Find your spirituality type

Find your spirituality type
I found a funny test, to describe your catholic spirituality type.

each of the 4 words in a row get rated from 1 to 4.
Read rules on Screen shot

I am no catholic, just did it out of fun

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here a example of a result

btw, who is that Aquinas guy?

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who is that Aquinas guy?

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some medieval nerd

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i got the same user :)

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Uh, I guess? I'm Ordodox by the way…

Also got this but more importantly
You should feel ashamed

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I got the same but I'm an Andersonite.

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Orthodox-IFB alliance when?

Interesting. After Byzantine rite Catholicism, Byzantine rite Anglicanism and Byzantine rite Lutheranism, now there's Byzantine rite Baptists.
I honestly don't mind.

just a catholic meme, don't worry about him

i'm hype


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Wow! The other is Ignatius is my patron saint, but it's okay. Cool test, dude.

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Does this mean that I should become ascetic?

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That means we are A E S T H E T I C.

How can I be proddy, but have the same "spiritual temperament" as the majority of saints?

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I dont know what that means but I'm glad we're on the same path user :)

Nevermind, looked up St. Augustine and his wiki says:

So that checks out.

Nice, exactly what I excepted

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Ascetic gang

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About 38 percent of the population is this spiritual type–but far fewer of this type come to church regularly.


Path of devotion

PATH of devotion

Muh Augustinian bros. Tfw sainthood here we come

Thomistic here

t. ordodogs

Francis is my patron saint;

also you guys area all dweebs

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woops forgot my score

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Hey, that's what I got.

The reason you need to read up on your history.

put 4 in every spot just for fun, got Path of Intellect (Thomistic Prayer)


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Thomist as well for me.

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^ I got the same