Why are women so inferior?

Why are women so terrible? They ruin everything good and act like they're the victims when the fact is that everything bad can be placed at their feet. I'm not just talking about hobbies or male spaces either. Every single bad thing can be traced back to women. The fall? Eve's fault. Anglicans? Queen Elizabeth. And yet we're supposed to have families with these disloyal bitches? No. Forget that. Women ruin everything good, from Eden, to the Catholic Church in England, to comics and video games.

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Sewertemples gonna sewertemple.

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Well.. I'm sorry that you seem to have had bad experiences with women, but I can assure you not all women are like that. A lot of things women kinda… Need to be told (firmly) to back down and just stop, or otherwise rebuked. Like… Adam sinned, and he didn't stop Eve by asserting the authority a man has over his wife.
As for videogames and comics, I'd say that if a woman gets told to sit down and shut up when they're acting upity… They might get mad but they will. I know I do.

Their constant ruining of everything must be part of God's plan somehow.

Women are good when it comes to women stuff (caring for children, etc).

You're right when it comes to women trying a hand in male stuff (statesmanship, etc).

Anglicans can be traced back to a king, and the fall to Adam being effeminate. Comics and video games can be traced back to men trying to do "justice" by women with their ideologies, including all feminism. Blame men who bow down to them as their gods, not them.

If you rebuke a woman like this they only get more enraged.

Nice quote. Saved.

Shut the winnie the pooh up, roastie. Here you are, A dumb broad, invading one of our last places online.

videogames were created because some radar operators were bored and wanted something to do

I was referencing the "ruining" of videogames, assuming he was talking about SJWs or something of that sort.

Video games were already ruined when they started pandering to sex obsessed deranged idiots too much. SJWs only had a problem with it before they become sexxx posituvie :DD

I agree women act too much like victims when they do dumb shit. And they dont have loyalty to each other in their own communities for the most part. Back biting, gossiping,viscousness is common. It tricks you under the guise of nurture and sympathy, since many ladies are emotional and like to vent out their feelings to other people. It's too psychologically manipulative. Pathologically deranged. I know 2 female imageboards that are like this.. it's too much..

Join a monestary. I agree that almost all women are unbearably awful. Very few are saints, male or female, and this corrupt society has seemingly corrupted women more thoroughly. I believe this was done intentionally. I think the powers that be focused on ruining women because women are more the "core members" of society and they are by their nature much more dependant and conformist so they're softer yet more valuable targets for Satanic influence. If you can ruin a mother, you can ruin her children. Never forget that the real enemy is Satan.

I agree. I personally think they were ruined from their inception, as media is horrid for the human mind generally.

sex positive SJW's are bullshit, what they mean by sex positive is they are positive about sex between a fat ugly rainbow haired white woman and a horse/black, they still throw a tantrum when they see a female character from a japanese game

depends. there are different types. the ones that are conventionally attractive who can cosplay or engage in sex work definitely push that sex positivity shit to the point of borderline accepting pedophilia. the fat rainbow hair type is common but nearly all socially conscious hip western of all races woman is a feminist..

Well yeah. But if my fiancé told me to shut up about something and he was right… I'd forgive him pretty quick I think.


Yeah women are very conformist a lot of the times unfortunately. the social scrutiny when you aren't conformist is unbearable in those circles. It really sucks..

Lower brain capacity, with related lower intelligence.
Weaker bodies, weaker muscles even when the same size/mass.
Low emotional control, emotions overriding sense and logic most of the time.
Low impulse control.
They are supposed to be like that, winnie the pooh knows why.
Men are the doers and the thinkers, as well as being the maintainers, protectors and inventors.
Women are just like a standby mode, a screensaver. There to leave with a seed that can be grown in the background until it becomes either a man or a standby mode.

Just to jump in, statistically women are actually more intelligent than men on average (if IQ is infact any kind of indication), but the thing with this is that there is a much much lower distribution at the extremes i.e. the "average" intelligence of women is much more consistent than amongst men.
For men, the distribution is much more acute. This means that both the most foolish and most intelligent within a society will still be males.

In a moral society, women will tend to be more moral than men. In an immoral society, women will tend to be more immoral than men.

Is the THOT offended at being called what she is?
How does cunt sound instead, cunt?

So you're saying they can't help but be useless and unintelligent?

Citation needed.

Women and men have the same average IQ. The test is designed that way. Every year the test designers throw out all the questions that men outscore women on. Women tend to score higher on average, but only within like a point or two, which is negligible. It would be interesting to see IQ tests where the choice of questions don't handicap men against women, but feminists would never allow that. They're already upset enough that women are pretty much excluded from the genius category as is.