Brit/pol/ #2141: Iron Guard and Anime Edition

'Numerous fatalities' in Florida school shooting

There have been "numerous fatalities" and at least 14 people injured in a shooting at a Florida high school.

UK Court Hears of Plot To Rape, Dissolve in Acid Children For Pleasure of Unnamed ‘Top Politicians’

Gihan Muthukumarana told undercover police they could make £10 million raping children on video for “top political people”, a court has heard.

Home Office urged to refuse Polish far-right speaker entry to UK

MP says Rafał Ziemkiewicz, due to speak at events in Bristol and Cambridge, is not welcome

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< be British
< live on the streets

There are more homeless yanks then anglos

H-homier than you, Trampmed!

According to a December article in The Guardian there are 553,742 homeless in America, at any one time (1).
Kikepedia: "The United States is estimated to have a population of 327,117,023 as of January 31, 2018, making it the third most populous country in the world"

According to an August article there are were 236,000 homeless in Britain, in 2016 (2).
Kikepedia: "2011 census, the total population of the United Kingdom was around 63,182,000"

2.'s up now, piss off)

So over 2x.

56'ers out tbh. All of them Steiner included it sets a bad precedent and attracts more of them to stay.

< 56'ers out
Seems you put your people out on the street.

Tbf, a lot of America's homeless are probably undocumented, or crazy wild men living out in the desert.

You're sounding a lot like a communist. If someone ends up on the street in the UK they've only get themselves to blame.

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Morning lads
For her tbh

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Nonsense. You treat your fellow Britains like human trash. Appropriate designation!

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Are you daft, lad? The percentage is greater. 2X. smdh

He never said anything about that, he said numbers

Our rulers are doing that, and we don't like them either.

He's a full on plastic tank spastic yank going to filter and report yank now, they're a fucking disease

I reckon that at least 10% of the homeless in this country are actually just Romanian gypsies.


Kill me lads

Actual sunglasses or is that a euphemism for spectacles?

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Matt Damon

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Sunglasses that are prescription.

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>having to orderbeg people to follow blapipo

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That doesn't rhyme, and isn't clever.

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Didn't know you could get those. What if it's not bright out?

Then its fucking hard to see, but better than going blind.

Top kek lad just get some regular glasses you spacker

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Yep. The twin faces of GCHQ asset propaganda. That's the America-facing site. The UK-facing site paints a very different picture. America is, frankly, by comparison rosy. Remember, the math is correct. But there are (((those))) who mod who would not like you to know the truth about your nation, and what utter shit it is.(I love it when they ban evade tbh)

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Having to tell people to follow black content creators just shows that blacks aren't making anything of merit.

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That "Oh no no no" guy was pretty funny, tbf. The height of black achievement, right there.

They need some otherwise Black Panther 2 will come out

Lad, you aren't baiting me. I've been to america, the amount of homeless people there was honestly distressing for me, it's nothing like here where we have fewer and they seem to be in much better condition.

You are mentally

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Should you even be looking at a computer screen, lad? You'll strain your un-eyes.

They say social media increases loneliness, maybe you should take your own advice.

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The difference between you and I is that if I go out to meet people I'd be able to tell what they look like


Cheery morning news.

Jesus Christ. I know exactly where they mean.

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Never know with these people what's sick bragging or fantacism - not that I doubt he's a child rapist and trafficker - but if this goes further it's pretty fucking huge. Making nonce snuff films for politicians, or people behind them, whztever he meant by top political people.

What do you want to bet this stupid fucker saw Breaking Bad, and just assumed it would be easy?

Would anyone mind if I just instantly permaban all Americans

2018 is the year we all make it.

If you think you can do better you're always welcome to apply to be a mod, lad.

Yeah. As I understand it, it takes a while and still looks and smells horrific and obviously a corpse you're trying to get rid of even if you put the body in a barrel full of acid. That's how that famous 'vampire' killer in London got caught.

wew are they calling hiim "white" yet

how old are you lad? should have married her by now if you're over 26 tbh

what did he mean by this

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Imperium tbh.

Sick bragging about his own work, fantacism about the involvement of politicians.

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Miscegenation with chinky lasses is the last stand of implicit huwhite identity

I hope you lads listened and fixed your diets tbh

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Anybody watch the Halsey/Enoch debate? That Halsey guy got super butthurt over Mike's anti antisemitism then acted like a stereotypical Jew for the entire 'debate', weirdly vindicating him in the eyes of the viewership.

Really shigs my dig

Got a link?

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This tbh, I work hard for a living, I don't want to spend clicks needlessly.

I stayed up to watch it. Hasley was a typical Jew using all Jewish tricks. Enoch was great, as usual.

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It's really not worth listening to.

Pic related sums up the entire thing.

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no illuminati pyramid will ever take my local bread
all you need to do is eat local instead of industrially processed crap

Haven't we known that for years? Fucking everything seems to cause cancer now, anyway.

You can sit in the corner while the rest of Zig Forums discusses it then.

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We have, but health departments declared them as ok so people ate them.

Anyone with a Youtube channel is an e-celeb now. We're supposed to not listen to people on the grounds that they have a Youtube channel?

I won't bother then.
Some of the more recent ones have actually been alright tbh, Nick cracking up about Halsey being a kike is gold.

webm the highlights and give them to me or I'll ban you

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Reminder to filter You Kipper when he comes into the thread as we don't want to listen to his e-drama.

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And Kent tbh
And you

How was your Valentines Day yesterday?

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Pretty good tbh

When'd that happen?

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cancers not really 'caused' by anything in particular see
'cancer' is just a harmful mutation in a cells chromosome that causes the cell to become biologically immortal and 'selfish' in the sense that it no longer works in tandem with the rest of your somatic cells and decides its just going to cannibalise healthy cells and reproduce exponentially, which is what tumors are just cancer cells that have reproduced to the point where its a massive glob of multi-cellular tissue
the harmful mutation that causes cancer can be caused by anything that can introduce an interruption in a cells reproductive cycle
radiation, some chemicals, a genetic predisposition to your oncogenes becoming active, viruses and just natural aging are all 'causes' of cancer
aging itself as a process is believed to exist as an evolutionary adaptation to protect against cancer
in creatures that are naturally biologically immortal they dont suffer cancer at all
but when they did that telomerase study on mice that got some mice to live three times longer than average surprise surprise all the mice who were now technically in mouse years about 300 years old were also all riddled with tumours

smh why are the Brits so inclined to criminality? It must be part and parcel of living in a big city, or maybe it's because of poverty, I dunno.

What made it so good?

same here

Since you started advertising your services and location on the internet

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moped gangs?
gotta watch out for drive by slashing on the streets of Phnomh Penh and London now I guess

It wasn't good for any reason connected to Valentine's Day tbh it was just a good day in general


Cancer is the biological analogue of individualism

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pretty much
but yeah when some bullshit new study comes out and says so and so causes cancer its literally yeah no shit everything 'causes' cancer

All the foods we eat, the polluted environment we live in, the chemicals in the containers and clothing we use, we're all basically fucked. But it's alright, I didn't want to live forever anyway.

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