Stefan Molyneux considering converting to Christianity?

He makes some remarks in this video indicating he is becoming more open to God. Please pray for him.

I'm surprised he's not a Christian. Anyways, prayers for Stefan.

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That's nice and alll but I couldn't help to notice that you didn't make an argument HAHAHAH better luck next time kiddo.

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Verily, verily, I say unto you, that this is /ourguy/ Molyneux

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Mixed feelings, if Molyneux became a Christian, he'd have to be an apologist if only to explain why.

I don't know how that will go over, but God let it happen!

Stef is such a brainlet really. He is only entertaining to watch but nothing he says really has value.

I'm certain if (((Molyneux))) converts it'll be genuine

By all means, pray for him. But keep your wallets tucked away safe.

If he converts and causes his cult of idiotic followers to convert too, we have yet another army in this war. Glory be, Lord let it happen.

I pray he accepts Christ. He has changed his mind on his politics and worldview many times in the past though.

Molyneux has seen it for himself how Christianity provides a spiritual backbone for the west, he always argues in favor of Christianity because of the spiritual revival that comes with it.

Witnesses just that is enough for one as intellectual gifted as Molyneux to understand that God is working his power through us, and just that is enough for a conversation… Molyneux also had a religious upbringing but fell away from Christianity.

It will definitely be pretty awesome to have him back.

I sincerely pray he comes back, but I can't help but feel more than a tinge of cynicism. A lot of times when a figure associated with the alt/dissident right or other fringe right-wing politics "goes Christian" it's usually on a cultural level. I.e. "I recognize that Christianity is good for society, and will go to church, but in terms of actual personal beliefs, I'm fundamentally an atheist/nihilist."


No. Don't fall for these controlled opposition useful idiots.
He's like that guy Milo the "dangerous faggot". He's there to consolidate progressive views from 20 years ago as conservative.
I pray for the children raised on youtube.

This is what will happen.
The opposition to atheism on youtube will be cultural theism. And you people are cheering him on.
Don't be so gullible.

Stefan already recognized the pragmatic value of Christianity long ago, this is about signs of him actually beginning to accept God as a reality. Also, shame on some of you for trying to put limits on God. Hardcore Muslims, Jews, feminist sluts, abortionists, etc., have all sincerely converted before so surely Stefan can do the same.

That's the Peterson phenomenon in a nutshell. Him and is followers genuinely believe if we reset the spiritual doomsday clock back to the 80 - 90's everything will be all better, ignoring that the rot had set in long before that. They want all the nice things that come with our Faith, but without having to shoulder any of the responsibility.

What faith is he talking about?

Although I came back to the faith partly on the Peterson bandwagon, I approve this message. Yet I find for myself that someone who can say faith is useful, and has become accustomed to thinking in religious terms is on the brink of sincere belief.

By the way, the stuff about him being Jewish is false (not that that would preclude him from becoming Christian).

Nearly as bad as Zig Forumss "Trump is secret nazi and supporting israel is 4dchess"

That movie was so hilarious,
The rest of movie was blatantly "we wuz kangs".

kinda like the japs?

He was mentioned in another thread, but check out the works of Rene Girard. He was, at least for me, very instrumental for getting me from the "there must be a god" stage to actual belief in God. I say this as someone who has a background in criminal behavioral genetics, pretty close to the field Peterson himself comes from, although we're more concerned with social order side of things.

On a side note he's way late to the party on heritability, IQ, the OCEAN model, etc. The new advances in the field are miles ahead of the stuff in his lectures.

It would probably fly over my head completely, but that sounds pretty cool.

Also, oddly for someone who has that over-inquisitive mind that is often associated with delusions of rationalist grandeur, I've come to be a committed Christian. The only thing that concerns me, is that one day, I will have to confront my family, I hope I can slowly redpill them.

I hate this meme so much that I groan reflexively when I see it. We already have a word for this: Statecraft. Trump is a statesman engaging in statecraft.

Exactly like them. Idolatry is the closest thing to faith Moly and friends can have because folk like him think only in terms of commodification. Naturally they'll try to make an idol out of anything they think advances their bottom line.

Maybe, maybe not. He is an idolater of capitalism, if he walks that back and says "it's only a useful tool" and "Christian charity is a necessity for a healthy society" we're talking about a fundamental change that goes to the root of the person, hence real conversion can be inferred.

We'll see

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You probably don't have it as bad as I did. My family are Jehovah's Witnesses. The "you're a heretic" conversation with my mother went about as well as you would figure. All I can recommend is that you go in ready, armed to the teeth with proper doctrine, and, if they're JWs, an interlinear polyglot Bible.

God no, just the most wilful and vainglorious atheists. It hurts them a lot, they tend to think they can accomplish all on their own, not realizing that motivation is a rare commodity measured out in real faith. Really, it is my brother I'm most worried for, I'm concerned that he's full millennial potato, because he's given expectations and no reasons and perhaps feels that this life is too hopeless, all of which is why it would be advantageous for him to learn to trust in intangibles.

I mean there's hell and all that, but I'd like to see a real change with them. I've always been my brother's hero, so I don't fear he'll crap on my efforts, it's more my parents who will. Plus it was my ex who broke down a lot of my resistance to religion, and my parents didn't take a liking to her, so I'm concerned they will assume I've been corrupted.

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Good on him, I've had a feeling he would come through.

Didn't he mention in earlier videos, he had bad experiences in church growing up?

I think he did, but I think his parents belonged to a fringe sect of Protestantism. He might be opening up to better denominations.

The problem here is that there is a possibility he may 'convert' to cultural Christianity; not accepting the truth. To convert to Christianity means to believe in Jesus Christ through what the Bible has told us about him. If someone believes that the Bible is fallible and full of myths, then that individual will not have strong faith in Christ.


Aye, God has no limits on whose heart he can turn. It's just that I've witnessed the "Alt-Right Cultural Christian" conversion phenomenon with such frequency that a sincere conversion to true Christian faith IS going to literally be an act of God.

Just because God can turn the minds of the seemingly borderline reprobate, does not make such instances any less rare. Thus, it's best to keep your expectations in check. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

This is quite a change from a video I saw of his a few years back where he said, with a smile on his face, there is no God and arguments for the existence of any sort of deity hold no weight.

wait, isnt this the guy who made an extremely shitty tabletop game RaHoWa?

nevermind, that as other guy