Polish priest wishes Pope early death over call for Catholics to take in Muslim refugees


The Pope calling for the Islamization of Europe is the definition of Clownworld. Right now, the old colloquialism of “is the Pope Catholic?” has become confusing. Because it’s like, “yeah I dunno, I think he might be a Moslem or a militant atheist humanist or something?” What do you guys think?

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I think the Catholics will gleefully obey their pope and betray their countries, proving yet again where there loyalties really lie, and that like Jews, they are natural traitors.

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Catholics are weird.

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First of all
Second of all, Father Edward went to far. There were far, far more worse popes and yet people reminded obedient and silent. Where is humility nowadays?
Third of all:
Thous shalt not bear false witness

And Poland is alredy province of Vatican city by will of Poles so no conflict here.

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So when Poland declared Jesus their king, they meant the pope is their king?
I guess the "Catholics worship the pope as God" meme is true

Nope. For a start, our first loyalty (speaking for Christians in general) is to God and God alone. The only reason we should care about the state is because God says through the bible that we should submit to the state (as an extension of the 'nonresistance to evil' command). Secondly, the pope is not chief of a political state. There is a King of Vatican City who is subject to the Pope, but still is the king.

If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink; for by so doing you will heap burning coals on his head. Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

That's all good until the enemy is unfazed by your kindness and repays you by raping your wife and daughter and slaughtering your family and your dog. We can't expect God to do all the work, he gave us free will for a reason.

Read thy Bible

Take your problems up with Paul, not me.

This is about converting nations via martyrdom, not embracing extinction

Well then, looks like it's time for us to do as God tells us through the bible.

Yes, it is time for the nations of Europe to throw back the heathen horde, 1 Timothy 5:8

The position of Pope is infallible. Francis can say all he wants but the Holy Spirit will prevent him from actually carrying out any heresy. Francis is a mediocre Pope but not a bad human being. He is very liberal, and I assume is trying to make Christianity seem more modern in an effort to draw in new members, but it's only doing the opposite in my opinion. Like I said, the Papacy is infallible. That doesn't stop someone from saying whatever he wants. Each Pope is different, because each Pope is a mortal man. If the next Pope is Cardinal Sarah, expect a Crusade. They both detest each other by the way. What the Polish priest said is a bit extreme, but he is not wrong about one thing: the doors to the Kingdom of God are open only to those who follow Christ as God. Islam is heresy. You can be compassionate and helpful without raising heretics higher than the law of God. I'm Lebanese, and while most Muslims are decent people, you do not want them diluting Christian countries. The problem isn't individual Muslims, it's Islamic leaders like Salman, the Ayatollah, and radicals like them, as well as international Muslim leaders like the mayor of London. This is heresy. Helping a few Muslims is not. We must however always place Christ first. The most important Commandment is to love God more than all else.

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Did you post the wrong bible verse? I genuinely have no clue how you managed to draw that conclusion.

Not bait but what about all the shitty popes?

>But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.
Seems pretty clearcut to me, scripture commands loyalty and faithfulness to one's people, which requires them to turn back the invader, especially when that invader is heathen.

I think you should use the catalog >>622063

It also commands charity. If only there were a way to do both.

Exactly, so be charitable to your people and defend them against the invader

What is stopping you from understanding that Jesus commands us to love our enemies?

Any old fart can love people that love them back.

What is stopping you from making an argument?

Could you please show me where in scripture we are told that when men come to destroy our countries, loot our cities, kill our men, rape our women and enslave our children we are to react by bending our knees and exposing to them our rears?

“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven. For he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? And if you greet only your brothers, what more are you doing than others? Do not even the Gentiles do the same? You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

I almost forgot - If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink; for by so doing you will heap burning coals on his head. Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

I'm still not seeing anything about evil and sin becoming good when brown people our enemies do it

What? I never said that what 'our enemies' are doing is good. In fact, my entire argument lays on the assumption that they are our enemies and are doing evil.

That's a fancy denture holder

Chapter and verse?

I'm sorry, but do you think that posting portions of scripture while assuming your own interpretation without adding a word to substantiate it is an argument?

He says nations need to build bridges to one another instead of borders. The policies he calls for will, if implemented, lead to the rapes and murders of many Christians by Muslims, as well as by Catholic Mexican drug gangs. It is good and right for Christians to pray that he be sent back home to his father the devil before his words result in the deaths of more Christians by Muslims and Catholics.

With enough words, one can use mental gymnastics to make the Bible mean anything. With few words, the only thing I'm posting is straight scripture. All I'm saying is that we need to love our enemies, because hating them certainty isn't going to bring them into the light.

So you're saying you're making no argument because otherwise you would make a bad argument?
I never said we should hate our enemies. By all means, show love to them. Now, where does the bible say we are to hate our people and rejoice when they are savagely destroyed by barbarians?

My grandma's got one just like it.

I'm not even Catholic but you are obviously a Zig Forumsack who needs to go back.

Nowhere. Now only if there were a way to show love to both enemies and friends.

If we didn't let Muslims in our countries in large numbers we wouldn't have to choose between letting our own people get raped and murdered and killing Muslims in self-defense. If you really love both Muslims and your own people you should keep Muslims out of your own country so neither their people nor our own people need to shed blood.

If your 'religion' is the pope, the pope is your god.
Would I obey Jesus Christ if He commanded me against my nation? Absolutely. But that's because Jesus Christ is my God. When obedience to an individual is an article of faith, that individual is the master of one's soul.

Ok good glad you agree, I guess there's no more dispute between us, we are agreed men are obligated to resist invasion.

Story of Joseph, Isaiah 22, Luke 12, 2 Kings 18 and 19

And you wish to be taken seriously, rulebreaker?

I didn't say that, per se.

You said:
You said that Catholics aren't Christians

Catholics can kill Christians while also being Christians themselves. If I complained about the deaths of black people by cops, would that necessarily mean no cops were themselves black people?

Categorical difference. To make it equivalent you would have to say that "National Guardsmen are killing marines" or "Blacks are killing indians"

Refer to 2nd John.
7 For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.8 Look to yourselves, that we lose not those things which we have wrought, but that we receive a full reward.9 Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son.10 If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed:11 For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.
Kindness to your enemies on an individual level is one thing, cuckery and outright assisting invaders is another. In bringing Muslim invaders into your home you're also sheltering false teachers and giving them a base of operations, making you a partaker in their explicitly anti-christian agenda.

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Yes!!!! All our ancestors who defended themselves were bad christians. Just now after 2000 years when we became infested with cultural marxism we have learned how to be proper christians.
Kek. This is the shit the """progressive""" christians actually believe.
You have responsibility to defend your faith and your nation first of all. Any crime on your people caused by 'solidarity' is blood on your hands if you let those people in.

Infallibility - ONLY when speaking ex cathedra, ONLY when making statements on essential matters of faith, ONLY when doing so in accordance with church fathers and tradition.
Pope cannot just make some shit up as h pleases and claim he's right because he's pope. When he sits on the toilet his opinion on invasion of Europe is not infallible - for example.. Unfortunately even catholics sometimes don't understand this dogma. It basically says that the apostolic tradition as handed to church is infallible. Not that every crap pope says is true.
This pope is heretic, a plague for catholic church.
One time the infallibility was used: making an official statement about immaculate conception.
The pope cannot say 'sodomy is not a sin' 'let invaders in' and claim he is infallible. That's not how it works.

So…everyone before were bad christians…even the saints who fought with all the love in their heart to save their people from invaders? Good to know man.

Even punishment is an act of love when you do it out of love. God does that all the time..you do realize that.
What is just about your people being slaughtered, your women and children raped on daily basis?? That is the result of love?

'You shall know them by their fruits'

Mark my words…this pope probably is not even Christian. The sooner he leaves the Vatican the better for Christianity. The better for Europe.
I pray it happens soon because the tume is running out for us.

Why can't you understand "neighborhood" in "Love thy neighborhood"

I root for Robert Sarah, hope he'll become Pope.

At least you understand kindness to enemies at a personal level.

You realise that I was quoting Romans 12:20 right? You realise you are trying to disprove straight scripture?
So tradition is infallible, but (usually) the Pope isn't? Sorry about being kind of slow when it comes to catholic stuff.
If someone does not follow the teachings of Jesus, I'd call them a bad Christian. Yes, that means that we all are bad Christians, but that doesn't mean that we cannot be better Christians.
And you should let God do the punishing. He is perfectly capable.



But, here are my two cents on the pope: what if the Holy Spirit really is at work through him? He is a progressive pope in many aspects, and this is making sure all the lukewarm/progressive/modernist priests, bishops and cardinals coming out of the woodwork dancing and cheering, exposing them to the world…and once a conservative pope will come (it can't rain forever), these people will have no place to hide. Thus they will be exposed for the "wolves in sheep's clothing" that they are.

Ever see a relic that could take a bite out of you?

I think it's supposed to be a lawful good lich or something

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Well, can you imagine invoking this particular saint and see an army of skeleton monks rise from the ground and scold your (now terrified) bullies? Awesome!

but catholicism is too mortifying and takes liberties with theological and scriptural speculation.

and more importantly it's subverted by jesuits/masons/kikes and now vatican 2 and an ecumenical pope…no thanks, absolutely bonkers.

It was prophesied within the Church that such time would come

ya, the orthodox church has all sorts of prophecies about the roman church

If you're interested on reading Catholic's ones.

who says it will happen now, and not in 500 years? Prophecies are open. That's why the apocalypse it's so confusing.

hell will not prevail etc. The main difficultly is that there's no pure evil to fight but just layers of sin. So you can't say that vatican 2 has been the end of catholicism, as some claim.

It's not because the Church is subverted to some extent now that it will be for ever.
Hell will not prevail, look at how many antiPope we had in our history! We're still here!

so what, end times soon? Nope. Exactly like vatican 2, of what I'm sure you talk without having read it.

No I am disproving your world view that preaches tolerance equals love. I do stand behind Rom 12:20. And I do ask again…are you going to throw all your ancestors who fought for your people and preserved the faith for you under the bus?
I do expect an answer on this. There are tons of saints who were of pure faith that - according to you - were driven by hate to defend their people and Christianity.

Papal infallibility is a dogma of the Catholic Church that states that, in virtue of the promise of Jesus to Peter, the Pope is preserved from the possibility of error "when, in the exercise of his office as shepherd and teacher of all Christians, in virtue of his supreme apostolic authority, he defines a doctrine concerning faith or morals to be held by the whole Church."
In short you need:

Therefore: the pope is infallible when he makes official statement on church teachings, faith when he's in accordance with church fathers. Does it sound like he's free to make any shit up? Of course it does not.

As for the rest…the fact that you defend yourself does not mean you hate your enemy. Punishment is not the same thing as revenge.
Is it just to let somebody murder your brothers? Is it just to let somebody rape your daughters and wife?

Are you retarded? I've never said that. Just read what the dogma actually means or rely on my description here before spewing nonsense.
This dogma does not imply pope is infallible when he makes any statement about a random thing. Regardless of what he says. But you would know that if you read it.

I do not contradict you on 'love your enemy'. I agree. Love your enemy. Love your brother.
I'm simply pointing out that flooding your country with foreigners leads to your people suffering, your faith being plundered as it is - false teachers, heresies, atheism, low birth rates. It creates a fight between the two groups that would have never existed, would those groups be separate in their countries.
Where is the love for our people- those loving, yet unborn and those who sacrificed their lives for us - if we throw everything away, let somebody rape our children and replace us? Is that just?
Progressives say yes. I say no it is not.
Wrapping evil, sugar coating it 'love; 'tolerance' does not change the fact it is still a pure evil.
puts it quite well.

Charity begins at home. Those same anti-christian media insists that you should be good christian to let anyone in.
Think about that. Why would they care right?


I'll say this is a typical demonic entrapment (And I'm not one of those who likes to call anything diabolical).

First: Are you not a real Christian? How do you not feel compassion for these people? Let them in!

Second: Now that you live in your midst, if you are a good Christian, you will let them do what they want. You have no moral ground for any authority.

Third: Now that your country is transformed, why are you a Christian? Everything is relative and customary. You will fade away eventually. If the host nation reacts, conflict and confusion. Hate and violence.

I dunno I'm just growing suspicious that's all…
Look at pic related it was built in 1971 by the Italian architect Pier Luigi Nervi…
+ The thunder that hit the Vatican after Pope Benedict resignation + the doves released that have been attacked by a crow and a seagull (two different time, in one month if I remember correctly) + the secrets of Fatima…
Maybe I'm overthinking or deluded and it might just be coincidences

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You just revealed your true face.

That was my first thought when I saw those links. Haven't read either document yet, but they to be reporting (likely biasedly) on things that actual Catholics have said. The source should be considered, but that might not be all there is to it.

*they appear

I don't know much about that site, I stumbled upon these article when searching about what Pope Leo XIII saw/heard before the altar.

They are sedevacantists. While Dimond does have some good things to say at times, at his foundation he is wrong.

I see, even if the Church really is infiltrated by some evil actors we should bear with it and fight them from the inside. Going schismatic wouldn't do any good


Yeah you might be right, thank for your insight user.

I see that everywhere user, would you mind redpilling me on it?

However I can't stop thinking that this hall very snake-like

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Not that user, but I remember reading about it somewhere. It says that the ancient priests of Dagon had a religious costume that emulated a fish, and the mouth was the hat, the body of the fish being the main outfit, with the back of it having a scale design.
Over time, the hat was supposed to have evolved into a mitre.

*the body(cloak) of the outfit having a scale design on it.

Me too, I just want to dispel the theory that Dagon is somehow linked to the Papacy, because you know, apparently the Popes wear that too. Also, >Not that user,
We have IDs man.

Basically one really, really bad protestant historian basically said "similarity=the same thing". Even ignoring that that it's classical logical fallacy, even ignoring that there is no historical link between Babylonian relgion and even pagan Rome, even ignoring that Mitre stands for Two Testaments of Bible it's still bullshit. For Mitre looked difrent through centuries.

A great priest once said this: If you want vision or image, satan will provide, just to sow discord and doubt in your heart. If you want to see snake everywhere as symbol of satan and that's something wrong with Catholic Church he will provide.

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Sorry, am tired.

Don't worry about it.

Thanks user.


we need an edit of that "God hates fags" image with "God hates LARPers"…

He's the so-called "Peter the Roman". Many Catholics aren't happy with him.

Admonish the heathen three times, if he holds steady in his wrongs, it would be better if he burnt with a chance of conversion on the stakes, than to let him take more than his own soul into the firest.

that, that is how to be charitable to both sides.