Brit/pol #2158: Yorkshire Edition

Comrade Corbyn (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)/

Turkish politician promises to INVADE GREECE if victorious in the election

Camden stabbings: Sadiq Khan requests meeting with Theresa May amid soaring knife crime

A Labour MP has been left "badly shaken up" and bruised after he was mugged on his way home from Parliament on Tuesday night

French government unveils tougher asylum rules in new bill

Free for All: Labour Party Unveils Bonfire of Immigration Laws

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Wensleydale Nationalism

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Should we return to these counties lads?

I say yes. Big beautiful yorkshire tbh

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I don't know why but I feeling something bad is going to happen.


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Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh lad

Which is the real thread?


this one is the real thread aaah didnt mean to double post

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real wigga hours

Tell me something only the real thread would know

Lads, I just watched the Black Pigeon video on western women. I know that I need to dominate this Polish lass. She likes a lad to take control of her, it's why she got so fucking horny when I took her as mine (only snogging but she was really fucking into it, gripped on my back really tight a couple times) on a night out with friends. I'll say my bit to her, explain some things (explain away why I said she seemed a slag) then snog the shit out of her. Make her mine

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yorkshire is a big county therefore it desevres two threads

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spookie Ghost thread

Why is westie allowed back?

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choose your timeline carefully mate.


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mods delete one unless you support the new dual thread dichotomy

who here alternate time line Zig Forums ?

'95 vs '96. Which would win?

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what about the timeline where nige became an mp

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This cunts granddaddy was a bigshot Greek at the UN who stole millions in backhanders from Congolese development aid and bought prime real estate in Greece and London
Despite rolling in it his dad and uncle lived in council flats and handouts from the British tax payer
Once had a long chat with one of their Camden m8s **Typical Greeks. Thieving bastards


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That's quite aesthetic tbh

Cheddars is the new name for Cheddars. You will heed this addition to our racist lexicon

looking bcak the 90s were an aesthetic time

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Yeah, modern phones are just screens.

do it, I'm dating a Polish lass myself

You enslave Poles. You don't woo them, you knob

Based, why are they so submissive wew

Do it while you can - they're going to make it illegal to see a Polish person and not stab them with a kosher knife.

There are easier ways to find a plumber

Did you read the rest lad? Literally just said I want to dominate her

We all had ericsons a year or two after that, they certainly got btfo

I miss it.

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use a condom lad
you don't want mutt children

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Of course lad

how find pole dancing pole? tried breaking my boiler to attract them but only men come round

If you're westie this won't matter


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What's wrong with your own kind?


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LXDE is a pretty decent return to that style.

Looks too modern tbh, can you get any themes for it or something?

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No longer a UKIP member now lad, based Poles in :^)
Seriously though lad she seems kinky which I almost had a kinky lass last year and fucking hell it is hot as fuck
No bully

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if you say "lad" in pol you get banned keek

Threadly reminder

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is this one of those line ex thingies commies talk about? why didn't you upgrade to windows 10 when it was free? haha, bet you're kicking yourself now.

Hullo deano


Sure, and it's easy to make your own too. Let me check for 9x ones.

Not a Deano smh, I end up only getting closer with weird lasses

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She wants you to lead. Following is a natural female state.

Kek. Atm they're getting stabbed in the back by the (((chosenites))).

Two words: Polski Sklep.

I wish there was a simple way to skin LXDE into Windows aesthetic.

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Reporting alamy to the ADL

tbh lads


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Merlons beard



There's a theme for MATE:

iirc MATE installs by default with Ubuntu, but if not, I know you can add it.

Touched by the Crimson King is a great album by them if you like Blind Guardian tbh not very good album art though imo

How did you know I'm using MATE?

in the heroic age there won't be any women or deanos tbh lads

"From Medieval Latin Merlinus and Old French Merlin, from the Old Welsh Myrddin, a name roughly meaning "of the sea-hills," from Proto-Celtic *mori (“sea”) *dūnom (“stronghold, rampart”)."

I didn't

'I hear you': Trump uses a CUE-CARD to remind himself to be sympathetic as he meets survivors of Florida school massacre

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Thanks! I'll check them out.

Cheers! It was a bit spooky tbh

Do it lad!

Good luck!


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Can somebody make this a font please?

Strange that they never reported on obamas auto cue and fake crying…

He did it on purpose.


someone killed the ghost thread.

Jews did 9/11 and jet fuel can't melt steel beams.

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That is not dead which can eternal lie

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Who do you think wrote it?




Our friend steiner is feeling sombre
*Steiner waves a stick*

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looks like a woman's handwriting

I wish sam was still allowed to do stand up tbh

SEE you the ferny ride that steals
Into the oak-woods far?
0 that was whence they hewed the keels
That rolled to Trafalgar.
And mark you where the ivy clings
To Bayharn's mouldering walls?
0 there we cast the stout railings
That stand around St. Paul's.

See you the dimpled track that runs
All hollow through the wheat?
0 that was where they hauled the guns
That smote King Philip's fleet.

(Out of the Weald, the secret Weald,
Men sent in ancient years,
The horse-shoes red at Flodden Field,
The arrows at Poitiers!)

See you our little mill that clacks,
So busy by the brook?
She has ground her corn and paid her tax
Ever since Domesday Book.

See you our stilly woods of oak,
And the dread ditch beside?
0 that was where the Saxons broke
On the day that Harold died.

See you the windy levels spread
About the gates of Rye?
0 that was where the Northmen fled,
When Alfred's ships came by.

See you our pastures wide and lone,
Where the red oxen browse?
0 there was a City thronged and known,
Ere London boasted a house.

And see you, after rain, the trace
Of mound and ditch and wall?
0 that was a Legion's camping-place,
When Caesar sailed from Gaul.

And see you marks that show and fade,
Like shadows on the Downs?
0 they are the lines the Flint Men made,
To guard their wondrous towns.

Trackway and Camp and City lost,
Salt Marsh where now is corn-
Old Wars, old Peace, old Arts that cease,
And so was England born.

She is not any common Earth,
Water or wood or air,
But Merlin's Isle of Gramarye,
Where you and I will fare.

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It's a pretty standard PR approach.

More Jew tricks

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basically encryption tbh

Why isn't he allowed?

I would even read it as a standard business meeting, which is so kek. Especially 80's business/sales.

Tbh, I make it even less legible when writing in public

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