Brit/pol/ #2137: Deadly Dresden Day

Britain to be free of Brussels on New Year’s Eve 2020 – three months early


British warship to sail through disputed South China Sea

Labour bans straight, white men at conference

Oxfam's Orgy Villa

Prisoners forced to convert to Islam for protection

Home Office unveils new technology which detects 94% of ISIS videos in clampdown on extremist content

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Good lad.

Thirst for blood


delete mine

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for her

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wonder what its like to be shot with that

I'm not hurting anyone

With pleasure

tango'd munter

Probably smarts a bit

delete yourself too


He's with Noel now lad

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Only degenerates like this stupid scouser hate Americans.

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Got lads on the inside clearly

when will he save us?

when will he beat the bankers?

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anyone playing shrovetide football tomorrow?

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Let's be frank: If christianity did any good you wouldn't NEED Brexit in the first place.


Get out, Burger.

My brother's gf is enjoying her life of being permanently pregnant. An excuse to be a NEET. It's unfair.

Blobby blobby blobby blobby

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Considering going through old British film archives is a dream job for me and I'm sure plenty of others on here I have no doubt that there's some top lads at BP.

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Are you panning for a banning, son?


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< imblying

Get rid of the yank schizo who keeps banging on about the CIA or whatever.


At least they're huwhite

Think it might be time to get rid of you tbh.

It's gruesome

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I'd be in my element watching archived machine films all day

Thought that image was bigger tbh


yeah first one has bright blue eyes and reddish light hair.

lad please delete that image Lord Noel cannot abide negativity

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Welcome to America, lads. Think this server would survive in the UK?


He is a funny one though

Yet anuvva Paki pedo rapist

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Why don't you fuck off and go full degenerate or just off yourself, your like a wound that leaks filthy puss all over the place then cries for forgiveness, to do it over and over. That's not banter, you are fucked in the head. I've been friendly to you for years lad, truth is you need a bullet.


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Do you lads reckon that flamethrowers will be any use in the coming urban guerrilla war, lads?

now that's some next level clickbait


yeah we can burn the air out of the underground and train tunnels that the enemy will shelter in to dodge the carpet bombing and mass artillery bombardment

Mine does this every winter.

Need to wear warmer underwear tbh


Yeah, that's your job lad.


It hurts, lad. I'm probably the most moral lad on here though.

lads, how did this not get noticed?

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I gave him a ban for that earlier post, lad.

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Lad he's not even real don't let it bother you. It's just a weird psyop sitcom written by a cabal of trolls and shadowy psychological research institutions. Enjoy it for what it is


bully moar tbh


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I bet it's something like an old gas pipe or a generator, etc
Birmingham is a really boring place and nothing exciting has happened there for a long time.

Who would've thought it lads?

AFD could actually eclipse the SPD in the polls soon, believe they were at 15% last time I checked. Nice.

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weren't the london bridge terrorists from brum?

I think so. Usually from Small Heath or Alum Rock. Both are paki ghettos.

Lad who or what is irrelevant, it's two days in a row, shouldn't even need to be seen again until perma elapses.

Will you please just fucking learn to crosslink lad

Shock horror. Gypsy scum descend into France from eastern europe to live like the filth they are and then blame France for it

GAS them all. A plague on the nations only secondary to yids

nuke the whole fucking continent tbh

Yeah. Kim Il Jong Londonstan ^

What is it about inbreeds and being fucking weird and also incredibly homosexual?

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Every year, same story, riots, 80% unemployment, Le Haine was meant to be a guilt trip for French people, 25 years later that movie is laughably tame.

ROPE. Politicians first

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That guy is browner than cheddar man

do do dooo~
I'll take you to burn

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To not be white english these days

Rome - the city. Is plagued by gypsy scum criminals.
Round 'em up and kill 'em all. It's the only way


rope is too good for them lad, garrottes would be more suitable

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How lad, I don't see it here..


Not having actual gypsies is one of the few things left that makes me proud to British

Whew first time and I get it right.

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kek we're full of them

Got them here in Glasgow lad they are fucking nightmarish

The only way Roma gypsies would simply fuck off back the their shithole is when civil unrest becomes a reality for them.

sure they're not pikeys

Embrace the rape and destruction of everything worth protecting or start a REVOLUTION already tbh.


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fuck off

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looks like the flouride is doing its job jej

Brummies don't panic lad.
They just smoke spice and complain about bin collections.