Brit/pol/ #2138: Immigrant mentality edition

Sadiq Blows £6m on Toilets for London Bus Drivers, Says He Doesn’t Have Cash to Catch Terrorists
London Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced he’ll be spending £6m of tax payer cash on exclusive toilets for London bus drivers, while complaining there isn’t enough money for proper policing or surveillance of terror suspects in Britain’s capital.

President Macron is bringing back national service
Emmanuel Macron is bringing back national service – finally, a good idea from the French President!

Denmark's Prince Henrik, who wanted to be king, dies at 83
Prince Henrik of Denmark, the husband of Queen Margrethe who was famous for his public unhappiness at never being named king, has died at the age of 83.

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Thanks lad

druids tbh

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Yeah but the m&b system is not great for dueling, there is not dodging, combos, stamina, feints or counters, hence why i said "either two separate systems or the current one would have to be heavily simplified" and by heavily simplified I mean "the m&b system" tbh


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M&B with more mechanics to the combat would be the ideal.


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Where's the fucking summertime already?
Fed up of the cold, rain, sleet, snow, hail and shit outside.

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t. Wog

Casuals smh

I don't mind it when I have nothing to do and stay in the house, but I have to fix the car and rebuild the bike. Just want a dry day for several hours tbh.

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Not got a workshop you can use?

Well there's your problem.

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hes a burger

A sadist more like


I just wanted to revisit the spirit of the times after his funny portrait.

Im not sure who you are and this:

Has confused me more

sounds about right
> "Thanks to the work on induced lactation in Transgender women by (((Dr. Tamar Reisman)) and nurse practitioner and program manager (((Zil Goldstein))), a Transgender mother was not only able to breastfeed her child, but to be the baby’s exclusive food source for its first six weeks of life,"

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This is disgusting

I have a pokey little shed that is full of garden furniture that I bring out for the summer. My garden is quite small and I can't use the workshop at work because they get a bit arsey sometimes.

Looks like pipe & slippers for the afternoon.


manky, they need executed.
sounds like a champagne

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Smh, buy one of those 8ftx8ft gazebos for £20 from argos and set it up in the road
I use one on roofs when it's raining

Lel what

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Let them stuff their rosey cheeks with the stuff tbh.

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This is all just some sort of nightmarish experiment to see how fucked up they can make reality before everyone goes insane

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think of the baby

Sargon wants to gas the germans and settle hundreds of refugees there while converting Britain to a Meritocracy - the most ruthless system of racist far-right politics yet designed and engage in a rabid policy of liberal imperialism against all other nations

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Individualist collective

Based Liberalistism

The baby unfortunately is going to be mentally buggered anyway with all this gender bending non-sense in it's head.

liberalist anthem

p u s s y w a g o n

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Jesus, how did I get here?

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>(((white))) but with distinctive features common to their kind only
what did George R. R. Matin mean by this?

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That he's unoriginal af

did they do incest because succession was secretly matrilineal?

targARYANs tbh they symbolise the Anglo-Germanic ruling class over the swarthy celto-nigger natives. But ASoIAF is pleb tier

George "regarding racewar" martin

It will never be over. These people literally worship the flame of change, or absolute contingency. Chaos.

Only adversity can teach them.

take the rebel pill

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Basically. Containment, and hygenic cleansing.

Anyone not bogpilled here? I want to punch you.

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glad this forced memi was banned tbh

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looks a bit crap tbh



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French Conscription. Wew maybe Macron is spending time on Zig Forums he keeps doing Le Pen tier things. Quell Surprise tbh

Hold your noses, here comes the cold water

It kept me enthralled and enjoying it even though everything was pretty predictable. Good black comedy IMO.

He's fucking doing it, the mad man

I hope the Anglo macron makes him look like Hillary

every Frenchman gets a month or longer if they want to physically remove the invasion. Dont cuck out now Macron you can do this.

Top kek. Mattis and his ZOG trannynigger legions.

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A centerist frog is mandating one month of working with lazy halfbreeds clearing up Paris sreets behind animalistic immigrants
Which will turn 600,000 young frenchies further right
What a time to be a live

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Khan is a foreign invader, not just a traitor as he has no ties with England whatsoever.
As for the French national service, it will be a free month of military training for the millions of invaders there, ideal for them and probably to a higher standard than they would receive if only trained by their terrorist organisations.
If he limits it to only the French blooded, it will be a good thing.

Fuck off you moron, see:

Shopping for a new multitool and found out the yank brand Leatherman has a model called The Mut

Multi use tool

Lad Macron and Trump are centrist escape valves, this just means that when the Anglo correction comes he will be Are Hitler

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macron is a weirdo faggot who fucked a granny

i hope so lad, i hope this land gets fucking purged tbh

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only citizens can join the army, people with no passport wont be allowed

slaughter all obese people

And all skeletors

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no, skinny people are the master race

slaughter the eugenie cooley types though

there's nothing wrong with being thin

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*beats the shit out of you*

Met her during the last series, from a distance of 10 feet. She's quite small in real life, looks like a doll.

But you're a shut in faggot lad, not a soldier


*shoots you*

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*misses as recoil snaps your twiggy armlets*

i've shot plenty of large calibres with no problem though

Probably had your dad holding the gun while you squeezed the trigger

nah it was your mum

What no one is mentioning is that all of that lethal illegal drug is going directly into the mouth of a newborn that weighs 1/20 of the one taking the drug in the first place.
Might as well make the baby part of a human centipede with his tranny 'father' and feed it recycled effluence.
It'll be about as healthy.
Why isn't the tranny in prison and the baby exterminated?

Why does every faceapp'd Nige come out swarthy?

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