Brit/pol/ #2144: WE Edition

Poll: 48% support compulsory military service, 36% oppose

Reintroduce national service to get the crops in

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Does anyone have OC based on these photos?

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They've no substance

pic related

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Fucking yanks.

good lad

Pics related

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not surprised

apparently it's because one of the people involved in the film was from wales


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Based jews


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Is /lippe/ a polak or agire board?

Is Lippe supposed to be a politics board?
Krauts ruin everything they touch, even if they made it themselves.
I think they find it funny or something.

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lmao sore losers never stop being funny

*listens to stacey q for 3 hrs because someone posted it*

Thank you!

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that's a carrot lad.

Wonder what foreigners think when they see our banners rofl.

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the ones here (and on lippe) are pretty good
t. foreigner

no hwicce, we've gone over this lad it's not local enough



what could've been

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one day lad

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ill make a new one after my workout

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have an enjoyable map

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reeee i need my fish and chips LOCAL

muh doggerland

truly no grater crime

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The Brand/Peterson interview was actually good

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yorkshire (aka Jorvikshire) is a viking memi

but yorkshire is based dont get me wrong

woggerland morelike

what did they mean by this?

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high king of coel hen not homosexual mercian ok thankyou

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Danes are Germany's real enemy.

Dat landbridge tho

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I think the krauts pretty much hate (and are hated by) every one of their neighbouring countries, except for the Netherlands maybe.
Also, why do danes want to be us so bad?

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the danes are good lads tbh

we wuz danes n sheeit

Tbh, they do nice truffles

I like the dutch truffles more

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they couldn't have made the cross symmetrical and with the buckle in the centre?

peter hitchens

Lel good lad

Can suck my left one



The Prussians invading the Danes is what pushed the British Royal Family over the edge and in to complete utter hated of Germany coming to a head in 1914 tbh

National Autists

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aaaaahhhhh they've got to be deliberately doing this because of all the people I see IRL not even 1% of them are trannies. I've only seen 2 in person EVER.

why do that peter?

Hes blocked me tbf

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IIRC it was some dispute after some danish politician said they want to annex one of Germany's northern regions.
Glad we don't have land borders with anyone, tbf.

Not surprised you degenerate filth


Tbh they don't look as hardened or serious as our guards regiments, look at the facial expressions and the small inconsistencies in their stances

You are assuming quite a bit mate
I genuinely am not a degenerate
But you wouldn't care to hear so I guess its a moot point

Druids tbf

only joking lad wew

1864 is a really good historical military drama if you're interested in the Prussian-Danish wars.

That shit goes way back.


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the autism of krauts in the 19th century really pisses me off

Tbf I

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Sorry lad our traitorous government filled us up with migrants and we can't make them leave. Nationalism just isn't a possibility.

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War is inevitable

95% of people who praise Churchill he'd have whipped by the constabulary for degeneracy or deported for not being white enough.

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just another made up country like wakanda

Nought SPLENDID about that tbh

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but like, what if?hmm? what if

Its not gay if the balls don't touch


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tbh if williamson is backing the corbyn story it is true, he has dirt on everyone

How would puppies live in your ethnostate? huehuehuhe

but like, that was a long time ago, so like, it doesnt really matter


>"umm we shouldn't rush to conclusions"

Hang them all tbh

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Resistance is futile, you will be bro-similated

allow me

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