Threat of hell is real for not being faithful to God, pope says

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lol nice try catholic IDF


Why didn't he mention immigration or gun control?

Try as you might, the ship is sunk and anyone with sense knows exactly why.

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18 And I detested all the fruits of my toil under the sun, because I must leave them to the one who is to come after me. 19 And who knows whether that one will be wise or a fool? Yet that one will take control of all the fruits of my toil and wisdom under the sun. This also is vanity. 20 So my heart turned to despair over all the fruits of my toil under the sun. 21 For here is one who has toiled with wisdom and knowledge and skill, and that one’s legacy must be left to another who has not toiled for it. This also is vanity and a great evil. 22 For what profit comes to mortals from all the toil and anxiety of heart with which they toil under the sun? 23 Every day sorrow and grief are their occupation; even at night their hearts are not at rest. This also is vanity.

24 [g]There is nothing better for mortals than to eat and drink and provide themselves with good things from their toil. Even this, I saw, is from the hand of God. 25 For who can eat or drink apart from God? 26 [h]For to the one who pleases God, he gives wisdom and knowledge and joy; but to the one who displeases, God gives the task of gathering possessions for the one who pleases God. This also is vanity and a chase after wind.

Ecclesiastes 2

Peter the Roman.

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He is saying similar things constantly, and has never publicly contradicted them. This isn't some isolated remark to appeal to traditionalists, but a quite normal and usual part of his teaching.

On the other hand, heresies of the "Hell doesn't exist", "sin doesn't exist" kind not only never appear in his teachings and are blatantly and completely contrary to everything he publicly says and teaches (I'm not exaggersting, if you want to see this, simply go to the Vatican website, pick 10 random speeches/messages/etc., read them and think how what he is saying could even
remotely agree with the multiple heresies that he supposedly so cheerfully and oppenly tells to Scalfari), but are found, and indeed in a high concentration, in a single source, an atheist journalist who has already admitted to how unreliable his "interviews" (in this case, there apparently wasn't even any interview, just a private meeting) are.

On the one hand, you have the whole collection of Francis', openly and publicly said or released by him, speeches, messages, documents, etc.

On the other hand, you have the extremely suspicious (as he already admitted), inconsistent interpretations of what he remembers (he doesn't make notes or use recording devices) to have been pope's words by one atheist journalist.

pls spoiler that next time

Sorry fam my bad.

Why does Francis keep meeting with this person if he supposedly keeps lying about what he says, and why hasn't the vatican explicitly stated that he didn't say hell wasn't real?


but that's not the current pope

this is

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The Pope's caught up in the pedo scandal being busted in America right now.

There's pictures of him with well known people that he shouldn't have any excuse for knowing.

I think the old pope was scared to resign for this one to get in and encourage gay and liberal thinking to get people to lose faith.

Now the pope's getting the call to push it further because of news scandals, they want people disenchanted with life and ready to not fight.

We just learned 1871 America became a company, people were a product, and now congress is passing an amendment that only natural citizens have rights.

It's a ploy to only allow those that own companies formed in America to have the right to bare arms, everyone else is a 3rd class citizen.

It's the final stage of Albert Pike's 1871 letter about how the next 150+ years were planned when he learned the civil war was scripted in the late 1700's by the Rothschilds.

I'm not against it, I think it's a several hundred year old plan to unite the world for a single cause nonviolently.

It's just human nature to revolt against something you know isn't your decision.


So how does that work? Is a Pope allowed to abdicate the Throne of St. Peter or is he truly Pope for life and the current Pope is an Anti-Pope?

So the title you used is false? He only said that a priest told him as a boy that perhaps eternal separation from God is possible? He himself never claimed that?

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It doesn't. Sedevacantism is cancer, user.

He says something heretical. Than he backpedals. Par for the course. The truth is he is doing his job. And that job is pushing away the faithful and new converts from Christ. His master is Satan. I hope some of the basilica falls on his head and crushes the old…(USER WAS WARNED FOR BREAKING RULE 2)

((((((Mods)))))) butthurt their false religion is exposed

When this Pope says you need faith he means you need faith in open borders and liberation sjw theology. Smooches_Hindu_Muslim_and_christian_feet.jpg

Anyone who builds walls around their nation or speaks ill of mass migration is a bad Christian to him

popes cannot retire tho

this tbh. they’re finally starting to lose control and it’s terrifying to them

Ultimately the role, power and length of the papacy is determined by the shadow handlers. The group that elected him in secret and runs things from behind the curtains.

Wowee. Mods on a spree today!


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And the Catholics of Modernity wonder why Trad Catholics call them heretics

Things have been going South since the inception of Vatican II.


I know, user. I know. Im tired of the heretics too. Sometimes, I ask myself

"why haven't you gathered an army of Trad Catholics and depsosed of the heretics and save God's Church?"

But I always 2nd guess myself wether or not if that is what Jesus would do. What if having the heretics in the Church was apart of God's grand scheme to the 2nd comming? What if us disposing the Pope and abolishing Vat 2 goes agianst God's grand scheme? What if NOT attacking the heretics goes agianst God's greater plans?

Its shit like this that keeps me up at night.

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I feel you user sometimes I feel like we're supposed to bring heaven's kingdom to Earth or something.

allahu akber

But why are people so willing to believe the latter rather than the former to such an insane degree?
I know there is the whole issue of "fake news" and people being to trusting of the media and all. But the lies that people are willing to believe about the Church are something else.
Could you imagine something like this happening to an organization other than the Catholic Church? There have been scandals before in secular organizations where there are lies and falsehoods, and people are willing to believe anything, but there is a limit. The amount and fantasical nature of the lies that people believe about the Church and the Holy Father is ridiculous to the point where the only explaination is that there is some supernatural force throwing a veil of ignorance over people's heads.
And it's only natural that the forces of evil attack the Church, being Christ's body and salvation itself. What worries me is how much damage these lies are doing. How many souls they are putting in jeopardy. Does Satan really have this much power? Where he can hurt the Church to this degree?

The SPLC doesn't like you guys so you're probably doing something right.

find a speech were he clearly say eternal hell exist and that there is people here then. Maybe don't take the latter part of the sentence if that's too hard for you.

The only thing you can do is act how Christ did. Remember we are Christian and the ends do NOT justify the means. Further, violence is ALWAYS out of the question (except for self-defense/defense of family yada yada).

Is that St John Paul II kissing the Quran ;_; I didnt have a problem until someone mentioned
Oh boy

He can retire, and isn't even the first pope to do this (e.g. Celestine V abdicated too).

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It's just an act of respect, John Paul II had the habit to kiss everything.

Why is he showing respect to a book that denies the divinity of Christ and considers Him just a man?

Besides the one in the OP, see e.g. the Pope's address at the prayer vigil
for the 19th "Memorial and Commitment Day"

still a prophet, because Islam is more than what it is nowadays with modern muslims.

I asked for the eternal part. But anyway this is not a question, the most important is the fact he recognize the fact a punishment await the unjust.

The Vatican did.

well bud, you’re sort of right actually. from prophecy we know that the armies of the anti christ will be lead by the evil bishops who have turned away from true doctrine

HAHAHAHA get the fuck out heretic

Because it's gift? Why did Son of God showed respect to Caesar who claimed to be God?

Also, this is what he siad about Islam

Whoever knows the Old and New Testaments, and then reads the Koran, clearly sees the process by which it completely reduces Divine Revelation. It is impossible not to note the movement away from what God said about Himself, first in the Old Testament through the Prophets, and then finally in the New Testament through His Son. In Islam all the richness of God's self-revelation, which constitutes the heritage of the Old and New Testaments, has definitely been set aside.

Some of the most beautiful names in the human language are given to the God of the Koran, but He is ultimately a God outside of the world, a God who is only Majesty, never Emmanuel, God-with-us. Islam is not a religion of redemption. There is no room for the Cross and the Resurrection. Jesus is mentioned, but only as a prophet who prepares for the last prophet, Muhammad. There is also mention of Mary, His Virgin Mother, but the tragedy of redemption is completely absent. For this reason not only the theology but also the anthropology of Islam is very distant from Christianity.

Nevertheless, the religiosity of Muslims deserves respect. It is impossible not to admire, for example, their fidelity to prayer. The image of believers in Allah who, without caring about time or place, fall to their knees and immerse themselves in prayer remains a model for all those who invoke the true God, in particular for those Christians who, having deserted their magnificent cathedrals, pray only a little or not at all.

Out of respect to the givers, probably. When you look at the circumstances of the event when this happened, much evil and unnecessary enmity would result if he didn't accept the gift, both immediately and later on.

You know how I know you're a heretic?

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While I liked some of the reasoning in the article, as usual the author falls for the “Judeo-Christian” lie. I have no hatred for the Jews, but Jewish reigion and rites are useless for if not against our own faith and rites.

I too am sick of capitulation to Jews and Muslims, but I am not about to become a protestant "schismatic" because of it.
When invading enemies try to take over your Church, you don't abandon the Church.
The entire diatribe of this debate is engineered by (((them))) and their secularist disciples.

And yet their devotion is genuine, more genuine than that of many Christians in the modern West. They want to obey God's will, and genuinely try to live according to it, even if in the end they don't know that what they think is God's will really isn't His will.

FTFY because Muslims don't follow God's will.

Matthew 10:33

This whole "Muslim god = God" is a meme. A bad one at that. Please stop spreading blasphemies.

This is completely true, but many do their best to find out what is God's will and want to obey it. In the end what they think is God's will isn't what in reality is God's will, but at least they genuinely try to find out what it is and to obey it when found, rather than treating what God wants of man as unimportant and unnecessary, as is the common attitude among the lukewarm, modern Christians. They are ignorant of the truth, but their ignorance is invincible and they really try their best to do what God wants them to, even if they are inculpably mistaken as to what it is.

I don't know the defense of this or its history, but it seems to have been the mainstream traditional position (see e.g. the Catholic Encyclopedia or the Catechism of Saint Pius X, both very reliable and orthodox works).

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Where is here any contradiction between what I and John Paul II said and Aquinas said?

Refer to the link about conscience I posted above.

Read whole thing cuz you act like Muhhamed.
It is impossible not to admire, for example, their fidelity to prayer.

They live in Christian countries, under Christian customs and morals, and still rape and murder. They know full well that what they're doing is wrong/sinful in Christianity, they just don't care.

Can Catholics stop doing this? Follow the rules or make your own style completely.

Lol most Muslims, at least in the US, dont buy into that radical lunatic nonsense.

Also dont get me wrong, not a western lib (and thus a cuck) but the Muslim community of devout religious is admirable as other user said. Wish we had that but since Christianity is better, itd be even better

Yeah this is true. Good point with Caesar.

Catholic here. Yes, please stop with these "icons"

The malevolent perversion of doctrine isn't a good enough reason for defense to you?
Christ, I swear some of you use the word of God as an excuse to avoid conflict.

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Should should I respect Varg for being zealous twords his false idols? Should I respect atheists for being zealously anti-Christians? Should we respect (((Laveyian Satanists))) for zealously worshiping themselves?

No, we shouldn't. See pic related

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then he needs to re read the manual

Galatians 1:8,9
But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.
As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.

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Those examples are not adequate. For Muslims in contrary to all groups mentioned believe in one God. They believe wrong of course, but at least they belive in God. Have you not read Acts 17? Have you not read Romans 1? Is concept of natural religion foregin to you?
If you want to use adequate exemple, use the only possible one - jewish one. And about zeal of Jews I will quote somene that we all know - Christ:
For I tell you, that unless your justice abound more than that of the scribes and Pharisees, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

And who speaks about Tolerance here? Not me, nor JPII.

Do not claim Icons as eastern alone for it's sad lie. And this Icon was made by Melkite Greeks

And when did JPII "preached", "listened to" or "recived" Quran as truthful? Do I have to remind you what Paul did himself? Listen to him:
For in him we live, and move, and are; as some also of your own poets said: For we are also his offspring.
He quotes two poets. First Epimenides and then Aratus. But they did not written about our God, nay, even distorded montheistic God. They wrote about Zeus, idol of gold. Do Paul too have to "re read the manual" which he himself wrote? Or maybe you have to stop acting as judge of human minds?

>Should should I respect Varg for being zealous twords his false idols? Should I respect atheists for being zealously anti-Christians? Should we respect (((Laveyian Satanists))) for zealously worshiping themselves?

What we should respect is zeal to do good and zeal to obey God.

They dont believe in God though, if they did they would accept Jesus as their Lord and not be filthy Muslims!

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So, hypothetically, if the Pope were to visit an enclave of Satanists and they handed him some occult manuscripts, he would be justified in kissing them?
Or any other heathen religion for that matter.

Oh gee willikers gosh golly wow.
So if my devotion is more genuine than many Christians, that validates my beliefs and can get popes to kiss my feet and books?
Right on! Praise be to the Aeons!

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You guys ever get sick of making up convoluted excuses for your popes? I'm going to be honest, I can't help but read Catholic posts in a woman's voice because it's always effeminate and pretentious. What the hell are you on about? The scripture is very simple, if any man comes to you with another gospel let him be accursed. Those Muslims physically gave the pope another gospel. It's physically in his hands and is he warning these Muzzies they're following a false god? Does he say "thanks, but I already got the real one" Nope, "look at me I'm so tolerant and progressive SMOOOOCH!"

No, it means that your devotion is genuine and it's good that you are trying your best to do what God wants. Again, refer to the quote above:

Now please answer this question: is it bad that the Muslims want to obey God? Don't spin the question, e.g. by saying they, in the end, don't obey God's real commands, because this is not what the question is about. Answer precisely this, only this, question: is it wrong that they want to obey God and genuinely try to do it?

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Knowing who God is is just as, if not more, important than wanting to obey Him.
How can you claim to obey someone you don't know? Especially since this implies that you don't know what they want.
The path to Hell is paved with good intentions, user.

Maybe (I don't think I would agree though - Judas and Satan both knew very well who God is). Either way, you didn't answer the question. You answered the question: is it more important to know who God is or to want to obey Him?

I, on the other hand, asked the question: is it wrong that they want to obey God and genuinely try to do it?

Going by this logic, no atheist ever tries to refute God's existence, because they don't believe in Him and so don't know God, and no one can try to rationally refute something they don't have any understanding nd knowledge of. Muslims do recognise God, whether they have the proper knowledge of Him is another matter, but they certainly have some at least rudimentary knowledge, at least in the same way that atheists who try to disprove God's existence do.

Have you never been faced with a moral dilemma, where you are faced with two choices and don't know which of these is the right one? If you are a good Christian, in such a situation you would try to do what God wants, even if you don't at the moment know which option is the correct one, i.e. the one He wants. And so you are in a situation where you want to obey God's will, but don't know what it is as regards your situation. Indeed - even if you apply all your knowledge and thought into trying to find out which way is the good, moral one, you still aren't guaranteed to arrive at the right answer. Perhaps you will, through no fault of their own, make some mistake in the reasoning and choose the way that is in fact wrong, thinking that you of the two options you did the right thing. Even in this case your will to obey God deserves respect.

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Pity them for they unwittingly serve satan. They fells for the lies of a false prophet. That doesn't mean we as Christanons have to tolerate their lies.

>People of the Book, do not go to excess in your religion, and do not say anything about God except the truth: the Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, was nothing more than a messenger of God, His word, directed to Mary, a spirit from Him. So believe in God and His messengers and do not speak of a 'Trinity'—stop, that is better for you—God is only one God, He is far above having a son, everything in the heavens and earth belongs to Him and He is the best one to trust.
>Qur'an, sura 4 (An-Nisa), ayat 171[3]

Allowing them to spread their lies is counter productive to our mission as Christians to save the souls of man.

Spreading lies that Islamic moon god is equal in any way shape or form to the one true God goes agianst the commands from Jesus Himself. We shall pray for them, but also never fall for their false modernist lies of equality


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Jews believed in God too and they denied Jesus.

Listen here you little heretic.
And if you acusse one saint accuse another! Accuse Saint Paul for he tells that poems about ZEUS are PROPHETIC! DO NOT BE HYPOCRITE, at least today.

Re-read this

"In persecutione extrema S.R.E. sedebit."
Note this is not part of the list, which makes the following not necessarily a pope.

"Petrus Romanus, qui pascet oves in multis tribulationibus, quibus transactis civitas septicollis diruetur, & judex tremendus judicabit populum suum. Finis."

Who was the successor of Benedict? As when the Pope dies, the camerlengo takes care of activities.
The camerlengo was Tarcisio PIETRO Bertone born in ROMANO Canavese.

Now, what if Francis' election is not from the Holy Spirit?
Or, is Bertone too old to lead an opposition to the "kinda heretical" pope?

Interesting times, indeed.

the book literally showed that Jesus is more powerful than mohammed or to any prophet before Him. According to the Quran, Jesus even made life out of clay which is the same book that's telling that only God can create life. Talk about mohammed's lack of proofreading

Pope Francis will either be removed from office, or he will step down like his predecessor did. The successor will be the real Petreus Romanus.

Let me get this straight. So this is how this works, the Vatican can power up anyone they want to "Saint" conveniently that's their own popes, and there's nothing as sincere as an institution rewarding itself, therefore JP2 no matter what he does I must consider on par with the apostle Paul and beyond reproach despite the Bible saying God is no respecter of persons? So we got this giant rich powerful blatantly political organization writing religious blank checks to itself. Funny that reminds me of a few people in the early parts of the New Testament. They said something like "his blood be upon us" and Jesus yelled at them allot for teaching for doctrine the commandments of men.

Happy Easter

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They consider him as a prophet, but they still deny His Divinity. Which is ultimately what matters.

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Great, but these are your answers to the following questions: how are we to treat Muslims, what their doctrine is, and whether we have to tolerate their lies.

You still haven't replied to the quite simple question: is it wrong that they want to obey God and genuinely try to do it?

so much pride in a single man, and I am not talking about the Pope, but you.

You should follow that up with "I'll pray for you" as a passive aggressive insult.

I did answer it. They reject God. They can't claim to follow His will when they openly reject Him.

We stop bombing them and let them go back to their country so they can make more oil for the world. Evangelize when nesscary.

What we DON'T do is allow them to spread their Taquiyya (pic related) into Christian countries. Tolerance of their satanic blasphemes should NOT be a virtue for any Christian.

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All you Protestants getting played by the satanic media are really thick.

Get this: the media does not like Catholics. The media is knowingly twisting every single phrase the Pontiff says, on purpose, effectively creating a false idea of who the Pope is to push their agenda.

How did this thread devolve into a shitfight about Zig Forums's read on what a "real Christian" should do? That's more depressing that thinking the Pope's an annihilationist.

We had a thread on annihilationism. I posted in this thread a link to it. The mods deleted my post.

The state of this board makes me very, very sad now.

Or on contrary, this is part of the list that says that in time of persecution (for it is prophesied that before End times there will be last one persecution of the Church and then its Triumph, the sixth age) Roman Cathedra will exist and will be occupied in contrary to what some heretics say.

No. There are procedures that among other things absolutely requires first class miracles.

Media does not like any Christians unless it helps to earn them money or fits thier current narrative. RCC isn't special in that aspect.
Half the time the media does not know what Christianity is. Case in point a real news story that had to make a correction because it said this sentence about Easter- "the day celebrating the idea that Jesus did not die and go to hell or purgatory or anywhere at all, but rather arose into heaven."