Brit/pol/ #2143: Who Cares At This Point Edition

Recruitment consultant is sacked for telling lorry driver he cannot get interview for job eight miles from his home because he is British

US Army drops grenade throwing as a requirement to graduate because new recruits can't throw far enough

Ukip edged towards bankruptcy by judge's decision on legal costs

China reassigns 60,000 soldiers to plant trees in bid to fight pollution least i didn't pay for it, eh lads?

Shit edition


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Yeah, that's my position too.


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Are there any comfy streams tonight?

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Errrr what happened to the other thread?

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Whatever mod/mods that were deleting threads needs to fuck off tbh lads

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how long until half-term is over and the faggots leave?

Yeah just leave about 4 new threads up. It's a write off anyway tbh.

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im getting paranoid after all that autism

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It's happening again now

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That Iceland lad looks like a pound shop Ben Shapiro tbh

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What a fucking mess, what have we done to deserve these supreme autists.

Looking forward to next week now.

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Just makes me want to piss all over the toilet seat.

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Couldn't stomach QT tonight might iplayer it just for the Nige reveal.

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That pic really puts the Nig in are Nige

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not sure how I feel about this

They've been talking about Jahan since at least 2016.


only just started listening to them tbh

They're a good bunch, but I got bored.

half of the alt right's vocabulary are Zig Forums memis so it's no surprise they took jahans from us

I like him tbh

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All he had was opinion.

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That pic does not fit the post tbh


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*blocks your path*

lovely little locomotives

Reports you for being an eceleb

where is the next QT with Nige?

ecelebs get the gas first tbh


Should be an interesting crowd then

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I can just take my flag off

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Anyone else wear the same clothes 3 days in a row and sleep in them?

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Got the sniffles lads
What do?

who nose?

tbh I don't know why people don't just post miniature steam trains all the time

They are gorgeous

Going to be the first decent QT worth watching in a good while.

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Why does Steiner watch this stuff?

Keijo is an honorable sport!
Death to those who defame the nobility of Keijo!

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REMINDER: Raheem makes his own videos

Yeah, I really must go and visit that line some time soon.

Based Kebab

/our paki/

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did his PR work achieve anything for UKIP?

KEK based civics lel

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Lad we need to put that crazed yank down

next week or Blackpool?

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He drinks, he smokes, he laughs at racist jokes
Team Raheem! Team Raheem!

Salam Alecum Lad

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I'm unsure myself now.

The fact that there's so much hero-worship of certain politicians and media personalities goes to show the sheer extent that idolatory and secularism has penetrated British society.

It's pathetic how many people on Zig Forums will genuinely leap to the defence of Peter Hitchens (see previous thread) or Jacob Rees-Mogg etc. and treat these men as infallible Gods.

He's just keeping British traditions alive

The tradition of being a thieving swarthy foreign interloper

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He single handedly carried Nigel's bags won us the referendum and reinstated Churchill's bust.

I do. Not consistently though.

yeah, just to the steam room…

You're right, only Mosley, Tolkien, and King Arthur deserve such defenses.

Saint Arthur, Tolkien, and Mosley when?

Let's try to avoid the fate of Sweden shall we

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Wish someone would permaban you, you cunt. You're the one with turbo autism. You make over 50 posts of pure exactly the same bullshit every fucking thread. Go and get a fucking job if anyone will employ you, you boring cunt. If not, consider just fucking off anyway or just killing yourself. Cunts like you are the reason we've had about 15 threads since Monday. Cunt. If you want to witter away like a bird sod off to bumsnet. Cunt
Hope I've made myself clear. Cunt

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Christianity is the highest form of Hero worship.


We do?

ADL can link anyone to anyone

I don't think we do. We're critical.

Yeah, I had the same thought…

Hitchens used to be popular round here, until he came out in favour of miscegenation and was unceremoniously dumped

An entire memi brand was destroyed that day

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Sargon is such an insufferable cunt.

Post more comfy lotr pics lad.

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I remember when it happened.

Pure idolatory.

Christianity is not hero-worship. It's worship of God which is the opposite of idolatry.

I criticisied Hitchens in the last thread and people me to get out and go back to Reddit. Hitchens fanboys are idolators but Hitchens is just one of many who are treated like Gods when only Jesus is God.

Where did Hitchens discuss miscegenation though?

Interview with the pozzed Owens.


Praise the Emperor!


Hitchens is getting posted again because he shat on Jordan Peterson, who is an Idol, you thick cunt.

Well I'm all for the Cult of The Hero but I feel that we don't worship anyone here as there is no worthy champion we can rally behind.