Brit/pol/ #2142: Deano Edition

Recruitment consultant is sacked for telling lorry driver he cannot get interview for job eight miles from his home because he is British

US Army drops grenade throwing as a requirement to graduate because new recruits can't throw far enough

Ukip edged towards bankruptcy by judge's decision on legal costs

China reassigns 60,000 soldiers to plant trees in bid to fight pollution

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for him

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When will el atrocidad appear?

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Boring edition

for him

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reminder tbh

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Which flag do you think I am?

But if they aren't on our side then they are against us. Therefore we need to take action against them.

He's always here
Lurking in the shadows
Watching our every move
Waiting for the right moment to pounce

Thank you for all the (you)s

his mother didn't lay him on his sides

Heard about that shooting in America? - Yeah another one, fucking mental. Breaks my heart. Don't know why they don't just ban guns because of a few redneck nutters haha. Bit thick o'er there thinking the government would send people to prison over tweets n' shit if they took away the guns haha I mean that doesn't happen here does it. Blagards.

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what deanos do you know that live in the 1700s

That's a stupid and wasteful attitude lad. We only need to address the power-brokers, all else is irrelevant.


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A new power is rising!

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ive heard people still use the term

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Now that's a rare Jahans

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Tbh footie never should have been anything more that the best of your local lads against their local lads on a Sunday afternoon. Everyone knows the players from down their local and some from working with him locally.

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Capstan Ready Rubbed is slowly growing on me, lads.


kek fair play that one's quite good

Camvltve to save the white evrvpv



back to Zig Forums lad.

She is like those upper-middle class commies and will get strung up by her "own" people.

the blender is a fittingly modern method for a modern man tbh

Good lad.

They've had their time!

Holy kek, that pic is top quality.

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*blocks your path*

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I think it'd be funnier to force him to be an actual pub landlord forced to serve the rejuvenated working classes he so despised for the rest of his life (he'll have none of the powers of an actual landlord he'll be a glorified bar hand the title will be ceremonial).

tbh I dont care how he dies as long as its painful


what argument is there to have? Why expend energy on an open front, serving only to demoralise the very people who need it, when you can direct fire at the ones who hold the power, and take it from there?

Fucking baste!

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*stronk blaq wimmim push you out of the way to lecture at people as comedy*

there is no bigger fraud than molymemi

Argue why we should not punish or even keep the royal family.

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I would literally crush her head in vice.

Can't say I know him apart from the memmies

Nice lad

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She deleted it already.

It's the status quo option
Argue why we should punish or remove the royal family

Libertarian need I say more? So is Alt-Hypothesis as well now that I think about it.

Zig Forumstards are so used to using the retort "not an argument" that even when you present a set of premises that logically lead to a conclusion (the very definition of an "argument"), they still reply "not an argument".

Zig Forumstards and right-wingers in general are beyond hope.

it's irrelevant and serves no political advantage.

omg so funny xd

yep, they stick out like a sore thumb


tbh, thats a great idea

Unlike the commies the benefit of our ideology is we don't have to justify mobilising the retards to engineer a new machine other than they were there and we made use of them.

good idea tbh lad

i appreciate the humour when deanos are slaughtered in their millions


tfw first king of scotland, earl of oslo & dutch royalist admiral

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why do they take photos of their food
dont make sense just fuckin eat it

You get the job of the queens royal pub landlord after Al's death.

King of Essex

Fucking kek we need squads to go around and beat women wearing thots shit

We should punish those who have failed our people and who are not on our side, if we do not then these behaviours will seem quasi acceptable. Both of which the monarchy is guilty of.

But it does.

are you posh lad

Yes, have you heard his vocaroos?

to get validation from fellow normies

He sounds like he puts on a shitty accent


no I just speak posh/shite RP because I spent my teenage years around frogs instead of human beings

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smartphones were invented by the devil tbh

The Jacob Rees-Mogg bandwagon everybody has jumped on is really cringey tbh

It sounds forced

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The burdens of being rich.

ok lad

Very true lad

you plonker, somerset is one of the best dialects as well

get back to your roots tbh

Glad you also see the light, now what do you think we should do with the monarchy?


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do you sound french if you don't try

What evidence would you use to, beyond reasonable doubt, prove that the royal family as a whole (i.e. not just the Queen, or the immediate heirs to the throne but the entire extended family) have intentionally failed our people


middle class libshit mummy fled to france for cheap housing

I know lad smh

no because I hated the french so much I decided to speak their language as little as possible
it was the first step to race realism tbh

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nothing, because it is wasted energy. Why don't you tell me the political advantage of "punishing" the Royal family, in the backdrop of a normie populace who has no idea of the extent of the powers of the Crown?

Smh word filter tbh

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Very nice tbh I keep telling people there will be a revival of interest (in the mainstream) in anglo saxon history and tradition to dismay. We are the advance guard and what goes on here always hits the mainstream several years later. People are reacting against globalisation and desire to regain their identities. In questioning who they are, they will go back to what is seen as deepest or strongest - the anglo saxons

Zig Forums has'nt focused that much on the anglo-saxons though

we're a celto-brythonic board lad.

one of the things I brought back from france was a copy of "Death to the French" that was almost destroyed through overuse

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Fucking hell lad

Why is it?

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I would argue there is huge interest in it here, that you don't see in the mainstream

it's clear you don't have an answer lad, so fuck off tbh.