The Abrahamic religions

I have questions about the differences between them and what happend to them. Christians and Muslims pray the same god. From my point of view when Christianity became the religion of Rome, first of all, it was an instrument of propaganda and supranational intelligence services of ancient times and faith aspects became manipulation instruments, and it turns to paganism with a cult of saints. Islam was answer that clean all those things. But lately, it became fiction when people it's about traditions and doesn't understand what it, orthodox Islamists call them hypocrites and they close to the truth.I have questions about the differences between them. Christians and Muslims pray the same god. From my point of view when Christianity became the religion of Rome, first of all, it was an instrument of propaganda and supranational intelligence services of ancient times and faith aspects became manipulation instruments, and it turns to paganism with a cult of saints. Islam was answer that clean all those things. But lately, it became fiction when people it's about traditions and doesn't understand what it, orthodox Islamists call them hypocrites and they close to the truth.

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Argh, I hate this meme that the heretics of (((modernity))) spread. Allah =/= God. Instead of giving myself an aneurysm trying to explain this, here is some sauce:

Also, see pic related

Also go back to >>>/islam/

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Your pick is fake and you know it

Mo grafted stories about Abraham and Jesus onto the already existing pagan arab god allah, who was one of 360 arabian gods and had 3 goddess daughters.

Sure u can show us Wikimedia link that tells about it.

Here's a quick instructional video on the subject

It as fake as your false prophet Muhammad

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Christians and Muslims worship the same God idiots. Islam is rooted in Arianism and Nestorianism. Of course it's a false belief, Arius was a heretic, but there's no need to smear it with even more lies.

Bearing false witness is a sin.

Ergo, Islamic moon "god" =/= God

Your leftism is showing

They have different belief in what God is, but essentially it's the same all powerful being, the beginning and the end.



Also one baizuo and his dumb belief does not a theological correlation make.

But user, he's right. If you don't acknowledge Christ as God incarnate, you don't worship God.
If anything, you're the one bearing false witness by implying you can reach the Father without Jesus Christ.

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That doesn't mean you don't worship god it means you are not a Christian.

Except I don't. Are you stupid? I'm not implying that they can reach the Father, only that they believe in the same omnibenelovent, omniscient, and omnipotent God, although they don't know about the rest of the attributes that we know and believe in.

Those of you that think Christianity and Islam are equatable in any way do not know Islam.

I recommend watching videos by David Wood. A brother in Christ that crashes Islam with no survivors.

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It's like you guys don't even know how many pagan holidays were incorporated into Christianity.

It's like you don't even know Chef Boyardee's original name was spelt "Boiardi."

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We must honor and acknowledge Christ in order to honor the Father through worship as they are both persons of the Trinity. To deny any part of the Trinity – whether Christ, the Holy Spirit, or that God is one – means that one does not believe in God, as God has revealed Himself as the Trinity to men.
And, more clearly in 2 John,
>Whoever transgresses and does not abide in the doctrine of Christ does not have God.
Now, someone who lives his entire life in a state of ignorance regarding the Triune nature of God/the Incarnation will be judged according to natural law, but that is a rare case. Nowadays, a practicing Muslim that is aware of Christian doctrine and denies it does not worship, know, or honor God.

There's only one Abrahamic religion and that's Christianity. Judaism and Islam are pretenders to the throne. They are not the legitimate heirs of Abraham and they never will be.

Was getting people to post David Wood videos a part of your plan?

Of course!

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Beat it man. They worship the same God that created Adam and Eve, spoke to Abraham, took the Jews out of Egypt, and brought David to his throne. Just because they don't know and can't honour God doesn't mean that they worship the moon. Not defending Muslims or anything, but just warning you about bearing false witness.

The symbol of Moloch is the OWL not the Bull.

Such as?
Pfth… You larpagans and your outlandish claims are truly retarded.

No, they think they worship God, but because they deny Christ their worship does not reach him.
But they don't. John 1:3 says that all things were created through Christ. By denying Christ they deny the creator of Adam and Eve.

You either worship the trinitarian God of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit or you (knowingly or unknowlingly) worship Satan. I thought this was basic enough for even a baby in the faith to understand?

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ok I guess we have a different God then

Nope. Church just synchronized dates of celebration with fagan dates to overshadow them.Or are you one of those retards that thinks that Christmas trees makes Christmas fagan?

doesn't matter as long as its directed to the one God.


That is completely made up. The owl was a symbol of Lilith; Moloch was just another name for Baal, who was nearly always associated with bullocks or oxen.

This. I hate this fake term "Abrahamic religions." There is only one. Mohammad has no connection whatsoever to Abraham, and kikes worship themselves/satan/moloch/money.

user, we disagree with you and have supported our position with unambiguous bits of Scripture. You won't last very long on this board if you're going to start claiming people are committing false witness when they don't support your perspective. Besides, I have yet to see you back up your view with anything besides your own assertions.

Bu-u-u-ut muslins and christians are so alike! Why dont they get along?
Really causes one to ponder.

Christmas – Well .. lol..
Easter -Easter comes from a pagan figure called Eastre (or Eostre)
Resurrection - The Resurrection of Assur (Egypt)
Valentines Day – IE: Cupid's Day
St. Patric's Day – Hmm that dude looks just like a 2000 year historical giant Leprechaun. Lucky clovers anyone?

These are all Zeitgesit bullshit lies, and you should be ashamed not only for falling for them but for spreading them as well.
Ackshully It's spelled oyster, and basically you are began:-DD

Egyptian Mythology influences
According to Egyptian myth, the god 'Horus' is said to have been born of virgin birth, have 12 disciples, walked on water, was killed and later resurrected - a fable very similar to that of Jesus Christ. (Source: Religulous (2008))

Resurrection was a commonly believed aspect of ancient Egyptian mythology with Osiris too supposedly being resurrected 3 days after death.

Greco-Roman influences
The symbolic significance of wine which is important both in Christianity and in Greek mythology surrounding Dionysus (Bacchus in Roman myth). Dionysus too was ripped to pieces before being put back together (or resurrected) by his grandmother Rhea. Dionysus also created wine (like Jesus did, from water). In fact, the Dionysian cult was perhaps a major monotheistic cult that could have evolved into the monotheism of the Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam). There are also similarities between Mithras' life and Jesus Christ's life and Mithraism in Christianity.

The flood myth - every culture and every god pre-Christianity everywhere had this story.

And then, there is the Torah, the work of the Jews, whom, Christian's take for their own religion.

Easter…that's the English name.

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You do know that the Othodox Church celibates the birth of Christ on January 6th? The most Christian nation maybe in existence–nowadays (Russia) doesn't even agree with the Catholics on the birth of Jesus.

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God is Jesus, denying Jesus is denying God.
Yee blasphemers, repent for denial of Jesus is the Denial of God.

You failed in your mission to serve Abraham. You either repent and accept Jesus as you Lord and Savior or yee shall be denied salvation.

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Isn't Jesus the son of God, I mean, I get the trinity thing but you seem to forget the old-man?

that's more of a calendar issue than a date issue.

whatever it is, it's yet another division in the monothestic Abramhamic religion that is as fractured from it's stem going backwards into history like the roots of a tree and springs into the distance past like branches of a tree. There is no end to it.

Horus did not have 12 disciples.
His mother was not a virgin.
There is no permanent resurrection story of Horus. READ THE POST.

No, no, you're completely misunderstanding it. We agree completely on the date of December 25th, it's just that the traditional Orthodox calendar runs late because it uses the Julian calendar – and even then, much of the Orthodox church uses the Gregorian (new) calendar nowadays anyways. Arguing that it's any sort of division is absurd because it's entirely superficial.

Yes he is. The point is, you cannot deny Jesus because doing so is denying God.
(Which j*os and m*slims do frequently)

Ill pray for you blasphemers, hopefully one day you will see the light.

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That's Assyria.
English peasant enslaved by irish pirates.

That's not the issue here. Reaching or not reaching, it's directed to that particular God.

No, all your evidence supports the fact that muslims don't understand God, not that they worship the different God. And I don't think that all muslims deny the Son, denial takes full awareness of the truth. Even if the fathers of Islam denied Christ, doesn't mean that all their followers know what they're doing. I don't want to assume that I know what other people are thinking.

I hope so too.
It's late here, good night.

btw, nice digits

This is actually a fair point and I agree with you. We have to trust in God's mercy on those in Islamic parts of the world that will never have the opportunity to become Christian in their lives.


this is a troll image right?

God as King, monotheism, literally is passed down from Pharaohs to Jewish tradition, into Christianity and Islam.

Did you think the Jews lived in captivity for thousands of years without to a heavy extent adopting their culture and thought?

You're making it too obvious.

we wuz kangs

Are you a Christian troll? Or unable to refute the facts in any other way and therefore simply going to the lowest level of human nature possible?

Exactly what I wanted to post kek

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Read your Bible. It comes from a shared cultural memory of the prophecy given in Genesis 3:15.
The Messiah would be born of the "seed" of a woman. The Messiah would successfully defeat Satan. The Messiah would suffer when redeeming man to God.
Knowing this prophecy, many imposter religions set up their own messiahs, like Pharaoh, or Nimrod of Babel.

Torah says Jews are the chosen people.
Bible says Jesus is the Son of God.
Koran says Mohamed is the final prophet.

Every single religion every makes similar claims, a Christian asking me to read the bible for proof of Christian's claims is no stronger than a Muslim asking me to read the Koran to be told that Jesus was just a good guy.

However, what I have actually read is a lot of myths from ancient Asia, Egypt, Mesopotamia and Greece that predate Christianity and attribute all of the miracles and splendor found in the Bible to their own traditions and and Gods and just going by chronology alone, they have the leg up for legitimacy if you believed that (a) any of it ever happened and (b) it was a divine act. (As opposed to say allegory).

So you won't read it. Lazy.

I love the wrap up starting 4:19, it sums up so many atheists/PaganLARPers

Please give examples and cite exact ancient texts that contain them. I assume one of them is going to be the ebin Gilgamesh meme.

go back into this thread I gave a decent amount of examples.
creation of the "world"
chosen people
inheritors of the Earth

all stories from earlier times, the bible has no "revelations" (pun totally intended)

I have read a great deal, just not front to back, nor will I ever, bearing I don't end up in jail with 10 years to kill.

What makes you think that the other texts didn't copy the story from the true narrative? And what sort of stubborn person finds countless accounts of a global flood and comes to the conclusion that it didn't happen?

Because those texts are older. There is no debate on this point. Therefore they didn't copy from the Bible.
I didn't say the global flood didn't happen. I would only say that it wasn't an act of God, especially a god that was not revealed until after that act occurred.

Love the link
Problem averted

Islam started around 610 AD, it's a huge misconception people have thinking Islam started much earlier, even before Jesus Christ. If anything, Islam and Mormonism have more in common with each other, they both had a (false) prophet out in the wilderness having visions, they both promote polygamy, they both have similar belief systems, etc. If you're going to claim Islam is an Abrahamic religion, then you need to claim the same thing for Mormonism as well.

That said, many of Ishmael's descendants are Muslim, which many confuse thinking Islam is an "Abrahamic religion." But if you really were Abraham's descendants in the Spirit you'd be followers of Jesus Christ.

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Video about Islam and Mormons:
A Latter Day Re-Gift

ironic since islamic prayers are aimed at a pagan stone in saudi arabia, and not God, who is everywhere in all directions and above all directions. Goofy.

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tries to discredit Islam,
forgets about the Jews.
wew lad

forgive me, you made a solid attempt (3/10) to discredit Jews, but it's just like your opinion man.

You'd be hard pressed to find ten people with the same idea of God. You're comparing apples and potatoes. "But hey, they both need sun so their like the same thing, right?"

Jesus is also cited, saying he and his mother are not deities while in the cradle.

Do you know what a fanfic is?

Also, as user said, there is nothing Abrahamic about jews, they are pharisees, they spit on the God of Abraham.

No, and it's God.
You believe that because you're an inbred retard aka "muslim".
Christianity is THE Abrahamic faith, Islam is made-up. Christians understand that love is the answer to social problems, muslims think violence and deception is. God is against pedophilia and incest; muslim "god" is pro pedophilia and incest.

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Incorrect. Of course, the Absolute is One, but beyond this most basic of metaphysical premises there is nothing in common between the Christian God and the Islamic God.
This is a very serious claim, and it demands evidence. Unfortunately for you the historical record does not support this outlandish conspiracy theory. The Church Fathers, while indeed antipagan, worked tirelessly to comprehend the pagan worldview and especially the pagan philosophers, hence the works of Aristotle, Plato and others being preserved by devout churchmen, as well as that of pagan artists, playwrights and poets. Christianity, by its interest in nonviolence, has at its best always sought to comprehend and synthesise, not manipulate and destroy.
Incorrect. Saints are brothers and sisters in Christ who are asked for help in exactly the same way we ask our living friends for help. The difference is that saints are in Heaven, so they have a more intense mode of praying to God for us.
Incorrect. Islam began with the delusions of an ashamed epileptic who, instead of seeking healing, sought power by interpreting his condition as prophethood. Muhammad was deeply ignorant of both Christianity and Judaism, hence his claim to "complete" or "correct" those traditions is utterly nonsensical and demonstrates his lack of wisdom.
The Qur'an has been the same for at least over a millennium, so it cannot "become" something it was not before. The only things which have changed in recent history are interpretive tradition and geopolitics.


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Lousy meme. Christianity is of Christ, not of Abraham. The Law of Moses was swallowed up in Christ's Atonement, and the Higher Laws were set forth for the Juden to follow (who rejected it) and then the Gentile.

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I love all the ethnocentrism in the last few posts.

Pointing out the evils of j*os and mudslimes =/= ethnocentrism.

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cult of saints and martyrs always was part of christian faith and life of church

Islam is based full on old arab pogan cults
what is Mecca, what is alKaaba?
its not "islamic" at all.

kek, it's real

I really need to read the Quran once, to get to the depth of these Satan worshippers. Man, I hate muslims so much.

Problem is the following : if the definition of Allah, is that he is absolutely one, transcendent, etc. I hardly see how he can be the devil at the same time. So how can possibly a Muslim end to the logical conclusion that he is adoring Satan ? Even more, if you judge a tree to its fruits, how can he even embrace Christianity when looking to western countries ? And whatever you may say, atheism, agnosticism, etc. were all born in christian countries, not in Muslim territories.

tldr : Muslims conception of God, is metaphysically truer than Luther's one. :S

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I didn't read your post, but I understand you're trying to be witty by posting a reaction image… and clearly that reaction image is a still from a media content with adult overtones. In short, it is inappropriate. So I've brought this up to the appropriate authorities and sage.

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There was another battle also in Geth, in which there was a man of great stature, whose fingers and toes were four and twenty, six on each hand and foot: who also was born of the stock of Rapha. (1 Chronicles 20:6 DRA)

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Maybe if you'd stop watching porn, you wouldn't know from where that image originated. Just sayin'.