Brit/pol/ #2146: Buh-Bye Mr Spy Edition

Bolton gone, UKIP members vote to oust him

Ukip chiefs pass vote of no confidence in Henry Bolton after Jo Marney racism scandal triggering vote on his leadership

Britain's Next Megaproject: A Coast-to-Coast Forest

Earthquake felt across much of England and Wales

63% of UK business leaders support Brexit

Ministers banned from sex with staffers as deputy PM gets adviser pregnant

Hungarian town can’t be European Capital of Culture because there are “too many happy white people”

Why people are choosing to quit social media

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druids tbh


would eat out liz tbh

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for the Lord

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Kipper for UKIP leader tbh


Pirating the latest TDS ep tbh.

I dunno. He was pretty self absorbed. Good lad and all, but that ego…

Of course not you mong, Christian literally means follower of Christ, how can you follow yourself?
He wasn't Jewish either, he was a Judean

you have to pay for it now?

redpill me on the difference between judean and jews. not being sarcastic. I genuinely want to know. I thought Christ was a jew because he was of the line of David?

Yes they also have a live video stream of themselves you get if you pay kek.

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That would explain how he got a job at GCHQ tbh

Modern-day Jews =/= Biblical Jews.

The people we think of as Jews today don't actually have their roots in the middle east, do they?

Current day Judaism is a 4-5th century thing.

hullo yes LOCAL religion ok thankyou


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as far as I know they do but that ancient hebe DNA comprises a small amount of their admixture relative to the European genes they stole

Admire my autism

Downloading [309/364]


Fuck off back to reddit>>628749

jfc I cant believe I used to watch those lads. thankful I let before I got indoctrinated before getting indoctrinated in their cult of personality

I thought they had their routes in some group who just up and decided they were the new Jews one day.

UUUU was unironically the best album of 2014
I am the senate and high ground are pure kino

see vid related.
Modern Judaism is actually younger than Christianity. Other things to note are that only recently does israelite = jewish because actually the Jews come from the specific Judean tribe of Israel, but there were 11 other tribes.
The people who became the Jews (Pharisees) killed Jesus because he called them out for turning against God.

for it to be a religion you need to ACTUALLY believe in it

What personality? Where?

It's just the usual e-celeb circle jerk with a far-right twist

They say nothing new or interesting and are praised by people that think they're friend with them if they support them via donations

They're the redditlettermedia of right-wing politics


You seem to be of the opinion that you need to subscribe to ancient ideals to follow a religion
Do you do that?

cucks couldnt even hold on to their own made up Gods after the big bad romans BTFO'd them

You need to have faith in the Gods of your religion to be a part of it. Name ONE person in modern Britain who has genuine faith in cunts like Cernunnos

It's similar to how Roma aren't Romanian

Lad, I'm not sure we are on the same page about what a religion can or can't be
Are you saying we must subscribe to all of paganism to be a pagan?
Do you do this with your faith?

Something about TRS always irked me. They all just seem like dickheads, honestly.

They were still kikes back then though, you can gleam that from accounts written by the Romans, they really haven't changed much over the years

Fuckibg pikies

sorry I can't respond in depth lad I'm busy lighting some incense for the house gods tbqh

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Yeah that's how I felt about it too.
t. Someone who watched one of their podcasts

An Ode To Laura Trott

Nice lad, just poured one for the dead tbh

We need to ban all druid and /newbrit/ posters

Good luck fam

To be a pagan you need to believe in the pagan gods
Do you do this? Do you believe in Cernunos and the gang? If you don't believe in those gods, you're just an agnostic/athiest who is LARPing
I believe wholeheartedly, without a shred of doubt, that Jesus is the Lord and died on the cross for my sins, that I will go to the Kingdom of God when I die. I believe in God and Satan, and I put my life in God's hands. No irony, no LARP.

I keep hearing that the Khazar theory was false but I also hear that the Jews as they exist now do descend primarily from eastern Europe rather than Israel.

Which one?

Top qt3.14 tbh

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h'oh boy

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Yeah thats why Jesus called them the synagogue of Satan. The Israelites/Judeans were once decent though when they were righteous and thats why God helped them defeat the Baal worshipers etc. but they serve the devil now.

Not even christian but you lot are talking a lot of inane wank.

shh, it's better than a complaining about women episode

I don't know the names of the gods, but expect them to be there
Because I don't label them the way you want that makes me a non-pagan?
But there are aspects you don't subscribe to, right? The religion if 2nd century Christians isn't a carbon copy of yours, is it?


You were on about candles and heaven earlier you utter muppet

House gods are unique to each household. Romans, Greeks and various far eastern beliefs have this concept, sometimes it is the ghosts of ancestors such as in China other times it is spirits who inhabit the house and keep out evil.

read the scrip gchq, SA is meant to be pro-Christianity. ffs i wish the secret police would take us more seriously.

tbh, I kind of think all of the gods were real, but also they were probably aliens.
I'll get me coat…

Because we were talking about church, not starting another episode.

the christians slaughtered my ancestors, charles the butcher is NOT my king and probably gay frog too, magic tree not HRE okthankyou

Mate I doubt you are far wrong

The only episode I want to start is the one where you get lynched for being a bum raider

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Don't summon TBBK lad, please for the love of all that is holy.

Your lad called my lad a non-pagan
You boys do this every time fam

*burns phone*

UKIP in debt and in the doldrums

kek lass don't dictate other peoples faith

So you're a Scientologist?


akshulee you lot started it

If you truly believe in your Gods that's fair enough

a bit like OC sonic deviant art

You're literally not a pagan if you dont believe in the spiritual aspects of it. Thats what defines a religion you muppet

All religion is LARPing

Hubbard is my god

Top kek fam you archive your threads, ill let the observers be the judge of that

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Left or right?

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In immense ignorance I have no clue what the specific argument is
I just find it a little dodgy for the christian lad to be telling the other lad how to do it

Literally just scroll up.

this map is pretty epic tbh

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If you dont know what the argument is even about, dont bother piping up mong

Thanks lad, respect


Sorry, I meant, "All religion is LARPing EXCEPT Christianity"

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It was a cultural thing tbh, they still carried on worshipping the same god as they always had tbh

Nah lad, I reckon they were still being shitters even when they were Henotheists

You're the first pagan I've met who's said they actually believe in their Gods

That's because most are just atheists with a fresh coat of paint.

pretty gay more like

Lad we're on 8ch
I can get involved in any argument I please
you stupid nigger

We will retake Constantinople. Deus vult!

Not even that but paganism is just pure shit.

You have a part in the Aeneid where the Trojans take their gods from the burning city with them, meaning their household gods and the icons of the greater gods. It's sort of similar to the idea of a guardian angel, but tied to a specific location, it's always a personal relationship with something beyond the mortal whenever I've read about it. inb4 Eldrich Elder Gods

Correct. God is real and Jesus really did rise from the dead. It's true lad

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Agreed lad

Faith is not something I lack tbf

I don't understand why they do it.
If they want to be Christian, shouldn't they at least pretend not to be gay?
If you've got to be gay, why would you then want to be a Christian?

Hartlepool 150yrs ago. Nothings changed tbh, except no more laughing policeman.

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I'm not a christian lad, I just hate LARPaganism.

It's not about joining Christianity, it's about destroying Christianity.

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