We could create an AI with all the teachings of Christ. Or adding all the NT to it...

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Like an AI that would act as some sort of spiritual father? Pretty darn heretical.
it might be funny to see an apostolic AI argue with a prottie AI for eternity tho

Depends on how seriously you take its advice.

I really dislike this meme that people only disagree because they don't know the Bible enough. The educated people on all sides know the Bible well, they fundamentally disagree on exegesis

Sounds like it'd just be a talking reference book, as it should be. So long as it strictly analyses, and adheres to, all implications and logic derived from the NT, then consulting it doesn't sound inherently heretical.
Still, really consider who would make such an AI. Truly consider who would stand to gain the most from an AI that provides answers, which people would believe, to questions regarding scripture.

I wrote a program that can translate Greek and Latin and give multiple definitions for every word. Making it do analysis sounds hard though.

Its not heretical, its outright retarded.

If we're looking at it as a Markov-Chain bot for comedic value, it's hilarious.
If we're looking at this for an answer to our questions, it's terrible.

Someone already did that with a KJV and some coding books.

Kek, got a link?


Satanism level of heretical.
They are trying to disfigure humanity by uniting us with technology, they want us to become reliant on it in a spiritual, economical and biological level.

All trees are fine except the one of the science of what is morally good and morally evil. We’re not allowed to break the rules of our God given morality or change it, and having a robot dictate our morality could easily be used as a (((proxy))) to do just that.

That sounds like a great idea. We need a catchy name for it, though. We could call it the Best Exegesis Analytical Systematic Teacher. Maybe we could have some kind of wearable or implantable interface device?

So an implantable mark of the B.E.A.S.T AI system? WCGW?

There is absolutely no way this could go wrong.

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And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him? (Revelation 13:4)

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An A.I is not the beast nor the image of the beast. Because revelation 17:8
What fits the description of something that was, and is not, and yet is, and yet can be spoken of in the future tense of "shall ascend"? If you determine the answer then you found the beast.

We already have it, its called TempleOS

Would it be heretical like cloning Christ from the Shroud?

I sure hope you're not repeating that hologram bullshit.
The *correct* phrasing is "Was, and is not, and yet will be". IE walked the earth, was cast into the Abyss, and will rise again as per Revelations 9.

Probably, but given the strange things that happen to instruments used to examine the shroud, I feel like it might not work anyway.

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Wait, what happens with the instruments?

I really hope you're a fedora trolling this board again for teh lulz …

… because you're just crossed into the fifteenth level of ironic heresy right there

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According to the research team that most recently examined it, some electronic instruments would not function when used on the shroud.

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