Brit/pol/ #2159: FUCK OFF WE'RE FULL Edition

Wages rise as influx of cheap foreign labour falls

Migration figures: Highest number of EU nationals leaving UK in a decade

(((Gang))) accused of laundering £19million from selling fake prescription drugs

White powder letter sent to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

YouGov: Is BBC News Pro-Brexit or Anti-Brexit?

Diane Abbott sparks outrage after 'Nazi comparison' in immigration speech

Army launches BAME Network

Ex-sheriff David Clarke suggests push for gun control by surviving Florida high school students is being 'organized' by Democratic billionaire George Soros

New South African president wants to seize land from white farmers without compensation

Muslim group burns Pampers and calls for nappy boycott after claiming to have seen the word ‘Mohammed’ in face of a cartoon cat on its nappies

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Good lad.

first for don't join the military

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maybe i'm retarded i just think even with all the poz it still feels like a rite of passage to be a man to do, maybe if i tried really hard i could get in the paras/marines which i don't think are as pozzed, tired of being treated like a child i want to prove myself and working a shitty job isn't satisfying in any way to me i have zero self actualisation

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*snipes your nose before you can even peak around the corner*

fantasising lad just get a job and a family and you'll feel fulfilled smh

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yeah lad I still get those feelings and I am getting too old to even join anything but the army as an officer b/c of degree qualifications

yeah there are so many examples of this and it just becomes more common as technology advances

that vietnam vet vid some lad posted the other week was great, when they were sat on a ridge gunning down viet cong and he stops firing because he's actually an honourable man and ruthlessly firing at people who are completely outnumbered and outgunned disturbs him, then he starts rooting for the enemy to escape but after being shot and getting back up a few times the lad eventually dies and they move on

also the bit where he steps on a tripwire and a rock swings down then hits an explosive and but it doesn't go off

I've always wanted a family but I babysit for my family for money and i'm starting to not like children at all tbh

Just imagine how much pussy this guy gets

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Good debate on climate here lads, go straight to the wogs for the best arguments

the military tries to make you fantasize you are going to be at rorkes drift or walking in a column with the lads but you'll just be getting yelled at by some burnt out dead in the eyes normie retard about hauling 300 pds of ammo up a hill in the middle of nowherethefuckistan so you can give candy bars to bronze age tribesmen for 20 years so they let the CIA grow heroin

that is retarded smh. they'll be yours, lad

yeah that stuff seems rare though, its not going to be like the 19th century where the american defenders at new orleans took their hats off, stopped firing and applauded and cried when the highlanders charge failed.

damn poor lad he fell for the galantry memi

what is your life worth that you would die in the middle of nowhere for oil trade routes and free uni?

how can you be an ethnic nationalists when niggers and muslims are in our military and go to the desert to shoot at arabs?

Maybe if I had my own I could plan days out and stuff for them, babysitting you have to sit at home with them and they get restless and want their real parents and that's the worst but either way lad you have to help them go to the bathroom and they poop and pee on themselves and snot everywhere its not very enjoyable

top kek I had a nightmare about being in a humvee in afghanistan a few weeks back going through village full of taliban it was horrific

doesnt really feel like my life matters when there are 70 million people in the uk, also i don't think we even get free uni in the uk lol, i despise uni anyway

there is this weird romanticism about being a broken PTSD veteran tbh

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or the confederate sgt who climbed over the stonewall at frederickburg and gave water to all the dying union soldiers and everyone stopped shooting at each other and wept until the officers started yelling


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it is the chivalry of the common man

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Anger as Irish flag banned from yet another St Patrick's Day parade in Northern Ireland


Left wing Irish """""""Nationalists"""""" (Sinn Féin/SDLP) are banning the Irish Tricolour as well as the Union flag at parades.

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even latter-day wogs had honour smh

if a black man wants to fight in our falangist army of africa and get sterilised so that his genetics die out but he gets to live in elysium on the white mans money and satiate himself with air jordans until he expires gracefully i wont stop him

kind of autistic but it would be nice being a veteran just to use one of the last culturally respected symbols of social status to creep out normies

don't like sam since those alleged weird things he did but i love these vids maybe if more people took the piss out of the military from a right wing point of view we wouldn't be in all these dumb wars

wish babies came out of the womb at age 6 tbh

top fucking KEK


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like when they talked about the bravery of the shangani patrol, good lads tbh

Pair of rats jailed for trying to spoil Christmas by blowing shit up

At the time of his arrest in December 2016, Mohammed had two of the three components for TATP explosives as well as manuals on how to make bombs and ricin poison

Spoilerd their faces because it's nearly dinner time.

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Completely inbred.

I kind of hate faggots who try to force me to lick their boot when they signed up to kill people in their own country for the jews and then have the gall to compare themselves to men drafted

Fucking hell they've been put through the oblivion character creator.

you fool

Toppest kek



yeah i hate those people too with a passion but it would be fun to do ironically to left wing hipster normies who want us to invade syria and topple assad but have never seen a gun in their lives

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Don't know if this has already been posted but there's a BumBumKing thread on /cow/ now. They're also bullying 22st in it.

i hate how degree based everything is now, you have some 24 year old with a degree jumping ahead of people with actual experience on how a company runs and then they are out the door because they can't hack it, seems like an inefficient division of labour

No-one cares BBK

thank the boomers for that crap tbh

Finally, leftista agree with us

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sound of cash register in some jews office as he creates degrees out of thin air

Bundestag speech SCOLDING Merkel for THREATS to Britain prompts HUGE APPLAUSE

Here is the source (auf Deutsche):

I still don't trust these Jerrys, I'm sure they are spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine).

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Wait, who is BBK and why is this important?

Does this mean something important for Zig Forums ?

Top fucking wew, round and round the drain they go

Like Switzerland?

What does Zig Forums think of Pat Condell?

Is he a spy?

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the eternal swampkraut

basic bitch muh islam boomer

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Literal Jew who thinks he's a nationalist.

Fresh Mister Metokur

Something about druids

lmao this alegs jones show is spicy

20 hours old Yom Kippur

Not sure if it's already been posted

Can't Yom the kip

dunno how he has the energy to do this every single week

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super male vitality lass

You really need to ask..

Have any of you ever bought Alex Jone's products? I want to hear your testimonials.

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top kek i walked into that one

>we're not terrorists or nuffin man, Islam is about peace, ya get me?
Is it the quaran that prevents them from seeing the obvious doublethink or are they just retarded?

My diet is mostly magnesium and lithium and I can see through concrete

it tastes the same, it tastes the same it tastes great once they fixed me

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poor lad
maybe you can tip a bag of sugar into the cans and it will be better

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People that are scared to criticise Islam are the real Islamophobes

This sounds like a horse shoe theory joke, but it's actually true!

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I have a gadsen flag from them but I gave it to someone else a while ago, kind of want to buy some plates from them

wew those plates are overpriced tbh


I inject brainforce© every 15 minutes and its wicked tbh

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I have never bought any of Alex Jone's products and I don't know anyone that has

I-is that you?

Oh of course lad
*Leaflets for Anne Marie Waters*
Oh how I wish she won the UKIP leadership race!

I love to come round for a cup of tea and a biscuit some time

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ALPHApower is more potent even than brainforce

I'd grind you up and feed you to my doggy you damn racist

I know shes been conned by spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) but what a good old lass

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Old people on our side are the best.

Implying Hope Not Hate are fans of Anne Marie Waters

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People in the past were truly redpilled.

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fuck off bins

As in anything right of centre, they can either be rather tame with anti-migrant/foreigner sentiment, or full-blown kill them all.


The problems is that they aren't anti-migrant, they are exclusively anti-Islam. They think everyone else is fine and they think that if the pakis stop cutting peoples heads of then everything would be fine with them being here.

literally kill them all
wipe the slate clean