Brit/pol/ #2148: Maude Edition

Britain's Next Megaproject: A Coast-to-Coast Forest
Bolton gone, UKIP members vote to oust him
Ukip chiefs pass vote of no confidence in Henry Bolton after Jo Marney racism scandal triggering vote on his leadership
Earthquake felt across much of England and Wales
63% of UK business leaders support Brexit
Ministers banned from sex with staffers as deputy PM gets adviser pregnant
Hungarian town can’t be European Capital of Culture because there are “too many happy white people”
Why people are choosing to quit social media

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Whats the meaning of life?

Bins is gay

nice aesthetic ladies thread

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Helmer is a spy

Good lad.

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nice OC lad

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Thank you lad, I didn't have it saved.

Cheers, made it just now.

Someone needs to go to bed, Old man

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Stop propositioning me you bumbandit.

smh I made some really esoteric OC to bully this one lad who kept posting edwardian thots to bully me and got no (you)s

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Show us, lad. The night shift is generous

Bins is pembs right?

*burns my nearest bin*

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haha that wasn't me

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Get him babe!


Oh I've seen it a few times, lad. I just didn't know it was recent OC. Why/how do they bully you?

smh i think my squeaky chair is waking mummy up

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smh you're trying to make me guilty by association, lad

good lad that fits Maude Edition well

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just have to sit completely still and uncomfortable while holding your breath, lad.

This is proof you are a lefty spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

Only leftists attack bins

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another noflag lad (I don't think it was pikelad) kept posting other edwardian era women and we were bullying each other tbh

It's too late to pretend lad…

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Why does the spy continuously support Nige, lad? Is Nige a spy?

How does one bully one another with Edwardian women?

Keek, lad. You're such a bully.

nein 22st is cheating on pembs with bins

does your mummy sound like this?

you're hurting me lad

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*washes hands of thread*

You're still as gay as a box of frogs lad.

*startled looking pepe.jpg*

Just the way you like it lad…(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

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You wanted this Pepe, lad, but you're already dead tbh.

top fucking kek, lad. Is that an amalgamation you made yourself?

Sorry smh.

>tfw you won't get into my ethnostate unless you're that white

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we both know you made that!

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Lad you're the one trying to frame me as gay smh. Most our top lads are getting their beauty sleep tbh

how is he doing that stuff?

you think this is bad? did you see hwndu?

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Maude smells

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hwndu was great though, a total victory


anceint chinee secret you buy it cheep, why do no do somting more brittsh like drink tee, iron palm no make monee

This. What's his game? Shitposts, acts all gay and then turns around and goes "uhhhh, the state of things" when he's the fucking state. I keep seeing this in certain posters.

damn those are some brutal claws. I guess they don't get worn that much in captivity

When the dayfags get here they aren't going to be very pleased with our late night IRONICALLY gay bantz

We need to burn through this thread fast and start a new one so they don't see it

You think we can make it through 750 posts before beddy bies?

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I don't know what to do with some of you lads. Night.

I think there's a passage in the bible about how sinful it is to covet older women of another tribe.

Will this guy ever stop spying on me smh

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No negativity or bullying beyond this point please

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that sounds like a lie lad, sometimes a baby just needs some milk

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Like who?

Night, lad

Kek you cunt.

What now?

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Is groyper already a dead memi?

It seems to have come and gone really fast

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lad look at this

You're so weird, lad. Love you though

Was it ever a memi? I always saw it as just a pepe. Had no idea he had his own name

Is that your goal, lad?

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that was a creepy mene tbh

BIG back tbh

Look at the size of that beast, and to think the California bear was even bigger before it was hunted out in 1924.

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Yeah, people were having customised groypers made on twitter and all sorts

For a while it was so big that I made my own groyper folder in expectation, but I've only got one in it

And now it all seems to have stopped

I'm starting to think nothing will ever really replace pepe, but that can't be right, can it?

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Like a Stegosaurus?

tbh moose are more scary than bears IMO

yeah lad

Alright, cool, see you at the rub n tug tomorrow.

remember D.A.K.

Yeah, the key word being WAS

It seems to have been a flash in the pan

I want to get jacked like a cave lion

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tbh, California is the gayest state but it has the best flag. Except Hawaii of course.


replacing Pepe would be weird.

I'm not sure if I agree but they are certainly spooky.

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I don't get it

Do Chinese really have ancient magic?

Urgh, need to get this thread to 750 posts but I'm too tired and need to go to bed

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fucking shitskins and liberal faggots need to fuck off tbh

lad there's a reason ground up tiger penis is more expensive than cocaine

hand conditioning tbh

lad the bullies will just link to these posts of yours as evidence smh

well yeah

because to get tiger penis you have to kill a tiger, while cocaine literally grows on trees

Texans the aristocracy of the world. They can wear swords in public :^)

Then we're finished, it's all over for us

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hullo creatura

oops mean to say georgia
tbh I know I bully south lads but they are good lads tbh and when people bully their history I get mad

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Apparently when settlers reached California in the 1800s they saw giant bears grazing fruit in packs, and their fur was more golden than brown.

The Spanish also said that the Californian bears they captured in the 1600s were more ferocious than the Mexican ones (obvo).

California was a really rich habitat that supported very large predators.

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no they are mostly mexican now and its quite sad really.

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do you lads like my states flag?

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< tfw brummy w. no sword

now that at least I can understand

surely a punch bag achieves a similar purpose?

what kind of sword do you have mexibro? it is just a machete because I have one of those too

what's that?

looks dafty, I like it


Those are so cool. Being theorised to be scavengers they used their sense of smell and long limbs to run towards whatever goodies they smelled and stole it from the wolves.

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idk, I am trying to learn karate but am too busy to really get gud yet (between that and also trying to get gud with pistols)

I don't think the MMA guys rate Karate

It's all about Brazilian Jujitsu, they say

It's my youtube subs videos updated. I forget how you check them. I watch all the videos but the number doesn't disappear smh

just linked because of the number