Brit/pol/ #2160: The Triumvirate Edition

Migration figures: Highest number of EU nationals leaving UK in a decade

Ministers conclude crunch Brexit talks at Chequers

British tourist, 32, dies two weeks after Grand Canyon helicopter crash

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Good lads

Fucking great point tbh

apparently saddam was really evil and had people raped is that true


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Good Lad

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I would, and you?

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hang in there assadlad

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Reminder the audience is packed with M-I-6.

. . . L A D


A Passage to India: From Aryans to Empire

Nice, will watch prob tomorrow

Thanks lads

Thank (You) made me smirk smh


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Saddam Hussein? heh, more like, So damn insane

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Seems like we're just as insane.

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George is right

Was that supposed to be funny, soyboy?
*bullies you*

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Ringing in my ear. What does it mean tbh lads?

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Ultra-sonic psy-weapon.

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I knew it!



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It's probably ear worms. You will die.

qt tbh

This, you need to cut that thing out before it eats the brainstem

Botfly larvae

The INLA aint' what it used to be, brothers.

Have a vintage THOT lads…

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Will our Heritage Survive their Lies?


Just got back from callout lads, think it's time to move company.

Winter cheddar

Saw loads of comments this week basically saying the inclusion of cheddars from all over Africa and the West Indies had made the Winter Olympics unwatchable

It has

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Also Women.

Normies are catching on to the Cheddar memi now.

I fucking lost it tbh, sides everywhere.

This happened to you?

Dum dum dum dum-me doo-wah


Top kek tbh

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I doubt he survived anything.

That is a fucking poz face if I've ever seen one.

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They're gambling a gamble they won't win. They're gambling that ISIS can't do anything anymore. But it's just rounding to the time when they become active…

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Turkish soldiers and the FSA murder a Syrian farmer

Why does Stormzy keep chatting about Grenfell and not all the cheddars stabbing other cheddars to death which massively outstrips the dead at Grenfell?

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So if ISIS declare war on the UK with the intention to kill us all and turn the UK into an Islamic Caliphate then that war would be justified since it's not predicated on a lie?

Sure, right of conquest. And it would be justified in response to this for us to glass all the middle east in defense of our existence. Name some more wars and I can justify them for you.

Do Pakis have the right to conquer young white girls too?

If you argue "might makes right" then you live in a jungle society where everybody can do anything. We moved away from that thousands of years ago with this thing called "Ethics".


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If a cat did that to me I would stomp it

We might be using different definitions of what justification means. When I say "x is justified" I am not saying "x is objectively good" or "x is moral" or "x should happen." I mean that, when seen from the perspective of a particular group their actions are justified. The acts of Muslims in this country are justified under the doctrines of Islam, this is why they will never integrate even under the most fantastical utopia. Our acts against them are justified as they are in defense of ourselves, our families, our nation etc.
When I said "except when those justification are predicated on a lie" it's because from the perspective of that perpetrating group their own justifications are illegitimate.

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Why post this?

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thats what I would do to the cat lass

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Pretty disgusting lad.

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So Pakis raping white girls is justified? Good good.
I don't actually agree with that. There's plenty of disagreement among Muslims about these things.
What about our aggressive acts? Like Libya or helping the Saudis destroy Yemen? Or supporting terrorists in Syria? Justified?
Two problems here lad. It's morally relative. One group can do X (Afghans can stone people and it's right), and one group can not do x (Brits don't stone people and it's right). Thaw law of non-contradiction means something can't be right and wrong simultaneously. And to argue against it would be logically defeating because you would be taking an absolute position not a a relative one.

Second problem is who defines what is right for the group? What if the group disagrees? Which part of the group is allowed to define what is just in the eyes of the group and not just? Under what criteria?

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The man who attacked a 12-year-old girl for her mobile phone in Derby has been named as Slovakian Patrik Gunar. The 22-year-old has been remanded in custody and will appear in court on 15 May.
Gypsy Down

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Pathetic is the only word that came to mind tbh lads
The official pic from tonight’s Brexit Cabinet at Chequers. May says she won’t unlock the doors until they agree.

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I am just going to try to sum up my position it's fucking late: I hold people to their own standards, morality is important to be consistent within a society but ultimately war exists outside of society, holding war to the same standard you hold peace is a one-way ticket to destruction: if your enemy is prepared to more immoral than you in war than you are prepared to go they will have an advantage and to support my position generally throughout history savagery has met savagery.

Pakis think Pakis raping white girls is justified, yeah. And I think English men sawing those Pakis in half is justified too. However this is happening within a society with a relatively defined morality, which agrees that rape is not justified, so within a peaceful society pakis raping anyone would not be justified.

The opium wars were justified. Any other opinion shares the same root that leads to anti-imperialism, anti-colonialism, anti-white thought.

Explain death then.

All your last section can more or less be summed up with: it depends, all the things you've mentioned is different between current human societies and historical ones, there are many answers.

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good vid lad

this fucking hell

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good channel tbh

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That channel in general seems comfy tbh, good source of basset lore


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Bristol FGM trial collapses after prosecution expert unable to say if FGM had taken place
Who got bribed £££££££££££££

This must have been the first proppa clit chopping case in Britain. It's been banned forever
How weak we are. Ashamed at our weakness TBH lads

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You should get a doggo lad


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*asserts dominance*

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naughty lad

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You refuted yourself in your own post.

A Muslim jihdai could just as easily say this about their conquests? So could communists? So could anyone? What does it mean? Everything is justified? Muslims killing your family is justified?

Death does not violate the law of non-contradiction. The law of non-contradiction means something can't be right and wrong simultaneously. 2 + 2 = 4 is either right or wrong. it can't be right AND wrong.

So basically you can't answer who defines what is right for the group? Or if the group has disagreements, who ends up being right?

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He's lying tbh.

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