Brit/pol/ #2156: Bowden Edition

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this is just sad lad

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wow nice thread lad

goodnight everyone

links are moral syphilis

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Poor SA, can't he eat a curry with his bf without bigots interfering smh

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Goodnight lass

imagine modelling your entire personality on another imageboard poster it really is an exceptional level of dire

We've been infiltrated by the 56% gender.

This is why Romanians should be slung out of Britain by their testicles
Romanian gang smash up an abandoned car with a golf club, an electric drill and an AXE for 'parking in their space' so it that would be taken away by authorities

put the chromosomes in the bag and nobody gets hurt.

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I don't think so m8
muslims aren't too fond of sharing

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Fucking arse bandit

Gypsies, lad and don't you forget it.

Outrage in China after American museum visitor broke off a 2,000-year-old Terracotta Warrior's thumb and STOLE it

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Gua Laowei


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I really liked the George Clooney story.

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He is unelectable.

Maybe because that warrior is almost ten times older than his country.

kek lad fair
If you can can you edit it so when the Bugman says "Sir" in the first bit change it to "Xir" so it fits with the second, cheers.

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Good lad.

I unironically hate Reddit for what they did to Kaiserreich tbh lads.
Used to be one of the most legendary mods ever made. Now it's hipster trash.

It gave me a good chuckle.

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This is why America needs nuking along with Israel tbh

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Yeah Kaiserreich is indeed shit now.

lads it's made by unironic commies, what did you expect.

never forgiving them for trying to remove chink waifu

I would've thought the chinks would be fine with destroying historical items.

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If wasn't the fact that HOI4 is such casualised shit or the fact that they needlessly altered the lore of a universe that'd been crafted over a decade; it was the fact that it fucking reeks of Reddit now.
When that place latches onto something it sucks the fucking life out of it. All the charm of Kaiserreich is gone in place of stupid spammed unfunny memmies for downvotes and ridiculous retarded alterations to the game to appeal to the hordes of Redditors that wank eachother off. I saw a poll on there a year ago and the vast majority of them had literally never even heard of the DH mod.
Legitimately angers me lads.

I know lad, I know.

I'm a massive Fallout fan, currently playing Fallout 4 for the first time and it's making me want to kill myself due to what they've done to the series
fuck Bethesda

How old is "WE WUZ KANGS" thing?


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What am I looking at?

I'm hungry but I can't be fucked going to the shops. So angry and frustrated

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yeah because the gooks have never destroyed anyones shit ever

we need to nuke and smallpox china until is a barren wasteland then we need to spray cobalt over all the piles of trash so that more gooks don't grow out of the piles of shit. they are destroying the world's environment and they the entire reason the world is overpopulated

the doggo man lass


Holy fuck.

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What's in your fridge?

I don't blame China for its industrialisation.
We did literally the exact same thing in the 19th century yet nobody seems to give a shit.

babies first unsourced conspiratard article?

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except they do and constantly harp on us for 'pollution'

One of Malcom X's sidekicks was a black "historian" who spearheaded the whole thing. Guy claimed he had a degree at multiple universities throughout his life and didn't seem to understand some very basic historical events

Some houmous, cheese and about 10 litres of milk

Get that picture of an Italian American man off my board

Politics tbh
We rubbed their noses in it back in the day. Now they're growing far stronger than us they remember the humiliation and are enjoying giving it back.


Have some cheese.

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That is the exact cheese I have. Need some biscuits to go with it though. I'm not mainlining pure cheese at 1am I'll get tryptophan psychosis

fuck off chang we should have nuked your shitty coastal population centers so you could be a shithole nation of 100000 billion street shitting buck toothed rat eaters

Good stuff

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tfw got blue cheese repeating on me

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Peak yank tbh
Jesus how America has fallen.

Lad this is the next generation of competition between countries. GDP and sport don't count for shit, internet arguments are what matters.

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PRC shillbot spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) are on Zig Forums

Lad calm down here's a picture of Mummy Carol

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Great Granddad died fighting the Japs tbh lad. They captured him in Singapore then tortured him to death in Burma. Or they executed him on some island when they found out they'd lost. His comrades on the railroad of death lost contact with him and nobody ever found his tags.

I'm eating some right now tbh

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Might as well chug the milk and eat the hummus with your bare hands as well.

The lad can't take a hint.

I've spurned blue cheese for a good while, think I tried one once ages ago, didn't fancy and became a cheese bigot. I do love my cheeses though and want to retry more British brands and become more multicultural. Recommend me a good blue lad.

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Lad you're going to have cheesy nightmares

Legit not a fan of cheese outside of having it on jacket potatoes tbh.

Good lad. Cheese before bedtime being bad is an anti-Anglo memi.

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Praise Jah.

I don't drink milk or hummus. I'm not him

A few chunks of cheese is my go to snack at night since like forever.

I don't like blue cheese except in things, in this instance it was with the venison at the restaurant I went to. All other kinds of cheese I will eat on their own but I spurn blue, though mum makes a nice sauce for steak with it etc.

My apologies lad.

No worries.

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What happened with this record? Was it uploaded here?

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My grandfather died due to the 3 packets of fags he smoked a day tbh

no, the jock is being tight and refuses to share it

iktf, If it's that texture of cheese I've got to have it on something, a bit of cracker or something at least.The Cathedral Cheddar I can quite happily slice chunks off to nibble on.
Fancy tbh.


Well it's like Parmesan, though you can put it on crackers its much better in/on other things, like putting a rind of it in a stew.


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>(((they)))'re trying hard

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fug I keep greentexting accidentally

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*licks paw*

based Anglos tbh

Who would win in a fight, a can of tuna or a block of cheddar cheese?

btw who is this 56% face I keep seeing about gun control after the school shooting? somebody spoonfeed me a name and/or a video pls.

Like Parmesan in flavour? That doesn't mesh with my own memories of blue cheese tasting. I shall investigate.

Make your subscriptions public again lad.

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……No. I meant I think of it like Parmesan in what it is good for, as in: good in things and no good on it's own.

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no u

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