Brit/pol/ #2150: New Machine Edition

Britain's Next Megaproject: A Coast-to-Coast Forest

Bolton gone, UKIP members vote to oust him

Ukip chiefs pass vote of no confidence in Henry Bolton after Jo Marney racism scandal triggering vote on his leadership

Earthquake felt across much of England and Wales

63% of UK business leaders support Brexit

Ministers banned from sex with staffers as deputy PM gets adviser pregnant

Hungarian town can’t be European Capital of Culture because there are “too many happy white people”

Why people are choosing to quit social media

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I wanted a coracle edition

Thirst for JHB's mammaries



Guess this is the one.


>tfw >tfw staff Christmas party tomorrow yes, in Feb

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Ummm no sweetie.

*wins the thread war*

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Evening, lads


Bonsoir senorita

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Based Tudors


true englishmen

Thicc kinky Polish lass hasn't replied to my apology (I said to someone she seemed a bit of a slag during a night out, I later snogged her plenty of times that night) but she has looked at the message. She since invited me to her birthday party through facebook
Literally what the fuck did she mean by this?
I fear she will have invited the guy she has been seeing recently to be mean to me

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I saw this fat woman in the woods today, and I got the strangest feeling that she was actually some kind of gremlin. I could feel her watching me with malice.

plenty more pies in the shop

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That she wants you to raise Tyrese's child

Are you 14

oi oi

If he does show up, bring a fresh pile of dog crap to put in his shoes when he comes around.

Lad you failed her shit test.

she probably filtered you lad

ye but ngango obywussa fridchikenwatrmel0n leet hax wassari muhammad sadiq bongo drum gollywog smith absolutely knocked that one in didnt he



Why is MW such a beta?

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this tbh

You answered your own question in the filename

Played a feckin blinder

It might just be that he's so bent he finds it impossible to even touch a woman.

Old news. Wews is an alpha faggot, he doesn't waste time with tradthots.

funny hats

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Upload pics.

Also, is her name Sandra?

normie detected

What do you think about my new intro, lads?

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Takes one to know one

the tweets make me giggle

BTFO BY CAITHNESS LAD what is your response?

Too long even without the countdown tbh

tfw he no longer looks cool like in this pic

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I have infiltrated them tbh and am familiar with the normie ways. Barry stanton got big on twitter a few months back

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It's nice.
I have to wonder if he realises no one cares as much about his intros as he does though.

*nukes remaining contender threads*
psh, nuthin personal but this thread has legs

Fucking EPIC tbh.

Where did that Jewish lad from the last thread go?


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Are you on about me lad?

I too am a crypto autist
May your spaghetti forever remain enpocketed

Off to commit a mass shooting after being radicalised here.

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It was a joke

Yes mate spot on

Corbyn’s Tragic Rough Sleeper Was Twice-Deported Migrant Paedophile from Angola
A rough sleeper turned into a cause célèbre by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn after he was found dead in a London underpass near Parliament turns out to have been an illegal migrant paedophile who had been deported twice.

w e w

not if you're a pikey

Dang that was much faster than usual

Your a joke.

Where you been lad? Needed to bully you into banning degenerates smh

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essential keks

*buys pedophile illegal immigrant a house*

king corbyn the caring

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Been away for the weekend tbh, got in about half an hour ago and went through the ban list

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Thanks lad.

As well as being a Conservative, Keynesian Internationalist, I also support Liberal Democracy.

I suppose you could say I want a return to the post-war Consensus times with Keynesian economic policy, socially conservative values, a strong international system and respect for liberal democracy.

There's no way based Corbyn could have known that though.

Fucking Nectarine


Not looking forward to being rounded up by state agents tbh.

has something funny happened overnight to this board

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Kek no they aren't. Last summer when knackered one morning I hopped onto the public horse tram to get to work.

There's another British island called Sark where cars are banned, they still use horse-carriages too

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i hope an indian shits through your letterbox you dirty little nonce

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Helmer tbh, utterly useless

I don't think anyone at any point has had any respect for liberal democracy, it's only ever been used as a weapon.

10/10 lad

Him or you?

What's with this alleged Jared Taylor stream anyway?

how do these people even find this place

Add black to that name

I know Sark
a French history student tries to violently take over the island annually and instead of a paddywagon they have a paddytractor

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this guy is an elaborate troll and a retard

With who and when?

What did he mean by this?

Me of course, when is a Jew even held responsible?


I don't know but I'm glad they do sometimes

Corbyn is perfectly electable. I only disagree with him on Brexit (he's a hard-brexiter and I'm a remainer) and he's a social liberal (I'm a social conservative).

He's correct on the economy, environment and foreign policy though.(Right lad enough now)

Top kek fair play