How was Palm Sunday? not my video

How was Palm Sunday? not my video

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It went great, user! I love Holy Week so much. Do you have any plans?

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It has nothing to do with the calendar… Pascha is not a fixed feast, and so Lent and its Sundays will necessarily vary…

In fact Easter, and so Palm Sunday, were on the same date last year…

You basically have to be a rocket surgeon to calculate Easter manually, I wouldn't object if it were made fixed.

Easter of Catholics and Orthodox, I mean.

Good, until I came here…should stop visiting this place.

This is so clearly pagan


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It was excellent.
Kept getting asked to show people how to do the palm cross as seen in vid.
Nice to see kids and adults have fun folding

Eh, no really. All you have to do is to know on what day first spring full moon is and then wait to the first sunday after it - here, date of easter.

I am against all digits above and below the numbers 1,3,4 7,10,12,22 and 40

Nice try, Varg. I only express quantities with Roman numerals

True Christians express time solely with dashes to avoid any pagan counting systems.
Look at the time! It's |||||||||:|||||||||||||||||||||||||

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It's about as meaningful as Varg destroying Christianity by burning a church.

Might as well praise the sun while you're at it. True Christians only use the spoken word to relay information!

well why don't you just punch the Patriarch of Antioch in the face while you are at it.

Palm Sunday is next week, bud

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I'm Catholic but I feel this is mainly cultural. First there are the two commandments. If you don't keep them these customs are void for you.