Brit/pol/ #2145: Plans for Nigel edition

==Theresa May warns EU not to block post-Brexit security deal'''

Oxfam scandal: Charity to stop bidding for Government funding
Penny Mordaunt makes the announcement and says "hundreds of good, brave and compassionate" Oxfam workers had been let down.

UKIP leader Henry Bolton: Scrutiny of my personal life like Diana
There's probably been nothing like that since the Profumo affair or Diana and Dodi al Fayed," Henry Bolton tells Sky News.

It may be too late to save UKIP, former leader Nigel Farage says
The party is facing a crunch meeting on Saturday when members will decide whether to back or sack current leader Henry Bolton.

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goodlad, great song

Good lad

I love her lads

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Good lad.

she looks like her face is impacted, lad

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radical slopestyle action

whoa that is some extremely bodacious bread and circuses amicus

lad you watch japanese cartoon child pornography are you sure you want to have a go at me for watching a ski competition?

only white people are allowed to watch skiing anyway

that is a lie invented by bongo bongo cabalists to suppress the free association of effortposting aryan christian on a moral image board

Night lads, golf in the morning

serves you right for betraying your heritage and sucking up to the anglo boys

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yeah, it was a strange pic to use

nice vid steiner

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whens are nige on QT again?

it was my comfy snack and now its all gone :I

12 days



Forgot about the reddit crossover here

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we did ridiculously well last time around. Beat the Chinese for medals even though theyve got a population of over a billion. 2nd place is bloody fantastic for a country of our size.

all bullys can fuck off

you ok lad?

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Who the fuck do you think you are

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Jewlympics is just as bad as sportsball. Anyone that feels pride for chavs and thots prancing in the snow should be shot.

Lo-NRG Zig Forumshouse tbh

this all normalfags need to be working in the pits like the horizontal insects they are

My man tbh

Lel fuck off

That's not Chillout, thats shite.


do you lads think prison is comfy?

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tip, this is an American. Note the absence of a petticoat, the kilt of London.

literally who?


he now claims that demons told him to do it

A famous commando.

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Eyes Wide Shut is one of the few films that is both a Halloween and Christmas movie at the same time.

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the lone wolves sleeper cells are activating
Is steiner next?

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Who here /kino/?


I'll have to give that a watch soon

Experimental techno > chillout

ahhh my ears what is that SHIT

Micheal Cains' Harry Palmer is far beyond Sean Connery's James Bond.

I'm mirin your taste my dude



FSOL is best in lifeforms and dead cities tbh


What machines did he use? It says 2006. An Akai MPC?

I love her lads

nigger "music"

Gotta love Zig Forumskike cultural exports tbh.


byron of our time tbh

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I wish he was still alive lads


what would your mother say, if she knew you ended up this way?

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Puff puff pass

smh lads felicia fair-weather is an evil thot who needs to leave mordred alone


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be careful what you post online lads

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Based white niggers

Got cucked by the barkeep
not sure how to feel about this

I know >e-celebs

But this entire stream was a one sided ass raping. Sargon sounds so defeated and whiny throughout the section he was in and the other liberalistististists accidentally made some of the best arguments ethno nationalists make against "merit" based immigration when the Chinese somehow came up. I was dying at how stupid they are. Sargon bailed as soon as Enoch entered and the British cringey faggot that named himself "the liberalist" sperged with rage for like 20mins and then shut down for the rest of the stream. I recommend watching if you're ever bored.

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A very well spoken member of the travelling community.

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Real pikey hours.

nice memi lad

*watches thread from valhalla*

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Are there anime girls in Valhalla?

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Bad night

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good lads

*watches part 2*

they look like churkas

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it happened to the 2nd kkk tbh

saviours of the white race, lad

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