Brit/pol/ #2147: Woodland Edition

Britain's Next Megaproject: A Coast-to-Coast Forest

Bolton gone, UKIP members vote to oust him

Ukip chiefs pass vote of no confidence in Henry Bolton after Jo Marney racism scandal triggering vote on his leadership

Earthquake felt across much of England and Wales

63% of UK business leaders support Brexit

Ministers banned from sex with staffers as deputy PM gets adviser pregnant

Hungarian town can’t be European Capital of Culture because there are “too many happy white people”

Why people are choosing to quit social media

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Good lad.

Love Wistman's wood, me.


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An untouched piece of Heaven on Earth.

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Feel dead inside

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nearly time for the night shift lads

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Still ever so slightly flirting with the tranny lass aaaaahhhhh

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You better not be ghosting wess

I'm rolling away

Because my legs are, not okay


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Take a chill pill

And it's ruined

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Oh wew. I'd have to switch to a hand fetish, but the maneuverability upgrade would be well worth it.

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gratz on the (100) in previous thread lad

gf just left me lads, said she "doesn't find me attractive anymore".

only two years down the drain haha

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She's biologically female lad, not had an op or anything. She's basically a tomboy at the moment and she's cute

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definitely not westie or there's major continuity errors in the GCHQ backstory section

since when did you have a gf
you never mentioned this

Thin the herd a bit SA, board has gone to utter shit this week


Ta lad


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wew this coffee is no joke

You don't know what you are talking about



He shouldn't do that, we still have the same number of UIDs. It's our job to bully shitty shitposters into proper shitposting or leaving.

don't think im the lad you think i am to be honest

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t. nameless poster who has contributed nothing to anything ever


sorry to hear that lad. was she a "fixer-up-er?" I know a few lads online that have gone with fat girls, given them the confidence to loose weight and then they turn around and dump them because they think they can do better.

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Hey I drew that picture

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newbrit citizenship should be mandantory before your allowed on Zig Forums


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Last two threads were a disgrace

Prospective posters should be required to take a grammar exam.

Well my condolences lad. She probably lost attraction because you went soft on her
It's an emotional thing for them after all

The last 2147 threads have been a disgrace

I thought it was

Britain can be a lot better than this


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is it too late to have thread #2018 happen on new years eve?


No there's still time

I like it

Things will be better tomorrow.

typical (((media))) response tbh, I doubt they read negative reviews tbh

Ban these fags before you go back to the stalls lad

Nah not really lad, she was a decent lass tbh. Ended up going Uni and it's fucked her up completely tbh


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So lads, if the Brit/pol/ official stances are anti-gf and anti-ravaging random thots then are you all MGTOWs?

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stop being rude la'

Since no-one has posted it yet


women and shitskins and normalfags should be banned from uni

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Things won't get better until you unburden yourself

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this is a monastic board, lad

All unis should be closed down

universities were unironically organised perfectly in Kant's time where you paid lecturers directly for lectures and just enrolled without ceremony

Why would I stick my dick in someone that likes cocks? That's a bit gay tbh m8.

Nigga I get clunge, minge and vajayjay on the reg

No we are pro

I posted it last thread faggot.

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Fucking kek.

Seems to be the standard fair these types.

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yeah half of normies are just there for the image. alot of them don't even actually care about things they just like the appearance of being an academic

I do not endorse these stances

What's that? h'White people, smiling? Ban this sick filth.

Getting the fuck off internet goodbye


t. newfag

She's "doing" English Literature


If 5% were really interested in their 'field' I'd be surprised

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where did you get that epic OC from, lad?

I love dumpster fires tbh lads.

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Fucking Zig Forums

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most people just treat it as an overpriced technical school that has fancy buildings and sportsball teams

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I don't know, probably here.

lad maybe its a blessing then that she left you.

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Your own worst enemy.

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imaging my shock.png

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Just take Steiner, no more

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She's a lost cause, just like every woman going into academia.

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hell yeah you did ;^)

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That blonde ski thot crashed again, fucking nectar

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