Post things that trigger you about your church ITT

post things that trigger you about your church ITT.

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It's… Naked. I mean, it have nice altar with great painting of Christ's heart, nice stained glass, two nice icons but except for that it just bare walls. Compared to older church in the town it looks almost protestant. Oh, and one of priests have some sort of acccent/speaking problem so it's hard to understand him sometimes.

The Kiss of Peace.

I really hate what this gesture of Christ's love has become.

that bugs me to fam. Shake the hands of the people near you and maybe the people behind and in front of you. Womanlet hands creep me out

My Church plays contemporary music and I hate it. I want to go to a more traditional Church but my father wants our whole family to be together on Sunday

Clapping and guitars. I'd like to attend a mass with an organ, but don't know how to find one.


Its even worse when the owner tries to ignore it, or tries to silence it without trying to leave the sanctuary if they can't stop it right away.

But seriously, try finding the older churches and one of them might have one. That being said, the newest church in my hometown has one, so just pop in and see if theres one present.

The group of teens who are always talking / joking around whilst waiting in line to receive Communion

I don't even think they've been Confirmed yet

Mostly the homilies. If it’s not something about refugees and tolerance it’s something generic I could bs in two minutes like “Embrace Christ and become one with God.” I get that it’s hard to be original every mass but I miss the younger priest who used to make more relatable homilies about how to live like Christ in our immediate personal lives instead of some copypasta rhetoric and stuff about embracing people from across the world who hate me and might kill me just for being white or Christian.

I feel like I should be more embarrassed, but I'd never done it before. Maybe God wanted me to show the other newly baptized what not to do.

I get my priest loves his tech stuff but really it would be nice if everyone could participate without having to read from a screen

Eucharistic ministers. Altar girls.
No communion rail, just one kneeler off to the side inconveniently.


No big boobied traditionalist gfs

Time to take the Latin mass pill. I took it after my local church priest would bring up praying for a good football game and other jokes during homilies and at the end of mass. Mass was also very short. Of course when I was younger I enjoyed it, but now I see the error in my youth.

The most annoying thing about most churches is that children crying is seen as a problem. You should really be trying to get more young families and more children in your church. The sound of crying children is the future, it is the sound of families being together. You know what Orthodox priests do when children cry during a service? They speak louder, they sing louder. Parents who leave the church to take their crying kids outside are looked down upon.

just leave. that's despicable behavior on his part

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You know their boobs get bigger when you impregnate them, right?
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You are right. My vexation clouded my mind, I did not think of it that way.

You shouldn't feel embarrassed.

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Also this may be Zig Forums but Spanish masses
FFS mexicans I dont go to mexico city and demand they shift the language of the mass for me. Learn fucking english

It'd be one thing if he was reading prayers but I caught a glimpse once and he was writing emails.

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There's one girl I see going to the latin mass every single Sunday; she's always out and about around the parish helping the clergy and making herself useful. I don't think she wears makeup at all; her long blonde hair (goes down to her knees, almost) and veil are absolutely beautiful. I only saw her wearing more casual clothing once in ~8 months and she was still a qt

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Reading this thread is like a grocery list of stereotypical "le western libruhl influence" rather than genuine complaints. I'm not calling anyone a liar, but this many memes is suspect.

As for my church, my biggest complaint is lack of attendance. There's generally about 40 people, but I'd like to see more.


This also.

But I genuinely hate what the liberal influence has done to the church. Don't just dismiss my opinion for thoughtcrimes.

So, you'd rather everyone in your church be 100% perfect as soon as they enter the door?

The Church is a hospital, and not a courtroom, for souls. She does not condemn on behalf of sins, but grants remission of sins.

The way they drag out the stupid P&W songs. Instead of playing 7 or 8 short songs, they play 4 or 5 songs they stretch out to 30 or 40 minutes. OK, guys, I don't need to hear that chorus a dozen more times.

All these. I like my church but am bothered by these things.

If a hospital uses flawed equipment, how can they save people?

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. Matt 18:20

Because God is the doctor, and even with flawed instruments, nothing is impossible

Both true. That said, there's no reason we shouldn't strive to do His will and provide the best equipment, and we should definitely step in when false doctors try to perform surgery.

Well, next time you go to church and see a thot in a thong twerking up the aisle to get communion in the hand from a lesbian priest, be sure to point it out.

If you say nothing then and there, then you approve of the flawed instrument. Silence is compliance.




I like my church, but what I hate is myself ,not being able to communicate with old people after mass. I run out of things to say… Asking what church was like in their time and what their work was is getting old. They're nice though, God bless them and protect them.
There are also no young people, everyone is old, so I just assume that God wants me to serve him without me corrupting my body.
Sometimes there are gypsies in front of my church, trying to scam people into giving them money (like fake praying to God etc.)
Off my chest it goes

Worst things at my Orthodox church are probably raising hands during prayers, and no one veils their hair except a couple older ladies.

They don't even do this at my church, everyone just sings.

Liturgy attendance isn't that bad at mine, but barely anyone attends vespers or orthros, not to even mention weekday services for Lent.

Vicar starts banging on about Trump or whatever was on the guardian front page when I live in an english town with a depressed economy

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If you want to know how God feels about money, just look at who he gives it to.

That the Baptist church I go to is Calvinist

Unfortunately, organists are a bit of a rare breed these days. I think a lot of churches would like to have them, though. For one thing, you only have to pay one person to play music rather than however many are in the "worship band." As someone who plays, it's my hope to get a job at daily Mass after graduation. Good little bit of extra money and feel like I'm giving back my talents. The people who actually go to daily Mass probably prefer organs to guitars anyway.

When the homily doesn't have anything to do with the readings. Cutting the Nunc Dimittis after Communion for the sake of time. Also, really small one, but when the celebrant doesn't turn to the right to face the congregation (or to the left to face back towards the altar). Really small and stupid, but it bothers me. It's the little things sometimes.

Why don't they do this before or after the service.


Why such blatant disregard for the priests authority and intelligence and proper procedure. I told her the priest knew I wasn't baptized and we asked and it was fine, but man there's a lot of this attitude especially among the women at church.

Being one of the few people not mumbling the hymns is disappointing. I don't understand why people are afraid of singing. Nobody cares if you're slightly out of tune – you'll git gud.

Used to go to church with a guy who couldn't sing a note to save his life, but he belted out hymns like his life depended on it. His passion for singing to the Lord was inspiring.

Tone deaf here. I'll never be good. I sing anyway. My father makes fun of me for it. :^)

I have one more specific to my church. Only priest is very old and slow. He gives communion to the right side of the church, so that is where I sit. Sometimes if I sit toward the back, I am forced to take communion from the "Eucharistic Minister" instead. I strongly dislike this.

Agreed on the first two, but…

Dude, it's not a Mass without some kids crying in the background. You can't expect 2 year olds to understand they need to be reverential, and no crying probably means there's nobody under 60 in the place.

I wish there were kids crying at my church. Seems I'm the youngest person there every week. Well, there is one regularly attendee that is younger than me, but that's it. Even sadder is that I'm mid-30s.

Why don't you do something about it, grandpa?
t.18 year old doing exactly the same thing

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This is the funniest one I've yet read

dude, I hope this was trolling at its best

Oh, no, wait …

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Get out of there

Yeah, i don't enter churches that wave rainbows, it's just something that triggers me.

I think the cannon law explanation on this is washing of feet and ashes on ash Wednesday are sacramentals not sacraments so even pagans could get them

REEEEEEEEEEEEE you Gen Z faggots what happened to email or group texts why must I create yet another social media profile

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It's still better than those churches with the winnie the pooh projectors, and the big speakers, that are built like a mall, and that try to have cringy "youth ministry".

Absolutely Sodom

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You can stand even if there are pews, no problem for your prayer, if you do prefer standing up for hours.

In the old days nobody live long enough to ever need the pews.

Never go to these types of churches but it's annoying people will pervert the values of the church just for public approval

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My church has plenty of people below 60, but all the kids at the moment are at least 4 so no crying

Make babies! This is my plan, I hope my kids are loud. But not too loud, and hopefully mostly doing cute things. When I was chrismated last week, the nephew of a fellow catechumen yelled out "sealed!" about 5 seconds after everyone else had already said it. It was marvelous.

Loled at this one.

Stand on top of pew, problem solved.


El orgro de Americas…

This just about killed me

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