Whatever happened to common filth?

Whatever happened to common filth?

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He exhausted his shtick so he moved on to other things.

I liked his stuff, but then he started to get a tad too much focused on the “white people are the problem” thing; while I agree that many immoral behaviours have been spread into the world by us, it’s also true that we also have done a lot of good (and there’s also the Jewish question in there too).
I hope he’s doing well.

Why should I care?

merci pour votre contribution


I wonder if he still comes here.

Same. Pretty silly, seeing that he's not only wrong, but also that he alienated most of his audience.

Other things?

He looked at too much homo porn to complain at.

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His Bandcamp got that site's equivalent of the Zucc and I think his Youtube channel was also almost taken down so he stopped making the stuff he had on there. He's got a channel called Nostalgia Wound were he still posts. It's different stuff but sometimes CF still shines through.

Meanwhile in reality it was 2 Israeli jews who made the app. Let's not even get into "White girls fuck dogs" stickers and other stuff like that. I thought we finally had peace from this contrarian autist being posted on here

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His wh*te genes got the better of him and how he's making video game reviews like some manchild.

Lol, my thoughts exactly
How can you botch about society like he did and then play videogames?

I miss the old Common Filth that said things like "I am a white nationalist. I am also a red nationalist, and a black nationalist, and a yellow nationalist, I want these people to exist"

I think his pessimism got the best of him. He still has some kind of video game channel.

But other than trying to couch it in biblical rationalizations, a lot of his content was "white people are trash and should be destroyed". Maybe more explicit than the current zeitgeist but not terribly contrary to it. Unless his "Zeitgeist" consisted of shitposting on chans

This guy had a sinister sounding laugh that creeped me out. Definitely got serial killer vibes from him.

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You can't even get your French right

He was probably deported

He got most of his audience in the first place by pissing off Zig Forums.

His channel was still doing well, but he had a child and couldn't release content regularly. Now he occasionally reviews old videogames and other stuff he finds at dollar stores.

He also got bullied off Twitter for being a theological brainlet.
All the Tumblristas videos were taken down as well, so it's likely that he's just hunkered down to try and avoid any blowback from the current ideologues now that he's got chips in the game.


You mean over the Mary thing, or what he said about destroying confederate statues being good? cause he was right about it being race idolatry tbqh

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He was right about the alt-right though. Look at what happened to TWP and the fiasco with Nehlen.

He tied the knot and seems to have mostly abandoned his YT empire for more familial ambitions. He does occasionally upload to his gaymen channel, though.

Proverbs 22:28
Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.

Deuteronomy 27:17
Cursed be he that removeth his neighbour's landmark. And all the people shall say, Amen.

etc etc

When people start pulling down statues and demanding things be renamed what it's really about is regime change. The US is in the middle of a power struggle. If they are idols the people pulling them down are just going to replace them with new idols. There's nothing Godly about it.

Who? King Hypocrite who rules over a daycare of self hating, alpha consumer children?

So winnie the pooh yesteryear it hurts.

He just gave up on the project, I think he did focus too much on the fringes. But guess what? I've been starting to see these fringes appearing and their taboos disappearing. He's very, very right about the nature of very depraved people, and a warning of how we need to stay the hell away from them.

The alt-right complained about him being quite 'anti-white' but he was being sort of realistic, and he has criticized other races as well. There's some phenomenons that are just quite more prevalent in the white race and strange retarded fads of depraved sexuality. He did go a bit too far with the white genocide thing.