Brit/pol/ #2155: Stupid Edition


Scaremongering EU bosses claim Brexit could give British workers CANCER

Renew: new party bids to overturn Brexit


'Stupid' Corbyn

Corbyn to curtail City of London powers

88 year old man takes on five knife-wielding thugs to save woman

Great Ormond Street children's hospital will keep a £530,000 donation from the controversial 'Presidents Club' gala where hostesses were allegedly groped

Babies born in the UK are more likely to die early than in Cuba, Latvia and Belarus due to low breastfeeding rates, obesity and women delaying childbirth

Boris Johnson compares dead monkey head to Labour backbencher

Let off for transgender "woman" who pushed cop on to rails

Boarding school headteacher slams Snowflake generation



oy gevalt remember greatest ally goyim!

oy vey anuddah shoah!

French Children Taught Migration Is a Human Right, ‘We’re All Africans’

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Good lad.


*gets shot*

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>tfw true love doesn't exist in the 3D realm

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I'm with you, lad

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*Bullies you*

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You heard them

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Kek VPN lad
Been there since 2
I wanted my (100) tbf

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Think we should declare war on Judea tbh lads

Bullying only makes me stronger

hurrrrrr polar bears are white hurrrrr

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monitor lizards are based

keek he's so lifeless. Imagine changing this little over millions of years.

*culls your ancestors*

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for her

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*dresses up for you*


that gator was probably having atavistic nightmares

shut up you fucking mongs

*steps on autistic cat*


Just 15 dollars and you could enjoy this video, lad

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Paris knife brawl between rival Tamil gangs leaves 5 wounded

we should comission some propaganda from him and get raheem to retweet it and then reveal he retweeted a vore artist that would show him tbh

You're a sick puppy

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based brontosaurous DESTROYS libtard epic style


Steiner chases thot

He'd probably think it's what the cool kids are into these days "This is me just enjoying some vore like your average working class Brit"

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42k subscribers and people pay him

Why is he so much better than You Kipper lads?

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I don't want to die like this tbh lads

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anything by adam that distracts him from Jahanic studies is a tragedy

do it lad

But lad you always wanted to go there, wear short shorts and start the race war

Do it lad, can probably avoid being killed if you hire bodyguards with the wages

*disables ad-block to look at SA*

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Roma gypsy "from Derby" caught

well now I'm tempted to do it just to fly my rhodie flag

for the wages of sin is death

Don't be homo

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this is a good idea

Why the fuck are these people even allowed in in the first place? Even the die-hard leftist migration supporters would struggle to find a reason.

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A part of me wants it to happen.

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But what about the bus?

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I want a thunderdome

An asylum seeker who drove a lorry through crowds of shoppers in Stockholm, killing five people icluing a British man and a little girl, has said he wanted to build a caliphate

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Don't worry lad. We will savage the leftists one day and beat them all to death

We'd have a big fuck off steel plough on the front and tractor wheels spinning from 4 V8's in the back.


Who the fuck said that
I'll kill them

dresses look better anyway

Me just now, didn't mean to >

Dresses are divine.


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What on earth would you say that for
Do you not thot-watch when you're out and about

Would you like to purchase a copy of Google maps and some news links lad?

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Rotherham child sex abuse: Inquiry finds 100 more potential victims

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If they're going to look like slappers I'd at least like to enjoy a nice view

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That's exactly why it shouldn't be allowed, how dare they try tempting me.

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It was a memie lad smh

Does Godwinson lurk/post here? Lad has just posted a video about how Jezza Kyle is jew propaganda.

Staying faithful for your boyfriend must be a difficult job

Another channel. Smh hope this one lasts

Kyle is a right twat, his daughter went to a school nearby and he had a massive tantrum because someone told him he couldn't smoke in a classroom during a teachers evening.

How dare he tbh
In his own home

keek that intro is great

Most pundits are lurkers I reckon.

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When someone asked him to stop, did he repeatedly interrupt them by saying 'WHAT?', getting louder each time?

From what I heard, yes.

he also started throwing chairs around

He's lucky that I try so hard.

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Campaign launched for liberal Americans to infiltrate the NRA

He also has a fetish for licking golf balls.

Very odd man.

It will completely fail, the only ones who'd do it are shit-scared of guns, and any moderate liberals would end up being swayed into becoming pro-gun

Kek touchè


The NRA is the largest lobbying group burgerland, so these holier than thou libtards would easily be brought off with a blank cheque.

Exclusive: EU scraps border projects as 'Ukraine fatigue' grows after billions stolen from EU taxpayers are stolen by Ukrainian Jews

That'll go well
Imagine them attending rallies with rednecks

liberal Americans cant really infiltrate anything because they can't conceive of a theory of mind for their opponants. They really do just respond to conditioned responses that right-wingers are 'hateful' and gun owners are 'bigots'. I'd love to see any true believing liberal civilian try to infiltrate any right wing organisation.

I prefer moral

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That's a much better way of saying it than mine:
Curse my limited verbosity when sober

looks like 22st

is that a stereotypical taigface? because I look like that but more skinny