Brit/pol/ #2154: Everyone Loves the Chuckle BrothersEdition

the chuckel brothers are redpilled tbh

Blogpost: Revocation of Citizenship

Spooks watched London Bridge terrorists load van and set off on murderous rampage… but did nothing

London hosts ‘Modest’ Fashion Week to celebrate #hijab and long hemlines

Earthworms are more important than pandas (if you want to save the planet)

World’s First Trans-Species Cyborg Fights For Right To Be Recognised

Theatre apologises for not realising Wakanda is a fictional country

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Good lad!

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For him

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he tried to warn us smh

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oh dear oh dear

What do you think?

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Good lads


don't lad, let us keep something

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barry is just learning their ways before niggerkillingvision, killingvision can begin


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interesting pic bbc

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not really


too thin

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Fuck no

This should be prosecuted as a hate crime. Mandatory minimum of 20 years please.

How many years is that if you get caught?

Top keek


We do, if we starve wogs and pakis.

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yes, its scientifically and statistically proven

we already produce 70% of our own food anyway

idk, but it's definitely a hate crime (think bacon sandwich and a building)

Depends alot if it is just growing rapeseed. I wonder how we'd do if we devoted it all to food production and reintroduced rationing.


I'm size 10

She chubby, not fat.

t. low-test

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we have surplus if we remove foreign sponges


If you want to cut down every tree standing in Britain for battery farm space - sure, enjoy. Aukarky isn't a good idea. Remove all the foreigners and maintain a sensible population, with sensible trading for food and everyone's laughing

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That must've fucked their innards up.

thanks lad

Chuckle brothers suffer from the same weakness as most Englishmen in their altruism and believing they can help raise up others, they are pure, noble, and idealistic, only hoping that they can spread joy throughout the nation. But if you cross them they will kill you, or deport you, or have you locked up for noncery. They're are of another time and beyond our judgment. When the time comes though Barry and Paul will stand side by side with us.

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That's fat lad

Do your parents behave like typical boomers? Mine do, I hate it!

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my dad chromecasts sargon of akkad videos to the big plasma and says ronald reagan was the best president ever

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No, my mother is a massive racist, anti-communist who hates Winston Churchill.

unironically filtered.

Yep full neo-cons who love Yankland

wew tbh

im not my dad smh

My dad has always said we should just glass the middle-east.


this made me laugh really hard for some reason

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Someone actually liking Sargoy?

I'm not alone then.


It's an unfortunate fact that in our era the most physically attractive girls have diminished Moral Mummy potential; hence the Homelypill is the path of wisdom and morality.

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someone old enough to be westies dad liking Sargon

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he has also said to me multiple times "sargon of akkad… that name.. it's like some old persian king or something.. .wow…" in this reverent voice, as if sargon is some great intellectual for picking a name from a wikipedia article

i have a pic somewhere of us eating family dinner while a sargon vid plays on a big screen in front of us tbh


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I thought westie didn't have a dad?

Post it pls

Post it, I need this to be real.

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Relaxing tbh

post your tits

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westie's parents are just divorced

this thank you

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did the pic of the woman in the veil sadden you?

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hand then

At least she isn't trying to hypnotize you with her tits

Well even if you are lying that gave me a good laugh so I'll forgive you this once

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we need to find out first

Your parents are worse than mine. Sad.

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if you mean me its 100% true

Choon coming through lads

its Sophie Rudd lad stop being such a spaz

Gotta just keep holding out for the apocalypse.


I will do it when I have my nails done.

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i can spot a blokes hand from a lasses, regardless of how much hormones they are on

c :



worse its probably one of the ones from /newbrit/

bit racist

i blame brexit

Fuck that's hardcore as shit

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Some Moz fans reportedly left the SSE Hydro on Saturday night after the Manc miserablist questioned their dedication to the First Minister of Scotland.

The former Smiths frontman, who confessed last year that he has never voted, apparently said: "I am curious. Do any of you actually like Nicola Sturgeon?

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It's an absolute banger but yes everything is ruined when you see the talmudic slave morality isnt it

You gonna post that photo?

Agree the lyrics aren't all that, but from the perspective of a game focused on eternal feudal war, it fits imo

im in bed on my phone atm tbh up early tomorrow

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I'm not a tranny. I doing my nails next week, so I will post something then.

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why do you care if GCHQ see your unpaunted fingers, ladss?

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