Why don't christians believe in reincarnation? Is there any denomination or mystical school that does? Is it possible to be a christian while believing in reincarnation?

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It's nowhere in Scripture, why would we?
They wouldn't be Christian if they did.

Tbh it is possible to be Christian while believing in it, if one believes that death is the end of your cycle (I've encountered this). I've seen people believe in reincarnation to explain things like poverty, etc, and even pre-existence. If you're a mainline Christian, you can't though.

Which body will you be at the resurrection?

that's heresy

Reincarnationist either believe in the last body or that you keep your species and appearance, and that in past lives people would have recognized you. So one of those.

"It is appointed to man once to die, and then the judgment"

God literally predicted people like you. Read 1 corinthians 15:35-36

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Read the Bible


Religions that teach reincarnation have no regard for the ego or personality, whereas in Christianity personality is seen as a gift from God. Through emptying ourselves of sin we become purer personalities, so it's no wonder that the saints are greatly unique characters. Ironically the moderns who stress 'special snowflakeism' all have weak personalities, the closer you are to God the more your actual personality is set aflame

Because this teaching is garbage


It spread among some early gnostic sects I recall.
Origen of Alexandria (185 AD.) believed in reincarnation.
He was the first first theologian to formulate a systematic system:
This is the "The Philocalia of Origen":

A summary of his views on reincarnation (with bias towards supporting them) is found here:

Origen was anathematized (declared heretical) in the second Ecumenical Council in 553:

On a personal note, try and I take an apophatic aproach to the matter: I don't know either way, and it's not my business to speculate as if I knew. That would not make me wiser, nor bring me closer to salvation. "Wax on wax off" .

"more your actual personality is set aflame" . Christians with weak personalities end up joining cults and speaking in tongues, mistaking their emotions for God. There was fire among the saints, not flames. A flame is a flickering thing, born of earthly passion. But fire keeps on whether flames are there or not.

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Colossians 2:8
Nice to know where the heresy originated though. Just read the Bible more as states' ironically.

illogical, and completely incompatible with divine revelation or natural law.


Think of it like this, whether reincarnation is true or not, is it extraneous, or does it even detract from the goal of living a fulfilled life?

Although it might be unpopular to say, the belief in reincarnation seems in my opinion to lead people to a lack of concern for the present life, and to Stoicism, but not to seize the day. Reincarnation is too inward looking to "put a light on a stand, that all may see it" (Mark 4:21). If we are to be useful to our neighbours, like the lamp is useful to those dwelling in the house, reincarnation is a useless idea (and uncertain too).

OP, it sounds like you're more interested in this reincarnation rather than Jesus Christ. You should be more interested in knowing the Truth rather than trying to put God in a box so you can kick it around. You submit to God, not the other way around. Follow Jesus Christ, not some false theology.

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Because it's laid out pretty clearly that each person who has ever lived is a unique creation and not a stop on some road the soul travels down through history
Gnostic heretics believed in a form of reincarnation due to their warped theology of them being divine beings trapped in a material world. No denomination that can truly be said to be Christian holds to such theology.
No, it is directly at odds with the teachings on the afterlife.

You only ever get "reincarnated" once, in the Resurrection of the Dead. After that it's the General Judgement.

I'm certain you do not proclaim to try and bring more souls to Christ with such a disregard for the knowledge of the Bible.

No, depends on if you count people who aren't Christian who like to pretend they're Christian as Christian, no.

Reincarnation is inherently antithetical to Christianity as there can be no lasting judgment if you're just thrown into a new body and dropped back into the thick of the world.
Christ would have to be a liar as he spoke very clearly about eternal damnation.

lol nice rebuttal to someone posting scripture