'll bite.

Thou shalt not kill. It's as simple as that. The only exception is if you are from old testament Israel and God told you to do it.

Now at what point does the soul enter the body (that is, when does the fetus become alive)? I'll list out the possibilities based off of arguments I've heard of: sometime before conception (based off of Jeremiah 1:5), at conception (I'll get around to this one later), 40 days into pregnancy (it's plainly stated somewhere in the Talmud that until forty days after conception, the fetus is only 'water'. The ancient Greeks thought this also), 42 nights after conception (based off of one of the more reliable Hadiths), 40 to 43 days after conception (that's when the first brain activity starts. Kudos to Islam and Judaism to guessing that one right, and independently too!), at birth, 8 days after birth (because that's when circumcisions happened? Not my argument) 40 days after birth (based off of some passage in the old testament where the number of people in a group who are over 40 days old is given. The argument then goes that therefore people who aren't 40 days old yet don't count), and the much more complicated view where the fetus gains a soul in several parts. I'll come back to the last one.

We can rule out 40 and 42 days after conception out immediately, because we're in Zig Forums. It is also pretty simple to rule out the one before conception, because that would mean that not having sex would be murder, and we know that Jesus (and Mary if you're into that) did not sin, nor have sex.

I'll conveniently brush aside the arguments for 8 days and 40 days after birth because they're silly. (NOTE - NEVER EVER DO THIS. THIS LEADS TO REJECTING TEACHINGS OF JESUS BECAUSE THEY'RE 'SILLY' OR 'TOO DIFFICULT' OR 'SURELY HE DIDN'T MEAN WHAT HE SAID WHEN HE SAID THAT') If you really want to argue for these ideas, feel free to.

Now, let's move onto 'at birth'. I can think of four sub-possibilities here, namely when the baby is fully clear of the vagina, when the baby takes its first breath, when the umbilical cord is cut and finally the medical standard of 'whenever the nurse looks at the wall clock and writes the time down'.

The first one seems unlikely, because 'clear of the vagina' seems arbitrary, and it seems possible for a ceaseran baby to not have a soul. Cutting of the umbilical cord also isn't really feasible, because it is possible (and sometimes done) to leave the umbilical cord attached for a few minutes, and there is one example of a woman keeping the umbilical cord attaching her to her baby for six days (!). When the baby takes its first breath, specifically the instant it begins taking its first breath, is the most feasible option of the 'at birth' scenarios, and has extra credit of being linked to how often in the bible it uses 'breathed his last' to refer to death, linking breathing to being alive. There still exist several problems with this theory. The first one that came to mind is "For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb" (Psalm 139:13), meaning that one's 'inmost being' was created in the mother's womb, rather than outside of it.

Now, we have 'whenever the neurons start firing'. The premise is good enough. It's actually an incredibly good one, and it's the belief that I had before I became Christian. The trouble is that it has no solid biblical arguments going for it. Now let's take a look at Genesis 21:2 "And Sarah conceived and bore Abraham a son in his old age at the time of which God had spoken to him" Note that it says 'conceived and bore' rather than 'conceived then bore', meaning that Abraham had a son right at conception.

Finally, we come to 'life begins at conception'. It happens to be the most popular Christian belief. If this is true, then all abortion is wrong.

However, what is the deal with identical twins? They start off being the same zygote, which then splits in two, which develop into two separate people. If life begins at conception, do twins share a soul? Of course not. Would a human chimera (see ) have two souls? It's a bit less silly than the previous example, but still a no. You may remember that I left out an option, the option that the fetus gains the soul not all at once, but in several parts. First the fetus would gain a soul equivalent to that of a plant, then the soul equivalent to that of an animal, and then a soul that truly is that of a human. Even then, it is not exactly three jumps, but a gradual process. Our beloved Augustine and also Thomas Aquinas believed this, as did many other church fathers (who weren't total heretics). This theory perfectly deals with all of the objections facing other theories.

Thank you. I'm not entirely convinced, but those are decent arguments.

The Church should serve as adoption, apprenticeship, and education centers like it did in 1000 AD.

I just also wanted to say that I'm willing to accept that abortion is wrong, if the Lord deems it so. All I want is the truth.
I am in favor of contraception. You literally can't expect people to stop fornicating before Jesus arrives. Contraception means that people won't have to take someone's life, if that's what abortion truly is. It means less kids born with fetal alcohol syndrome, born into poverty, born to single mothers, etc. If you say people can't have an abortion, and then also say that they can't use condoms, you're kind of shooting yourself in the foot.
Certainly contraception is a preferable alternative to murder.

it's actually thou shalt not murder.

By far, this is literally the only sane solution that I've read in this thread.

There's also Jeremiah 1:5

I hate abortions, but I know that issues lies with money and resources. Children are time consuming and expensive to take care of. The system isn't going to be perfect, but it'll be better than what we have now because the children would get skills that would help them in reality.

It's been done before. We'll do it again.

This actually.

The whole argument is disingenuous. If you think there's a surplus of unwanted babies that would be made worse by less abortion, you haven't ever looked into adoption.


wtf first one has blue eyes if you look closely


How do you stop Nigs nigging? How do you stop Beaners beaning? How do you get Muslims to actually care about human life? If you can figure out those things then you just solved the abortion problem since those are the top 3 that make up the most abortion deaths for babies

Nice projection. The vast number of abortions are obtained by Christians - your so called "Nigs" and "Beaners" - probably because they don't want to bring up children in a society that refers to them as "Nigs" and "Beaners".

YOU are the problem, racist.

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I am trying to think of a way that does not involve bombings, arsons, killing abortion doctors, clerical facism or overnight social revolution. And its turning out to be a conundrum.

With stats like these the kikes don't even need to kill muzzies to fulfill their Israel expansion fantasies

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That is actually a really good idea, but tolerant, progressive, western (tm) society would never allow the Church to adopt en masse.

Hmm …

We live in a society where corporations have the rights as people.
Churches are incorporated entities.
People can adopt.
… So why not churches?

the satan worshippers at the FFRF would sue and the godless judges would rule against the Churches.

Ah, good point.

Which is part of the explanation behind my militancy.

Isn't abortion allowed in Islam until the first trimester?


The blacks you talk about aren’t all blacks, in fact, they are the same ones what semblance there is of a black Christian community want to repair but cannot due in part to the coddling they receive from a social and demographic majority on the left.

My family went from sharecroppers to multimillionaires in three generations without the government dole and is in only collapsing on itself no because my own generation is spoiled for opportunity and falling into apostasy