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Is UKIP actually good now?

Also, if the new leader is woke to Islam, what does this mean for AMW's party?


that big dog would never let us look at vore tbh

SA is a kike

based veterans

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boomers are so based tbh

Do Labradors count as big dogs or are they too handsome?

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we cant rely on the deano nationalists

Most labs get cancer these days

Medium dog

Even in this there are hints of miscegenation propaganda's Happening to Ellie - A Book About Puberty for Girls and Young Women with Autism and Related Conditions (2015).pdf

fucking hell

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Medium dogs tbh, the one I posted was a little but thicc dog tbh

Christian-pagan alliance tbh

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They're compost lad. We're the gardeners until we're stopped or someone better takes over.

no, there is no unified goal in ukip for people to submit to and work together toward.
AMW couldn't win a round of tetris.

*stabs you in the back in self defence*


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*watches you swim while wearing a hat*

We must never let such an atrocity happen again.

Judging from the Sky Interview, the MSM want to shape UKIP into being the defacto anti-Islam party, whether that's what UKIP want or not

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I think we can all agree that atheists have to go

Black people eternally BTFO once again.


yes, the more gods the better in the fight against the reptilians

Helga - The Most Famous Gun in the UK

(A custom VEPR 12)

All deanos care about is that Mohammad might stop them having a pint and ogling half naked women.

Tbh lads


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They are too stupid to realise they have been BTFO'd



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If that happens, it will be regarded as the BNP mk II and suffer much the same fate


They can slap as many anti racism disclaimers as they like on the party it won't work.

So how long till bins starts up?

Doesn't this count as cp in the uk?

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36 minutes +/- 5 mins

Unironically fucking delete this

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He can't.

I think this guy is probably bins

Trying to demoralise people about UKIP as usual

or maybe this guy

Yeah but white cucks aren't. They just have to sit their and gnash their teeth.

I'm bins

Is this true?

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Zig Forums
and that's bad

Zig Forums
and that's good

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Gunman shoots at Birmingham pub after being turned away for being drunk

Keep your eyes peeled he's bound to show up somewhere

Probably telling people that AMW is now the only hope because UKIP is controlled by NEC spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) or something

I don't care but doubt it

Shut up bins

Go away gchq

Smh you see bins everywhere

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no. amw is shit. grow up and learn to take criticism of your party's tactics.

based statists tbh



Bolton was also woke to Islam.

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how did this happen?

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It's a Sunday.

Are you saying the new guy is going to be as bad a Bolton?
Surely that can't be possible?

| |
| |
| |
| ( )___|

Same. Just do it tbh.


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*pretends to sleep because I don't want to go to work*

such a wagie

Co worker offered me cigarettes but I said no.

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anal sex

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Nice work mate

I almost fapped this morning, but I stopped myself just in time.

comedy genius

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Boris johnoson

Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days
When our momma sang us to sleep but now we’re stressed out

I always return here when >tfw no gf

The daily mail

garlic bread

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wew, might have to report this book to old bill.

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hahahhah the sound he makes

well done lad yorkshire poster

South African soybois and soygirls celebrating Black Panther

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We are UKIP. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

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these are great


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People are pretty pissed about Jim bullying Sarg'n. I've noticed a lot of them have spic names.

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got some pilchards from the shop lads

redpill me on pilchards

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*goes to the shops*

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Are UKIP becoming the fedora party?

enjoy your mantits and cancer