Am I a reprobate?

Exhibit A: I had homosexual thoughts for a week a couple years ago. (fell for the trap meme)

Exhibit B: When I was 13 I think I blasphemed the holy spirit after seeing a post on /r/atheism inciting such.

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If you are worried about being a reprobate, then you are not one. Those that blaspheme the Holy Spirit do not even think of it, due to such a hardened heart.

That depends on you friend. You obviously came here Zig Forums for a reason. What did you expect to find here?

The Holy Spirit is not a tumblr SJW. Blaspheming it means a lack of contrition and repentance up until death.


You're fine, op.


OP, you just need to persist and go through the narrow gate. Truly repent of your sins and read your Bible and pray, just make sure not to take the Mark of the Beast if you ever see it within your lifetime.

Ask, and the gift is yours. Seek, and you’ll discover. Knock, and the door will be opened for you. For every persistent one will get what he asks for. Every persistent seeker will discover what he longs for. And everyone who knocks persistently will one day find an open door. (Matthew 7:7 - emphasis mine)

Kind of difficult to do, if you don't know what the mark looks like.
Some have said it's probably going to be a chip that will be implanted in you (RFID), others some special kind of tattoo (occult in nature?), maybe something different entirely…

The mark of the beast isn't technological. It's an outwardly visual spiritual mark reflecting a state of the soul. Tattoos and RFID chips are bad enough, but they are only prefigurations.

Did you have sexual fantasies? Did you masturbate to them? Did you look at pornography? Did you engage in Sodomy? It doesn't sound like you're an unrepentant Sodomite, so I don't think God has given you over to a reprobate mind.

Atheists only betray their ignorance. They don't even understand what blasphming the Holy Spirit is. You didn't commit that sin.

Just repent and follow Jesus and you'll be fine.

Blasphemy against the holy spirit is unforgivable. You're hell bound, OP.


The Holy Spirit will tell you, and this guy has no clue either

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If you have to ask, the answer is "No."

Okay, reading this again, I sorta agree with you. But make no mistake that it'll be a physical mark of some kind that is given out by the Beast. I'm fairly certain many Christians (at least on this board) will know in the knowest of knows that that is the Mark and that we need to flee if we ever see it.


The mark will be given in some kind of ritual where worshipers of the wounded beast blaspheme the Holy Spirit (acknowledging with full knowledge that God is God and Jesus is the Messiah, but pledging to reject and fight against God anyway on the side of the Antichrist). This is the one unforgivable sin, and it's commitment is the requirement to receive the mark. During the ritual, the beast from the earth will use his powers to apply a supernatural seal to the hand or forehead (probably denoting different ranks) that cannot be removed or concealed or imitated. The mark will be required to participate in the economy. It will be visible to anyone day and night, and will not be subject to natural laws. It is a spiritual mark that is outwardly visible. Anyone who receives the mark is already damned. Anyone without the mark will be hunted down and pressured to take the mark under torture or threat of death of the self or loved ones. Those who refuse will be beheaded. I don't think you can accomplish all that with a gadget, and I see no reason why the beast from the earth would restrict himself to technological means alone given his supernatural powers and the spiritual nature of what the mark actually represents. That's just my interpretation, though. I won't be getting any microchips or tattoos haha

Traps don't count, they are high level illusion spells. Demons can trick the strongest willed heterosexuals with these thoughts/fantasies. It actually means you're super straight, because you love the female form so much despite it having a penis.

Blaspheming the holy spirit is unforgivable as long as you are in that state of blasphemy, if you turn from it you can repent.

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Everyone is a reprobate.
All you can do is ask God for mercy and do your best to ''not' do anything reprobate.

You cannot blaspheme the holy spirit on a whim. You first need to experience it and then suspect its a profoundly evil force.

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Underrated post.

This one too.

How is it a meme?

I don't think you know what reprobate means

Exhibit A: Don't ask or listen to these LARPer Anderson worshippers
Exhibit B: You must first be in the presence of the Holy Spirit in order to blaspheme it. You cannot do it on a whim.

Every 2-3 days someone makes a thread where they ask if they're reprobate because they had a gay thought once or touched their pee-pee while bathing or looked at a girl's butt. It makes it into a kind of meme.

How do you know that?

It is the antithesis of God's seal (Revelation 7:3), given by the worship of Satan (or, at the very least, the lack of Christian worship), as God's seal is given for the proper worship of God. It isn't a physical marking on the body.
Just don't do anything un-Christian, as those under the influence of Satan do and will compel you to do.

It's time for this meme to die.

You're a sinner in need of a saviour. Embrace his free gift of salvation and be saved.

A "reprobate" is someone who refuses to (or is predestined to) do this, and not someone who has "sinned particularly egregiously", though it is true the latter usually follows from the former.
That this keeps being forgotten on winniethepooh Zig Forums is seriously troubling.

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If you want a good example of a reprobate, read Exodus, specifically when the plagues start showing up and Pharaoh still chooses to defy god. If you look at him and see yourself, then maybe. If not, you're probably ok. The fact that you're worried about that question is already a good sign. If you're worried about stumbling in your walk, remember this. The fact that we stumble and fall is the whole point. We're human. Sin is in our nature ever since the fall. God understands that. What's important is that you get back up every time you stumble, and try to be better. Whether or not you succeed is another matter, the point is you are making a genuine effort not to keep walking in sin. So I'd say pretty safely, no. You're not a reprobate.

A reprobate wouldn't ask because a reprobate wouldn't care enough to ask.

point taken

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Transhumanism. "Scared of Death? well don't worry just have one of our Globalist (tm) Mental Network Chips planted in you and we can upload your mind into the core." Comes with fantastic apps too! We can upload all the leading edge comdey you enjoy or keep you up to date on all yours friends social status. You don't even need to fear being mugged and losing your money thanks to our special quantum wallets which keep all your financial dealings in our safe cloud service.

Why WOULDNT you want our MNC? You're not a radical are you? Oh you say your Christian, well have a nice day (enforcers arriving in 3…2…1)

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What if a person said "F@#/ God" or some other insult as an edgy teen? This memory has been worrying me for a while ever since I started reading the bible.

Lol I used to be like that. Fedora tipping edgelord that once put "misothiest" on a national religion poll.Fast foward about a decade, spend too much time on /pol, freak out and turn into an alchoholic. Eventually began genuinely reading the christian threads and ended up here.

Probably was out of desperation for some kind of hope in this world but I just thought "…Alright, lets do this" and BOOM! A year later I'm clean, going to church, have actual friends and havn't broken down in tears in over 6 months. Of course I keep occasionally praying to say sorry for all the dumb shit I said and did when I was younger and sometimes wonder if I went to far.

But as for your question; even with everything bad that I have done, I do not feel like he has abandoned me. Which in turn makes me feel all the more guilty having abandoned him all those years ago.

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1 Timothy 1:13 KJV

Pretty good documentary

Since you wonder about that, you aren't. Having homosexual thoughts from being tempted by disgusting porn is … a problem … but sure nothing eternal, considering you stopped and realized how much of an illness that was. The second part: Mortal sin and MUCH MORE SO eternal sin is something you don't commit out of f'ckery and fun, not least as 13 y/o when you don't even realize the implications. They require full knowledge, full consent and full intention - not just edginess.

Also see what wrote, good post.

Man, must suck being a MNC having your tech stolen every day.

There is no such thing as a reprobate.
Repent and be vigilant, have faith in Jesus and do not be confused.

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go back to your homo board and stop promoting inherent homosexuality as "super straight" and what not else

ok but this wouldn't happen in my austro-libertarian techno-singulitarian patchwork society unironic about this

Can you provide bible scripture to support your entire post?
The reprobate doctrine seems pretty direct…

Then how do you explain psychopaths, sodomites, and pedophiles?

Not a day has gone by that I have not asked myself this question since actually looking into Christianity and wanting to be saved.

back in my day we just called them "chicks with dicks" and its definitely gay. young people, I swear.