Heads up: homosexual death cult possibly invading Zig Forums

tl;dr there's a cult of Discord-using homosexuals who spam 4chan with trap threads and ads for offsite gay support rooms and harem clubs. They convince lonely, vulnerable young men (often underage) to take nudes of themselves, dox them, then use their nudes as blackmail to force these men into taking HRT and performing other degenerate acts. Shortly after they were exposed on 4chan we've seen an uptick in trap/tranny threads across several Zig Forums boards (mainly /r9k/) and there's a good chance these same degenerates have set their sights on Zig Forums as their newest recruiting grounds.
Is there anything we can do about this? Aside from crossposting and engaging trapposters on other boards, I'm not sure. Any prayers and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Here's a couple screencaps for anons who don't want to sit through the video.

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I don't know why I wrote death cult instead of blackmail cult in the OP, but I guess it's stuck there. Zig Forums has its own homegrown tranny cult known as the Bambiposters, but I haven't heard any blackmail stories from them and I don't know if they're related to Reiko's fags or not.

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This is bizarre and just sad.

By 'skullcapped' do they mean suicide? If so, deathcult is a legitimate name for it. This is sick and evil. And also blackmail, which is illegal. Maybe send this information to the FBI?

Those are some demon-possessed sick individuals. Also makes sense why that kid killed himself. I wonder if this has any correlation with the rise of transgender sex dolls. Porn addiction is totally warping men's sexual tastes:

Especially if someone committed suicide over it, they would likely be interested.
This is the guy who killed himself apparently:

seeing shit like this I now believe that the inquisition was completely justified.
just one question, does Zig Forums knows about this?

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There's a Zig Forums thread at >>>pol/11468500 and an /r9k/ thread at >>>/r9k/251942 .

Man, this is crazy. I had seen those 'why don't you be the girlfriend' threads on /r9k/ and I just thought they were garden variety perverts. The facts that this whole thing was a blackmail-through-threats-to-destroy-your-life psyop conspiracy is very chilling. If this hits the news it's gonna blow up. Can't help but feel bad for the guy who killed himself. What is this about the Reiko guy paying people? He payed people to spam these trap threads on the board and sucker new victims or something?

anime profile pictures, huh…

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Trust no weeb

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It's pretty simple shit.

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t. fag


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Here’s a quick rundown

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There is a dox of this Reiko character in that /r9k/ thread. Not encouraging anyone to do anything illegal obviously. If anyone is going to contact the FBI or something about this it could be useful though.

Now you have to bring it here, eh?

Different user, I heard about this from friends before seeing the Zig Forums and /r9k/ threads.

Who is this?

Pray for everyone involved, sad.

nope faggotry in anime has always been there

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Posting it here is great, maybe for once we can contribute to taking down someone truly evil instead of focusing our autism on prot v. cat. v. ortho. for the millionth thread.

Not to derail the thread too hard, but novels have had perverted stuff in them for a lot longer than anime but that doesn't make the medium of the novel inherently bad.

All the discord chats look staged tbh fam

Hi Reiko.

From halfchan /r9k/..

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I heard this mentioned a while ago, a few months back, maybe almost a year. I wasn't aware this was still a thing. We should definitely report this guy to the FBI, as well as reporting his Discord server and account along with his lackeys to get them removed from the platform and reorganizing easily.

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Satanists want to pervert and/or destroy all good things. If you read the screenshots, you can see that these people are occultists and Satanists, even if they don't mention the term.

(first screenshot)

(second screenshot)

This is what we are fighting against. Do not yield anime to them. And definitely don't switch to Californian animation thinking it's a wholesome replacement.

This story is all over ifunny; mods there are trying to ban it but everyone is posting about it.

Why tf are you on ifunny?

I'm not, someone in the halfchan /r9k/ threads about this mentioned it being spread on ifunny and I checked it out. And honestly if normies are helping to get the word out about this, that's great.

Sounds good to me!

winnie the pooh i answered to my own post , what the hell am i doing?

hey OP, it seems that Zig Forums already knows who Reiko is.

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ha,funny word filter.

Truly it would be better if these people had a large millstone hung around their necks and thrown into the sea.

This is what happens when you don't take Leviticus 20:13 seriously. The FBI definitely need to be informed of this demonic cult.

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Do you not care that impressionable boys are being blackmailed into becoming sodomites? I'm glad OP brought this to our attention.

Beautiful, has it been confirmed?

Also does this mean anime sodomites are confirmed satanic cultists?

I have managed to successfully drive a couple of faggots off of /kc/ by hounding them whenever they posted their faggot shit. It's an easy game if you've got the dialectics and the mods aren't in cahoots with them.

I don't think anime is the problem. Sodomites and (((modernity))) are the problem.

not yet, since reiko is spreading fake doxxs but ti seems this is the real one

I pray to Lord, for the misled and misguided souls to be saved (including the one that ate the shotgun), and for justice and retribution to be delivered to those perverted and wicked servants of Satan.

I'm going off topic here, but…how can Zig Forums justify and welcome sex bots? Don't they see the damage porn has already done and they want to double down with this?
I also recall some people there trying to make excuses for traps and having sex with them…

i don't understand taking HRT would be just as obvious as sending the victims nudes to whomever

OR something that looks, sounds and acts effeminate encourages and satisfies feminine men.
Now stop making excuses for your vices and repent to Christ. He will forgive you.

Stop falling for modernity's tricks.

Right after I started watching some animes, I quickly started to feel some stranger penis hunger.
This shit is demonicaly satanic.

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Anime is a medium. All sorts of different stories are in it.
It's the same as saying that all Books are evil because pro-Satanism books exist.

Don't project your own sins onto anime. I used to watch a lot of moe slice of life shows and I never though "Gee, all these cute cartoon girls are making men want to have sex with men". I'm not arguing that anime is good, merely that it by itself doesn't turn people into homos. That has more to do with the degeneration of weeb imageboard culture.

*I never though "Gee, all these cute cartoon girls are making me want to have sex with men"

So? Did you even think about what a medium means or are you just regurgitating something you read somewhere? I have not criticized specific shows but the whole medium.
Not only is the MOST POPULAR genres of it very homossexual, anime is an evil medium because it puts the viewer (much like tv and movies) in a passive state sucking subliminal information and programming like a sponge. Books don't do that, a brain scan of someone reading vs someone watching a movie is very different.

I know you truly believe your reasoning, and it is not wrong. However it's born out of a desperate attempt to justify your addiction. I hope you realize that someday.

Few things are more degenerate than grown men watching cartoons.
It is very useful to the system that the lines of adult and child are blurred. And it is naturally disappearing in our society.
Marvel movies and anime are a terrible symptom (that creates a feedback loop) of immaturity.
You're not only an idiot for consuming such trash. But you're a bad person for defending it.

Just reiterating on the topic. Here's an interesting little anecdote.
A week or so ago there was the first victim of a driveless car. However, the public opinion of them is still extremely positive.
In interviews, one of the most cited reasons is something in the lines of "we're finally getting what movies and tv has been showing us for a long time". Expect the same shit for transhumanism. And the same from your favorite trap gf anime.

The average person such as you don't even realize the media they consume subliminally molds and changes their thoughts and actions. The advancement of passive and watchable media is a big feedback loop that explains modern degeneracy.
Of course, all things moderation, but childish and effeminate shows are below that line for any sane man.

Everytime I see an anime I want to suck dicks.
It turned me gay.
That's a fact.

Sounds completely gay

Wages of sin

I hope you realize all groups with the explicit intent to Destroy Christianity were vastly Well Read Intellectuals on Marxism.

Medium is a Medium. You're killing the Messenger rather than deal with the cause.

PS - favorite Marxism vector to recruit leaders is via Books on Marxism-Leninism and related others.

Should we say that all Books are degenerate then?
But that accusation would include the Bible!

I didn't think I'd live to see a comeback in the aggressive homosexuality shown in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah.

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Does this picture violate any moderation rules?

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Hmm, I am beginning to think that there may be some kind of correlation here.

This is pretty sick, I'm going to pray that God saves those poor souls and justly punishes the evildoers. Don't know what else I can do.

the cringe of that autismlord's post is making me laugh

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Do not derail a thread about a very serious matter over anime's ethnics. Thread derailment is breaking rule 2, as a healthy reminder.

God bless the mods.

A healthier reminder is that the effeminate go to hell.

Anime and transgenderism seem to go hand in hand because of the lack of masculine role models. It's like a gateway drug to make men effeminate.

There are exceptions like Akira and DBZ, but they aren't the norm.

Damn, I didn't read this sooner.

the feminization of japan had been coming a long way since they lost WW2, i remember a quote of mishima saying that most japanese men were effeminate because of the lack of a strong father figure (since they were all overworking themselves to death)
found the quote:jack-donovan.com/mishima/2008/12/the-weakening-of-the-father’s-role/

anyways it seems that mister metokur is on the case twitter.com/WeWuzMetokur/status/983525261735022593 , hopefully will get a video soon, so this trap cult gets exposed for what they are

Please, stop following ecelebs

How about no

Whats an "anime ethnic"? Is that one of the 9001 genders Libtards keep harping about?

I'm an anime ethnic and I'm offended that everyone here on Zig Forums is discriminating agianst me and my kin

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This mods are based. The cuckchan mods are in league with reiko


Whats his discord server info?

Id be interested in getting close to this winnie the pooher.

I've been going to /r9k/ the last few days and saging and decrying the abuse in every trap/tranny/sissy thread I can find.

Things have been getting better over there. I feel that a lot of other boards are helping out as well. Just need to be aware of other boards they hit and link people like Zig Forums over to help out.

the question is: it's the soul more valuable than the body? Do I have the right, or the duty, of stopping this kind of behaviour? or it's only a civil law issue?

If you had the chance to save an innocent life from being destroyed, wouldn't you take it?

I need more of these

Here they admitted that the guy committed suicide because he didn't want to transition (they were forcing him).

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This entire thread.

Seriously, have none of you ever heard the term "role playing"?

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On one hand, we all know the worst degenerates can speak their minds freely on the internet; on the other hand, this whole ordeal seems completely illogical.
I don't know.

i dont have the link to their trap discord but, it seems that kiwi farms has gathered a lot of information.

fags deserve to be burned alive

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Dumb motherwinnie the pooher probably actually believes that

"If its too outlandish it can't be real" is a great guideline, I agree. But If you think that its a argument in itself in face of evidence of the contrary you are mistaken.

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Something seems fishy…
How could they blackmail someone into taking HRTs when thr victim could just lie and claim to be on them when not? Even if they forced the victim to take video of ingesting the pills or something, it would be pitifully easy to fake.

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It all seems too perfect.

I'm suspicious too as something about the way this story is being propagated seems off to me. But at the same time you're relying on the intelligence of someone who voluntarily doxxed themselves in a compromising position to think of these solutions.

Outside of confirmation bias, I'm not actually seeing any evidence of some vast gay death cult. All I see is role playing and LARPing. It's like when the furries "yiff" in their little communities. The're not actually becoming the animals they're describing themselves as … they're role playing.

Honestly this whole comment is a huge sign that you have no idea what you're talking about. Are you honestly telling me that you don't know that furries have sex in real life? The mildest information that is publicly available for you to see and yet you didn't even bother to check before running your mouth off?

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Ok, first of all, that is not a productive way to make your argument. Second, do you believe that these furries who have sex in real life BECOME the animal they're playing? No, it's LARPing. It's a costumed fetish, but it's still two regular ol' human beings having sex. It's unusual, but it isn't magical transformation.

Until I see actual evidence of what OP brings up, I'm going to take the fact that it has been posted on so many boards as a sign that they're just advertising their little role playing group to attract new membership. Sort of like Mormons, who put on nice shirts and ties and come to you with smiles and ask if you'd like to talk about Jesus, when in fact they're just recruiting for their weird little cult.


UMM.. not to be rude but why does your name says israel?

I'm going to go out a limb and assume you're upset I said that you don't know what you're talking about.
Sadly you haven't made any particularly informed arguments so I am unwilling to retract that.

No, not really. However, they have a strong urge to present those avatars as those who they really are, and go to homosexual orgies with their internet friends, pay upwards to 1000$ to have their "Fursonas" featured in drawings…
Need I go on?

Also, pardon me.
Why do I have to prove that furries actually become animals? What is actually relevant is knowing that they go and play those actions they claim to do in the internet, since that would be a mirror to this situation. Your goal is arbitrary.

Its his mod name.
I believe its "ironic". He's not a jew though, even if he might be a neo-Jesuit.

The point is this: They're pretending. It's not real. Sort of like OP's little "death cult" isn't real. They're pretending. The claim is made that there is a homosexual death cult invading Zig Forums and, until that claim is proven, it's just LARPers LARPing as usual. An actual homosexual death cult recruiting on Zig Forums would be a dangerous thing and should be reported to the FBI. A bunch of people pretending? Meaningless.

I don't see the need to clutch at my pearls over a bunch of role players considering the website I'm on.

t. Reiko

The guy that killed himself because of this livestreamed himself shooting himself in the head and there was brain matter on the walls. I don't want to link it because no one should see that but you can find it if you're really interested.