Brit/pol/ #2151: BIG pike Edition

This is now a Pikeposting general

Russia: ‘Allahu Akbar’ Gunman Kills Churchgoers at Folk Festival in Muslim-majority Dagestan
A gunman has killed four women and injured three others, including police officers, at a folk festival in the Russian republic of Dagestan, according to local sources.

Britain's Next Megaproject: A Coast-to-Coast Forest
The plan is for 50 million new trees to repopulate one of the least wooded parts of the country—and offer a natural escape from several cities in the north.

UKIP'S STRIP STROP Ukip chiefs pass vote of no confidence in Henry Bolton after Jo Marney racism scandal triggering vote on his leadership
RANDY UKIP chief Henry Bolton was stripped bare as party chiefs voted unanimously to boot him out for his fling with glamour model Jo Marney.

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The chad pike

The virgin lake

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for mummy

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Nth for no mods

for a thread as good as the last

smh where did you pick up on my banning policy?

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Taylor stream pls

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I checked the link posted in the other thread, it's not on so I dunno.

night lads

Night lad

Night lad, reflect on yourself



Jared Taylor is a god to Joe Owens.

(((tribe of Dan)))

*devours mercia*

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work time, later lads

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Reminder America invented the submarine.

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The Danes perfected it's use

My future half Pole children will be dafties
Based National Autism

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Right lads lets compromise, I think I've figured out a solution which will make everyone happy:
Ban everyone who posts IR Porn
Ban everyone who complains about people posting IR Porn

posting screenshots of Zig Forums catalog and social media =/= posting IR porn


Lad shut the fuck up, pathetic.

Gotta have a nerd handle the minutia.
t. American Chad Inventor

ban everyone all IPs that have ever posted on Zig Forums or /newbrit/ and all VPN IPs its the only solution let things start over

I just invented Drum Theory. Drums > strings.

*Runs off with all the (you)s*
Thanks suckers lads.

22st should be made mod tbh

best AJ webm tbh.

Being a mod can kind of suck enjoyment out of the board when you get these genuine mentalists and disc0rd autists tbh. I'd probably vouch for you though so long as you made a blood oath that you've never had contact with the malign Bongo Bongo Land cabal.

By your own hand lad.

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you bastard!

How do I make someone mod?

Kek and already the spergs have started spazzing out about mods instead of accepting what they were complaining about in the first place was fuckin nothing.
also, who the fuck are my mod friends supposed to be? I dont know or interact with anyone here outside of these posts

Mine will unironically be 56%, make Wakanda great again tbh.

nor should you need to, the bought ones are delicious, and cheap!

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Stop stirring shit


He might never be BO, but he'll always be my bae

I've spoken to Monarch OSRS and Midshanks over Bongo Bongo Land tbh I don't really want to be a mod tbh, too much effort


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it does seem rather unlikely tbf

hope to see this prediction fulfilled by tomorrow

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oh no, what have they done now?

Tommy Mair, do it again

Quickly, post lefty folk punk (?)

I don't miss being a mod one bit tbh.

We have the same dream.

Which mods, in your schizophrenic little minds, are my friends?

Best biscuits tbh lads. No question.

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Ruining another thread are we?

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mods aren't anyone's friends, they hate everyone

Just pipe the fuck down lad, you are making a rod for Helmers back

Whats Helmer got to do with it?

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Treats fit for Mosley himself

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>Not posting black women taking the BWC
For shame lad.

He gets the flak for your stirring

It's shit anyway.


Enough, and don't reply to the autists. I'll just delete the thread at this point.

You going to make a new one filled with niggers fucking white girls?


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ty my best friend

np lad, talk to you in PM's later.

Aren't they just delicious looking?

Honestly stuff like the cuck porn post should just be deleted unless it's a repeat offense. The intention of the cuck poster wasn't to spam porn it was pointing out degeneracy in the media.

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Lad, stop fueling this, it shouldn't need discussion.

Wouldn't breed with though tbh, gotta keep my anglo-slavic genes pure.


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You're a funny lad Vlad


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The best

t. has made this a singular point of discussion for the last 2 daysstop

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I could theoretically come up with a scenario where I would breed an African but not any plausible ones.

Couldn't imagine.


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Not being big brained enough to realise we are ALL African

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At this point I would be pretty understanding if the BO deleted the whole fucking board tbh

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who needs chocolate when you've got jockolate
stop it lad I'm howling at you

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I'm kinda glad I just came back and have no idea what's going on tbh.

sounds a bit racist

not diverse enough tbh

A spiral of autism tbh
More or less exactly what happened to the middle-east and the solution is the same: nuke it.

Lad it was last night, realise what battles you can win on a board autistic about race, why heap a load of shit overyourself, let's move on, no more from here on out, lessons learned

We are all bacteria

but the mods (my friends) are doing their job perfectly
genuinely unironically swear to god I dont have a single problem with the moderation of this board, except that they give schizo's like you too much leniency

which one is the real Helmer?

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Fresh RLM

The one with the trip lad.

kek that doesn't bode well

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Bloody drug taking degenerates everywher now, even on Zig Forums


Just ignore the spastic tbh.

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That just says "haram" in arabic

They're too good for Muds you see

whats it say in maghrebi next to it?

I cant help myself, he's hilarious

I have no idea

They say anything controversial?

They've been here for a while lad