Brit/pol/ #2153: Everyone Hates Jerries Edition

Blogpost: Revocation of Citizenship

Spooks watched London Bridge terrorists load van and set off on murderous rampage… but did nothing

London hosts ‘Modest’ Fashion Week to celebrate #hijab and long hemlines

Earthworms are more important than pandas (if you want to save the planet)

World’s First Trans-Species Cyborg Fights For Right To Be Recognised

Theatre apologises for not realising Wakanda is a fictional country

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Good lad.

for her

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Anyone working class here? just try to post. i will end you

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ello mayhte

He's in the wardrobe.

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if your iq is below 120 the brazen bull will be heated at once

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*gets arrested*

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Guter Junge

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he cant hide forever

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was prolly a mistake of irving to be so bombastic tbh also he related that story of him calling a black man on a bicycle a nigger he shouldnt have said that even though he only mentioned it because hes genuinely not a racist

Toni Blair looks like she'd bust your balls with a hammer
Daniella Cameron is quite peng looking
Theresa Heath looks like a dinner lady

Bombastic is a British trait tbh lad

graylings so infuriating
scaphism is the only suitable punishment tbh


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Scaphism? We shouldn't have taught you that word.

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his barnet makes me rofl

Scalp him. He won't like it you know

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thats because its five feet high

no way id be hacking away at it for hours


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he looks like the old nick cage owl hair memi

Why hasn't an offended muslim murdered him yet? 'tis a mystery.

The Virgin Wews Hover Hand vs The CHAD obvious tit grope

get the strimmer out kek

the absolute state of his barnes, I'd rather have the JUST hair tbh

Seriously who the fuck thought this was a good idea.

>Politically correct, left-wing teachers are brainwashing children attending some state schools, Ukip’s interim leader has claimed.

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Do you mean Nick Cave?

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Just need to bring up the lad who got in trouble for visiting the UKIP website on a school comp.

at my school we literally had an assembly where we were told not be UKIP racists
then we went back to the common room and continued to abuse the paki kid and throw hitler salutes for shits and giggles

the problem with rhetoric like this is that they just spin it around and say 'elohel that's just called facts XD of course certain views ae unexaceptible' You need to go fully on the offensive and say "Its no longer acceptable to teach egalitarianism in schools"

should be "states the fucking obvious" really

my mate was caught by teachers looking up Combat 18 on google images on the library PCs


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Are'nt you forgetting the Bus nigel? What about the bus and the 350 billion for the NHS which millions of people voted for? What about the Bus nigel? Why won't you talk about the bus?

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just shave it off my son dont let it linger in suffering

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who's that on the top right?

he bullshitted by saying he was looking for pressure groups for his politics studies
teacher just gave him a funny look and walked away

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There are so many xenos in schools that it has to be that way or else.

Gerry Gable Searchlight magazine Hope not Hate Nick Lowles

Also LBC is owned by a gay Jew who used to butt fuck the boybands he managed

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I don't really trust or approve of (((cloud))) storage but what does he use and how much does it cost? I've had times when HD's have failed and wished I'd bought the bullet.

I miss him lads

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Not sure tbh. What are the tell-tale signs I should look out for as I peruse my humble abode?

filezilla or something


if you own a sports direct mug
if you have a plastic bag full of plastic bags
if you have a drying rack
if your taps are hot or cold only
if you have asda or third party brand chocolate biccies and not mcvities TM

you will get the rope

you reminded me to go and get some jaffa cakes tbh

The absolute state of everything

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dont think ive ever bought software, always had the philosophy of stallman, its not like it was too expensive or anything haha

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It's almost as if they're all self serving narcissistic psychopaths addicted to the dopamine rush of being thought a "nice person" and using charity as a shield to act their fantasies with impunity.

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The only two wortth using are or pCloud
pCloud are doing a 2TB lifetime membership for 220 quid but zero knowledge encryption is 110 quids extra gives you that for free.
That means everything is encrypted on your HDD before uploading. It can only be decrypted by you. Good place to store dank memmies TBH
Both do free accounts
pCloud give up to 20 gb fre and 5gb. Thay are the only two worth considering
Sync is based in Canada and pCloud is Swiss
Sync's customer service is better


Just get a spare HDD. They're cheap.

This and ONLY this tbh. Plus cash, freebies and "Brendan Who is so wonderful. He does loads for charridee just like his uncles Jimmy and DLT"

Spoilered so no one complains

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*shits up the rest of the thread*
duuurrr racemixing is okay then /s


big if true

That doesn't sound right lad?

wew thanks for the detailed info lad, appreciated. I'll look into these ones

Or I might just do this and start buying fresh HD's every few years.

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Nah. Too expensive, inconvenient and you can always deny having a cloud drive full of rare pepes and cryptos They'll torture you for your password to your pepes if they seize it tbh

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I'm coming to Yorkshire to kick your fucking head in

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*fetches the boot polish and a ticket to Calais*

I swear if only I had the authority I would go full Sharia and prevent these whores coming back.

(((Cloud))) provider will rat on you.

How much stuff are you hoarding?

I give you my authority as a fully paid up Englishman tbh

they should all be quarantined and incinerated for bioterrorism tbh

not today ruseman

these are fake

I believe it tbh

not a single doubt in my mind
gosh im blackpilled

Mine wasn't.

Zero knowledge means eveything is encrypted to AES 256 standard before it uploads. They cannot decrypt it as the keys are stored on your devices. It takes a long time to encrypt stuff. Both those companies have been tested out by hackers tbh. You can also veracrypt it before as well

$ʍh ʍ¥ β๏๏ţ ρ๏ℓɨ$h ρℓąɲ ώą$ ƒ๏๏ℓ ρя๏๏ƒ

Eh? This is England mate fuck off.

the BIG DOGS fear the Steiner Boar

They aren't.




Nothing wrong with Hindi m8. It's British. As British as Cheddar tbh


If you're planning to store your memi collection in the (((cloud))) encrypt first with an independent tool gpg/veracrypt and then upload.


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get off yer phone

starting a new playthrough of KCD, not gonna sin whatsoever

Why are people on their phones? It's so uncomfy

took me a while to understand that americanism
never understood why the hollywood movies always had them grab lotion before wanking
but then again ive never been mutilated