Brit/pol/ #2139: Anything other than that Edition

Sadiq Blows £6m on Toilets for London Bus Drivers, Says He Doesn’t Have Cash to Catch Terrorists
London Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced he’ll be spending £6m of tax payer cash on exclusive toilets for London bus drivers, while complaining there isn’t enough money for proper policing or surveillance of terror suspects in Britain’s capital.

President Macron is bringing back national service
Emmanuel Macron is bringing back national service – finally, a good idea from the French President!

Denmark's Prince Henrik, who wanted to be king, dies at 83
Prince Henrik of Denmark, the husband of Queen Margrethe who was famous for his public unhappiness at never being named king, has died at the age of 83.

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for liberalistism

smh lad

for spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

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Based Helmer

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reeee I was going to make a thread

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the only love you need is the love of Jesus Christ, lads

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Shit edition

For America

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I claim this thread for the White People of the world.

Sick of seeing gaynime in the OP lad.

prove they exist

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Leaving soon

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Lad fucking stop and be more normal

Sessions is going to bring down the hammer on cannabis keek

Getting on with my recommendations lad?

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Like normie?

Westie is a massive bender


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This tbh he ain't a fatty, he must have been thinking of 22st

Lad this is getting uncomfortable


Was an emergency lad, feel free to add fresh links or whatever tbh.

soon lad, soon


Were you going to make an anime edition too?


smh, I spent my night shift reading the Onepunch Man Mango

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Rate me

What's wrong with shitposting at the pub?



They even attacked the doggo too. Top lad, bet the fucking cunts won't get caught though.

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You look like a good boi

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Taking weird photos of strangers to post on a tony Blair fan site is serial killer tier

Handria and Palmala the age old companions of NEETs throughtout the ages.


*hides post*

The gayness quota for the entire thread has already been exceeded

Don't believe you tbh :^)

Clearly one of life greatest mysteries

Good taste tbh lad.

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westie is based tbh

< don't take pictures of people
GCHQ does that all the time and nobody complains.

Tbh x 2


I'm leaving soon anyway

the webcomic one or the other one?

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But gchq are gud bois

A home-based rent boy yeah


Take a photo of you waving goodbye to those lasses

unironically this tbh

apparently they are behind pic related mene

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The manga one, I tried the webcomic and it's funny but I would rather just read the one which is done by someone who can draw


Well, GCHQ blew up those kids in Manchester, but whatever you think is a friend is a friend, I guess.


I think gchq are entirely blameless and great value for money, don't you dare shit on them

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what's the context on that?

Fear of facts.

I think the state is engaged in a war against it's own people for a rootless moneyed elite.

Good bye chaps. Fancy restaurant and banging my gf is next.

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I'm going to go up to her room and smack the shit out of her

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I agree, how about we discuss this matter more in Cheltenham town centre tomorrow evening?

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Tell me more about the jews

hullo Terry, I thought you were meeting me for a pint?

Looks like you've spent all night in some restaurant, try a pub next instead

Eh, any broad will blow your cock for a fiver

Contacts for your eyes or phone

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French Catholics either protesting the destruction of a church or it was after some terror attack.

That is not how you take an up skirt pic!

You mean

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bretty gud either way

Just kill it for God's sake.

just had a peek and got to the bit with the kid with the cleft chin, kekked tbh, may be worth continuing

Bye lad

Who will GCHQ kill next?

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This is what Sweden used to be about

Archaeologists digging at the bottom of a former lake in Sweden have discovered an ancient burial site containing 8,000-year-old human skulls mounted on wooden stakes.
The gruesome find at the Kanaljorden site in the town of Motala in the central Sweden has left researchers baffled as, according to a study published in the journal Antiquity, it the challenges modern “understanding of the handling of the dead during the European Mesolithicera.”

The skulls showed signs of blunt force trauma that was “probably the result of interpersonal violence,” the study read. However, some injuries show signs of healing, meaning that blunt force trauma is not necessarily what killed them.

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It's great mate, it is a subversion of the superhero genre but that don't matter if you like that kind of humour lol


file renamed

David Icke
He knows too much

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His eyes follow me around the room

Why did he need weapons?

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just got my ticket lads

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Its unsettling

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good lad.

I've taken precautions. In the event of my sudden death; parcel bombs will be sent to key political figures. It's completely automatic.