What do you think?

What do you think?

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If true, nice.

Can verify, it is legit.

It's real, notice there's no direct English translation for אֵת

Also the Taw in ancient Hebrew does indeed look like a cross

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Each letter has multiple meanings. You could make anything from it

Okay, doubting Thomas.

I'm sorry for thinking.

I've studied pictographs. I've seen so many different ways of people trying to make Jesus, Jesus (and other variations) mean something. So you can really make it mean what you want. The same with YHWH, and the whole "hand behold nail behold" thing. Vav is more precisely a tent peg. Jesus' hand wasn't nailed with a tent peg.

Also Jesus is the lamb of the world not the ox (alef) of the world.

Why are you doing this? Do you hate God that much?

Well that is actually amazing then. God bless whoever wrote those symbols, and even more the person who decided it needed to be preserved even though it's not a word.

To be fair, academically it's interpreted as a participle (blueletterbible.org/lang/lexicon/lexicon.cfm?Strongs=H853&t=KJV). Regardless, God speaks to us in many ways and this should be proof of God's amazing work especially for such an unbelieving and unrepentant generation (e.g. ). It's quite sad the Jewish people are still blind to this however.
It is the glory of God to conceal the word, and the glory of kings to search out the speech. (Proverbs 25:2)

Why are you angered at thinking? Does God hate thinkers? Is God against logic? After all, I thought he was the logos.

This is no different than Bible codes, which has been mimicked with uninspired books. If you look for things, you'll find them. You don't have to be mad that you're guilty of the ''Confirmation Bias" fallacy.

You're also guilty of ungodly tribalism by deciding on who's in and who's out, as if you're God himself, based on an uninspired doctrine of man unfounded in scripture.

You've done absolutely nothing to disprove our arguments logically, even though you claim to be the logical one.

Also, Adam thought he was the smart one for eating the forbidden fruit. Good luck, faithless one.

What's so difficult to understand what was presented in the video? Are you incapable of thinking?


If that doesn't help, see:

teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Kindergarten-Reading-Comprehension-SET-1-2438358?gclid=Cj0KCQjw_ODWBRCTARIsAE2_EvV9eilbzxn9hG9d4YYqRuhTWZeJiAPc24GO6kzMoV-To0iSmgUz3MgaAgrEEALw_wcB(USER WAS WARNED FOR RULE 2: PERSONAL ATTACK)

Adam - ADM - Aleph, Dalet, Mem

Aleph - God
Dalet - Doorway/pathway
Mem - chaos/Destruction

Through Adam we learn that God is the pathway to destruction

Wtf I'm gnostic now

Jesus- Y'ShUA - Yod, Shin, Vav, Ayin

Yod - hand
Shin - Eat
Vav - tent peg
Ayin - Eye

"I eat/consume tentpegs with my eyes". If you don't understand, btfo you spiritual peasants.

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Nice C&D attempt. Stop posting from different IPs Zig Forums, you know OP's vid ruffles your feathers so much Satan that it drives you nuts. Leave in the Name of Jesus Christ.

I have no control over that. That's what happens with phone posting, you tard. Clearly your feathers are ruffled since you're dodging the fact that your cabalistic woo has been debunked.

Confirmation Bias, Ad Hominem, Red Herrings, no wonder atheists think Christians are retarded.

Again, nobody here cares except you. You're the militant one. You're the one that's offended and something spurred within you to post against this.

You know this is the way God works. However the clearer the sign, the more pushback there is. Repent and humble yourself and don't be like Pharaoh.

I'm just helping people to not fall into woowoo doctrines. I can clearly see you're bent out of shape that I demonstrated the silliness of this doctrine. You can come to terms with yourself though. You can be honest with yourself. I believe in you!

Let each individual decide for themselves and take this into prayerful consideration, why are so you concerned, do you believe you are that important and knowledgeable? You are no God and I put my full faith and confidence in Jesus Christ.

Most of my replies have been level-headed (I admit a few have been less than desirable), but you've resorted to lashing out and calling us names repeatedly. And you think I'm the one that's bent out of shape? Ha! I can see very clearly that you have the anger of the devil within you, and Satan's using you to create a stumbling-block for those weak in the faith. I will pray for you dear friend.

Of course I'm not God. But you sure think you are.

The pictograph for elohim means that God is an Ox that controls men by working chaos.

Aleph - ox
Lamed - Control
Hey - man
Yod - work
Mem - destruction

I'm sorry you don't test all things and hold fast to the truth

I give all glory, honor, and praise to God. I am just a mortal man.

Anyways, this is a matter of one's interpretation and the narrator explains a particular viewpoint that some of us in this thread agree with. You happen to disagree with it and that's fine, but no need to be militant about it. We all understand your point by now and we thank you for the contribution! God bless!


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Okay, this will be my final post. There is a way to make your viewpoint known without coming across in a certain type of way.

I apologize for my past behavior, I am responsible for instigating it with this post and I never want to come across as conceited or arrogant like that again. I deserve to be reprimanded for that.

That said, I hope we can all agree that the real miracle is Jesus' resurrection and His ascension into Heaven where He sits on the Right Hand of God.

I was being facetious to demonstrate you can make all sorts of theories off pictographs.