Brit/pol/ #2140 - Fags Cannot in2threadmaking Edition

'Numerous fatalities' in Florida school shooting
There have been "numerous fatalities" and at least 14 people injured in a shooting at a Florida high school.

UK Court Hears of Plot To Rape, Dissolve in Acid Children For Pleasure of Unnamed ‘Top Politicians’
Gihan Muthukumarana told undercover police they could make £10 million raping children on video for “top political people”, a court has heard.

Home Office urged to refuse Polish far-right speaker entry to UK
MP says Rafał Ziemkiewicz, due to speak at events in Bristol and Cambridge, is not welcome

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first for romantic day today lads

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mummy gave me a valentine

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For the REAL Brexiteers!

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I claim this thread for White People.

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all hailu

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Thank you based yanks, for winning Brexit for us.

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post anita lad


i actually cannot stop fucking laughing

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I swear that anime is just rubbing in everything we were denied as a nation.

for her

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Top taste Steiner.


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Good lad.

Bully tbh

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Someone post the yank who got bullycided out of his work

Is he cute lads?

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just like the song lad

can't stop imagining steiner sat at home watching a 3d dancing pig in the darkness, beer cans littering the computer desk

tbh what will happen this century is ethnonationalism will rise as an ideology, there will be a caesar/hitler type figure who will arise in the uk as a reaction to satanic neoliberalism and institute a caste system where whites hold all political and military power, there will then be an ethnic reunification of the anglosphere with CANZUK being unified into one state, then the commonwealth realms and britain will become a third force on the world stage up there with the US and China boasting a large economic and military power

reminds me of someone smh

Howling tbh lads. Who the fuck is Steiner? Not been here in yonks, sozza.

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+ smoking weed

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Except he's still fucking here, isn't he?

Dayfags settle down it's night soon and I don't want any tears before bed time

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you were innocent lad

unironically good song tbh


So it's said, no proof alas

preferred “virginia hale has massive nips” tbh lad

GCHQ said that it was Russians who made the difference in the Brexit vote. Hidden videos by O'Keefe have revealed that the "Russians" were actually just Americans with too much time on their hands - American NEETs.

America was the reason you won Brexit. But I don't see in Britains brotherhood.

whose that

Come on lad it's not hard to tell, do your job

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Yeah well I'm guilty of that as well.

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Methinks you just like having a homosexual crossdressing here

that's why you don't live with normies lad. I know that feel

put your trip back on, SA

the irony is westie was an effortposter on Zig Forums and the only people who bullied him must have been on nubrit

No, there isn't "great difference". There no difference. That the nature of fucking state. If Sargon doesn't understand this, he shouldn't be quoting from enlightenment figures.
No, they weren't. If it had stated at the founding fathers demographics nothing would needed to have changed.
I also can counter libertarianism or lots other mental illnesses.

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vagina flag lad is slandering an innocent OC poster
probably some kind of bongo bongo cabal thing

I am right. That's why you have no counterargument.

I think I died.


Be quiet Pembs

Try this one on for size:

Identify the argument ^


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Worse than living with normies, lad. I live with thots smh.

No, my friend. I am a trip from a bygone era who has returned to make sure you are all being good Christian men.

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I'm off to bed.

Effortposting is currently on holiday

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I wish you weretbh what you been up to lad?

don't tell me steiner has left lads. I will miss his vitriol towards women tbh

for her
yorkshire is definitely westie
night lads

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god I cannot imagine living with millennial women

No I bullied him as well, seriously how can you not deal with being called mean names anonymously on a napolese basket weaving board?

Watching this video is what experiencing the ethnostate will be like.

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but he did deal with it lad mercia banned him

chaneil ann ach ifrinn

JUst not been posting tbh, lost interest ovet the last year.

the boar is the symbol of taranis lad, send it to varg

Pembs is a confirmed homosexual from my own research lad. A nice chap regardless, but a homo for sure. Pretty sure he still hangs about on /newbrit/ and such other places.

It is the worst choice I ever made in my life tbh, has been a nightmare.

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Welcome to hell, nothings changed.

saved tbh

that is the last thing the wogs will see before they die tbh


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they are so slobby in how they keep their house and they have such entitled opinions. I remember how dumb they are too. can't even cook and just eat everything pre-made and walk around in slutty outfits.

Tbh in this day and age having faith is an admirable act. The only faith I have is the incompetence of us as a species.


glad to see you've not left lad

You just described everyone in the UK, including what Americans have incorrectly supposed White Nationalists.

you honestly have to work at it and even then you sort of have to guard it behind irony from becoming fake

Kill yourself.

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Whoa it's almost like Anglin could've have made that clear in the debate and argued from the point of not being opposed to using force via the state to deport citizens instead of dragging ass on the point and looking weak and contradicting himself.

They were you sperg the founders ideals vs their application of their ideals were contradictory. You don't have to lie and play stupid to counter this point since everyone including Sargon only applied principles do a degree unless you're a fucking AnCap.

It's like you're filling in gaps for Anglin in your head and pretending he made all of these arguments against Sargon when he totally failed to do so and stuttered through half of the stream. He can either get better at debate or stick to writing articles.


closed the window lad, was just banter smh, got to admit I was enjoying it a bit too much, I'm still laughing at the pig


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the bully brigade has been out in force today tbh

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he still posts here under diffferent flags

Almost like my belief in God. You nailed it on the head.

I swear I'll stop soon.