Brit/pol #2157: Another Comfy Edition

Comrade Corbyn (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)/

Turkish politician promises to INVADE GREECE if victorious in the election

Camden stabbings: Sadiq Khan requests meeting with Theresa May amid soaring knife crime

A Labour MP has been left "badly shaken up" and bruised after he was mugged on his way home from Parliament on Tuesday night

French government unveils tougher asylum rules in new bill

Free for All: Labour Party Unveils Bonfire of Immigration Laws

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I quit smoking tbh

coworker offered me some the other week but after smoking one i felt like i was going to die for about 30 minutes and couldn't do anything but lay there, dont know what the fuck they put in those cheap cigarettes from the paki shop but it subjugated me

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Nth for lads seriously all you haveto do is ctrl+f 'http' in the previous thread and then slap in some links from there

Paris used to be known as one of the most romantic cities someone could ever visit, now it's just like any other shithole.

All this shilling for migrants from the left will do nothing when the tourist industry isn't pulling in the punters with their wallets.

good lad

It is good
It will be better when we engineer a time when ANY word can be construed as meaning nigger, paki and jew so they get triggered ANY and EVERY time someone opens their mouth to speak, and they descend into mouth frothing "Muh racism antisemitic islamophobia!!!" tirades
It will be endlessly funny

I once spent 20 minutes designing a bespoke thread with unique links and beautiful formatting and then some cunt made the new one at 680 replies so I've converted to this method now tbh.

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Good lad
Bad lad :^)

Yeah but why bother when we know you'll do it?

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I didn't see one lad.

Sometimes I go and browse depending on if I can be arsed, I just get fed up of seeing the same fucking OP links for the umpteenth time in a row.

I prob posted it after you found all the links tbh

And what happens when I'm gone

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They are getting NO tourists from China or Japan anymore…the big spenders tbh
The Russians have stopped. The Brits all have homes in the countryside but even they're leaving and Trump has basically told yanks there's no point in visiting Europe because "They fucked it!! SAD"
The southern Europeans are too poor and Germans won't go away any more in case Merkel gives their house away to a cheddar


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Which you stole from me

EU can just fuck off. It'll be finished very, very soon. No one likes them, they don't care BUT THEY ARE N O T FUCKING AS RESILIENT AS MILLWALL

as luck would have it he didnt' fall on the side his casio watch is on. that could have cost him a paycheck.

Lads, has anyone seen a list of victims names yet? I still haven't seen any such thing.

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wikipedia is a good memorial site, though they deny it is a memorial site.

might be because of ongoing court case or because they are minors or because no one died

It's really sad but very predictable tbh
If they want to shoot themselves in the foot then let them.

I personally think they actually want a war to happen without being too obvious about it, and therefore a police state propped up by the EU Army.

I say give it at least 7 - 10


This has all been such brazen bollocks tbh

Id watch it

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Wouldn't half the wogs in such a museum immediately bow to massah

Sounds boring imo

Dang good point

Night at the Museum but with Malcolm X

our lad

top kek

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Hullo yes,

How are you spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) doing today?

Okay thank you

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Busy doing spy stuff

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what's this? a jewish lawyer defending the "human rights" or a jihadi?


*of a jihadi

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"Trump Administration Looking at Bankruptcy Options for Student Debt
The Education Department could clarify the meaning of ‘undue hardship’ that is needed to have loans erased "

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why is he called cheddar man why is he cheese related

He was the inspiration for Wallace from Wallace and gromit tbh

dunno lad, the context doesn't really matter tbh its a disgusting picture regardless.

This image is illegal in seventy countries. Save wisely.

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Where did you find it?

No results on tineye

meant for

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it was on Zig Forums

original filename was Irvin Kohen but it's such a generic yid name it's hard to find anything

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They're being pretty obvious tbh
Everyone is telling everyone else to fuck off all the time. Politicians are just behaving like kids

Just flick through the stories on the Express.
Either every state in the EU is failing, Russia is fighting with Brussels, India is fighting with China

We are at war

We have been for some time. Most people just don't know it yet. War starts with economic warfare. This has always been the way

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its another i think sa removed me from steam episode

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*drives up and watches spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)*
don't worry lass one day we will smash them and make academic neethood comfy again

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"The Problematic Subtexts Of Wallace And Grommit"

how interesctional discourse helps reveal that the "popular" animation perpetuates gender norms, transphobia and white supremacy

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there would be no greater feeling than for us to destroy the current conglomerate of pseudointellectual academics with rockthrowing low iq rednecks tbh

the sad thing is this is actually happening

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Don't even believe he's not a paid stooge. Who can afford to throw thousands of $$$$$$$ of gun away?

Wopland in meltdown

unless you changed names i dont see you n my friends list anymore, nor the other lad we played verdun etc with

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The Russian Navy is ramping up its presence in the Gulf of Mexico as part of a bid to counter America's increased presence there.

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That's actually way scarier than NA ever were

thanks lad, not at all surprising

JF calls out Thunderf00t

You know, i think there might be something in this whole JQ thing…

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a fairly easy bit to replace, instead of sawing striaght through the reciever etc in the center of the gun. gibme views

yeah we need to empower the working class and lower class people to smash the intelligensia but somehow we then need to erect ourselves as the new intelligensia over these people. unfortunately its probably going to lead to an age of philistinism (we are already deeply in this age). I don't know how its going to play out lass


They are such complete bollocks, what difference does removing a gun that would stay in a draw all the time do, exactly.
It's preachy virtue signalling as per fucking usual.

Bet he works for Shillary

Isn't most gun crimes in the US from revolvers though?

lmao they still teach us about that one time the russians put some missiles on cuba to counter our east turkish missile sites. operation northwoods was pretty close to happening and the fact that it didn't is probably why the good taig president got some open air brain surgery

I think most gun crime is from things like Hi-points and Kahrs and stolen glocks. I think the days of iver-johnsons and model 10s are coming to a close

pretty sure some autists reported him to the ATF for illegally SBR'ing his gun
also all you need to do to make it operational is replace the upper

People gave me shit for this the last time I posed about it but working class and lower class people have an inherent ability to recognise a natural elite. People who are well spoken, well dressed, educated, they look up to. Read about Prison doctors and how even the most thuggish criminals defer authority to them. Bowden also talks about this and how the working class nationalists he met would freeze up and be unable to stand up and speak in public like he does despite being tough guys, and how he had power over them because he could put into words and ideologically ground the beliefs that they had but couldn't express themselves.

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Yeah, I mean't handguns rather than assault rifles tbh.

also the creator of the anti-racism organisation in Norway smh

yeah good post lad I have noticed this as well. you just need to learn to develop some kind of way of relating to them. I think that comes with age but I am not sure.

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waheeeeeeeeeey absolute ledge get us a cheeky kebab while you're there init

I can't believe Labour has finally adopted migrants as their primary voter base so openly. I'm going to have to go out and vote Tory just to stop this nation sliding off the deep end any faster.

wew wot



it's the virtue signalling that irks me more than anything, what he did is easily repairable.

is it even an ar? im no expert but it looks fucking surplus m16 to me

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I smell a business idea

i may have messed up this post but you get the point

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I can believe it tbh.

They will never be elected though.

That'd be a right laugh tbf

Lad it's called reinforced glass.

We need to get them to virtue signal fucking killing themselves tbqfwyl

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Look at the link in the OP, Corbyn targeted The Sun, which has sunk any chance of him winning since they always end up being on the winning side.

Raw footage of where Kebab meat comes from.